26 December, 2008

Obama Using Lincoln for Easy Political Gain

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First Obama quotes America’s first neocon president in a speech, and now he’s actually going to use Abe Lincoln’s Bible during his inauguration. How many people in the Obama camp know that Lincoln’s first plan for the negro slaves was to ship them out of America? (Sounds like a funny question, but you won’t learn about that plan at most universities). When that idea didn’t work, Lincoln chose Plan B, i.e., the second Emancipation Proclamation, a cheap maneuver that “freed” slaves only in the southern states. (Newbies, some key trivia about Dishonest Abe: president Buchanan didn’t declare war on the South when 7 southern states seceded under him. But Lincoln did. Why? Dishonest Abe was a scoundrel, and he has no business being on America’s money).

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  7. 5 Responses to “Obama Using Lincoln for Easy Political Gain”

    1. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      “. . .he has no business being on America‚Äôs money). . .”

      . . .but he fitz right in on the jew dough. . .

    2. Patrick Says:

      Abraham Lincoln is the worst president in American history. He is the one who really destroyed this country.

      Everything that you say is true. Lincoln was a racial separatist, and the only reason he freed the slaves was as a military strategy, so they would turn on their Southern slave-masters.

      Though they shouldn’t have been shipped over here in the first place, it’s better for a nigger to be a slave than for him to be a free man in a White nation.

      The South shall rise again.

    3. Zarathustra Says:

      We are still living with the after-shocks of that TOTALLY UNECESSARY WAR. Southern slavery would have gradually sputtered out anyway, like it did in Brazil. And the Confederate States would have gradually rejoined the Union if they had guarantees that they would be treated with respect for a change. Maybe Lincoln and his henchmen were concerned that France and England would re-establish control of North America if the Union was divided? But that’s still no justification for killing over 600,000 White men and boys.

      I think the two Presidents that came before and after Lincoln, Buchanan and Johnson, were much, much better. Just the fact that the Establishment reveres Lincoln so much should be proof enough that Lincoln was a mentally deranged race-traitor and war-criminal.

    4. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      “Obama Using Lincoln for Easy Political Gain”

      Perhaps he could gain more traction by using Cadillac, sometimes known as jew canoe.

      Jew Canoe (n.) A large domestic sedan, such as a Cadillac.

      Every time Frank got into the express lane, there would be some Jew canoe going like thirty miles an hour.

    5. Chonodomarius Says:

      I too despise the Illinois Ape. However, perhaps only a dictator could have forced the New England plutocrats to foot the bill for repatriation of the manumitted congoids. Also notice that Lincoln uses the term “nigger” twice during the first Lincoln-Douglas,, debate.