29 December, 2008

The Israeli Nazis and the Palestinian Allies

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by Michael Hoffman.

“The latest Israeli war crime in Gaza reminds me of a central idea of a book I hope to one day complete on the Cryptocracy