9 December, 2008

Radio Istina – THURsday, 1pm CST

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Click jukebox for live broadcast, archive MP3 up within 24 hours.

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      According to some underground sources, Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s wife Pat has had a long friendship with Kevin Strom’s ex Wife Kristen….Does this make any sense?


      15 illegal mestizos arrested in BP raid


      December 10, 2008

      By Andrei Yustschinsky, Post-Tribune staff writer

      WHITING – Immigration authorities arrested 15 illegal mestizo janitorial “workers” in an early morning raid at the BP plant.

      The raid came after at two-year investigation of United Building Maintenance, a Carol Stream, Ill.,-based scab cleaning company that had been hired by BP. The all-dwarf cleaning crews had access to sensitive areas of the refinery, said Gary Hart, “special agent”-in-charge of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Office of Investigations in Chicago.

      “There is a serious public safety concern when illegal aliens, who are not authorized to work in the country legally, are working in secure areas of one of our nation’s largest oil refineries,” said Hart in a press release.

      “While there is no reason to believe that these individuals had ill intent against our country like them Muslim terrorists and White supremacists do have, their illegal status represents a significant vulnerability in our national security.”

      The 15 arrested Wednesday, including four males and 11 females were taken into custody and will remain that way until they can find enployment as kitchen help at various fast food corporate restaurants in the area, where they can stay in close proximity with their super-large families.

      All of those arrested were Mexican nationals, except one male who is Guatemalan but all were mestizos who all stand under 5’1″ without shoes on.

      Two UBM mestizo employees who were illegal, Herminia Najera-Flores and Ramon Aviles-Cano workers, were arrested last year. Of the 15 mestizos arrested, 14 were from Mexico and one from Guatemala.

      The Rev. Roman Z. Boyz of St. Mary’s Catholic Church, a predominantly Hispanic Roman Catholic parish just south of refinery in East Chicago, said the church was reaching out to help the families of those arrested. He condemned what he called “arbitrary” enforcement of immigration law.

      “Basic Latino and Latina special rights have been sinfully violated, and families have been divided through this sad occurrence,” Boyz said. “If raids like this were to take place throughout our region and the Midwest, entire factories and businesses would have to shut down, many of the essential services of our infrastructure would come to a halt, and thousands of families would immediately be thrown further into the spiral of poverty.”

      Andrei Yustschinsky reporting from “on the spot & in a parking lot” near DAIRY QUEEN, 1441 Indianapolis Blvd., Whiting, IN 46394 (219) 659-1144

      © Copywrong 2008 Digital Chicago, Inc.

      The views expressed in these blog posts are those of Mr Andrei Yustschinsky and not of the Post-Tribune.

    3. Old Guy Says:

      24 hours have come and gone. Where’s the mp3? You have HUNGRY listeners out here!

    4. Alex Linder Says:

      Sorry, sorry, sorry. I just can’t do it today for a number of reasons. I will not post on RI again until I’m on air at that very minute. If you have anything worth discussing, post here.

    5. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      Why not record the entire show, then post, with no live listening?

    6. JewTracer Says:

      Maybe for that “going out live” feeling…

    7. Dacian Says:

      Yes, we miss you Alex, and we need your insightful analysis.
      Be well and let us know how you feel brother.

    8. Joliet Johnny Says:

      I understand you may not be able to upload the show. Just please dont forget about it.

    9. Praetorian Says:

      Get well soon Alex, we look forward to hearing from you.