4 December, 2008

The Associated Press Stylebook

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The Stylebook is a popular guidebook that is used by professional journalists and media-types from Maine to California. Naturally, the person who edits the book plays an important role concerning which words and phrases come into frequent usage among journalists. According to this article, a man named Goldstein has edited the Stylebook for years, although it appears from this product ad that other people edited the 2008 edition of it [1]:

[1] Here, the surname “Goldstein” is mentioned in connection with Jewish genealogy (see the top box): [Here]

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  7. 9 Responses to “The Associated Press Stylebook”

    1. Zarathustra Says:

      The AP is thoroughly Jew-infested, politically correct Goy mind-control propaganda. I interned at an AP office in college and the experience helped make me very Jew-wise.

    2. 2050 Says:

      Oh yeah. I got my AP Stylebook handy right on my bookshelf. Left over from a college news writing class.
      Most newspapers adhere strictly to its PC ‘style’.

      I worked on the campus newspaper and once went on to get pics at the campus daycare and we were told to make sure that we get lots of pics of minorities.
      Same with the FFA. A bunch of white cowboys, but by the newspapers pictorial feature, you’d think that it was almost all mexis and indians.
      They even stopped me from writing a series of stories on immigration and college after the second piece.

      The only ones who make it all the way through school to the mainstream stream media are PC to the bone.

    3. Susan Says:

      Well, I’m proud to say that my nephew graduated from a major Southern university and majored in journalism. He minored in business so he can find work if he needs it. But, he was the news editor of the college newspaper, and while he was there wrote many articles that were extremely un-pc as he is a pro White male. He works closely with someone who is prominent in the pro White “movement” (for lack of a better word).

      His articles angered a lot of people at his university, but he did them anyway. Yeah, he was in the minority I’m sure, but so what??? He stuck to his principles and probably educated a few of the idiots while there. Maybe he even emboldened a few White males to being more self assured and confident as they moved on into the real world. I’d like to think so anyway.

      He still writes for various groups and publications and is very involved in some international group of pro White people. He’s tall, well built (he was an athlete growing up too), good looking, well spoken, and can write very well. He likes Linder’s writing, as well as what he stands for.

      He doesn’t post on the internet on any forums as he personally feels it’s a waste of time. I would disagree with him there as I feel the internet provides a great opportunity to disseminate information AND to bring pro White people together for various functions.

      Unfortunately, mostly, it’s turned into a gripe fest and a social club, and that’s where it’s ended.

      What a shame for a tool that has such great potential and could do so much. It still does educate and infuriate a lot of people, which is good.

      I just wish we could advance beyond that stage. But, as we all know there is that pesky little problem of trust. Hmmmmmmmm……..

    4. 14f13 Says:

      Do you see a gripe fest and social club here on these boards? Why are you telling what your son looks like? Why the need? You certainly were educating a few posts down on women. Is that the kind of educating your talking about? It sounded kinda Jewish to tell you the truth. The bad men and the good women type of thing.

      Talking about white males as though they were scared is also very jewish. You don’t think whites are self assured and confident? Maybe that’s where their “problem” with minorities comes from right? What problem with trust are you talking about?

      The fact you’re some notorious Jewish witch from the Newsgroups who always called herself Susan? I read your stuff years ago “honey”. Too bad Microsoft doesn’t support them now. You lost your forum on the alt. newsgroups.

      Yes you’re here to educate everyone. How F ing Jewishly arrogant of you. But then you can’t help it right?

    5. Zarathustra Says:

      F-14, accusing everyone you disagree with of being “Jewish” is not constructive.

    6. Susan Says:

      14f13: Okay, dear, let’s take your particular gripefest one point at a time, shall we?

      First of all, I didn’t say he was my SON, I said he was my nephew. And tell me how are you gonna identify him by the description I gave: tall, well built, and good looking. Go ahead, Mr. Know it all: pick him out of pro Whites anywhere. Just keep in mind, Mr. Hysterical, that he has already identified himself in public with his opinions. In print, no less. Guess you overlooked that minor fact?

      Did I need to give the general description I did? Actually, yes. It’s nice to know that there are good looking, intelligent, well spoken, well educated, well read White men out there advocating for pro White causes. But then, I guess Mr. Thinks he knows it all, would disagree with this too.

      I mentioned emboldening White males with pro White information because that is exactly what needs to happen. One thing anyway. Too many White males have allowed themselves to be bullied into silence in this country by jews (of which I am NOT one you goofball), niggers, and the pc crowd which includes the legal system and the mainstream news media. Nowhere did I blame White males for this. It is perfectly understandable how this has happened.

      Nowhere did I say that White men are not brave or courageous or admirable, etc. I simply said that hopefully some of what my nephew wrote about was read and taken to heart by young White males so they would grow up acting as White males should and not some pc version of them. I don’t blame anyone for keeping pro White opinions to themselves. Very bad things happen to people who reveal certain opinions, unfortunately. Each person must choose for himself or herself.

      As for the other stuff in your post, sorry but I’m as clueless about what you’re trying to say about me as YOU appear to be about ME. What I wrote years ago…honey??? Huh??? You must be talking about someone else. I have only been posting on the web for a few years, and have never posted anything but pro White opinions.

      I am not some little mindless robot who parrots or mimics everything that everyone else says. I have my own mind and have lived a good long time allowing me to form my opinions and beliefs.

      As for the jew bullshit, get real. You don’t have a clue here, not a clue. Keep in mind there may be other Susans out there. I don’t doubt it. But, I post under my REAL first name, always have.

      So, is there anything else I can clear up for you while we’re both here?

      Now, how about backing off with your ridiculous, unfounded accusations about me? Go peddle your nonsense somewhere else.

    7. 2050 Says:

      I think that’s great Susan. I like to think that I might have made a few people think a little.
      Sometimes all you can do is plant a seed. Maybe years later, the person will come to an understanding based on a thought they read from one of mine or your nephew’s editorials.

      Back to the StyleBook. Most of it is to do with how to write things such as dates and what to capitalize. It tells you things like to not use ‘Kitty Litter’, because it’s a brand name, to instead use ‘cat box litter.’
      It shows the way to use the names of organizations, titles of politicians etc, how to write dates and such.

      It also says to write black, not negro, unless quoting. Lots of PC dos and don’ts throughout.
      some newspapers don’t use the AP stylebook. I think the Chicago Tribune has it’s own style.

    8. Susan Says:

      I only mention my nephew in this context because isn’t it nice to know that there are White men who will speak up in public for what they believe, especially pro White, un-pc causes/issues? I think it is. It’s one of the reasons why I admired Linder.

      As for my comment about the gripefest and social club, that is exactly how I viewed VNNforum for the most part the year plus I was posting there. Linder hadn’t taken control of his own website at that point (this was just last year), and things were out of control, to say the least. I enjoyed it when the flaming wasn’t simply out of control.

      I’m very glad he finally saw the wisdom in not allowing everyone to say everything they feel like saying, that there is merit in a very limited amount of censorship. Self censorship would be the best way, and I think the current threat of getting ‘tarded that exists now is keeping most in line.

      I came to VNN for activism, and initially found some. Then, it disappeared after the two Knoxville rallies, the second of which I attended. I’d love to do more rallies and protests, if they are well planned and really say something. There’s a deafening silence coming from our side.

      But my comment about these forums being mainly a gripefest and a social club still stands. Yes, both of those serve a purpose for people like us. We NEED a place to vent and spew our anger and disgust at what is happening in our own country. But, that shouldn’t be all we do. But, it’s hard to get folks to come out when so much is at stake for simply standing up for your opinion.

      Now, unless someone wants to respond further, that’s all I have to say on the matter. My nephew is a really big boy and he can take care of himself just fine.

      Thanks for listening.

    9. Zarathustra Says:

      Hal Turner’s old website was just a place for kooks and troublemakers to post their nonsense, but thankfully that’s not the case here. I like to think that this forum is contributing in some way towards an overall conciousness-raising among White people who can be reached.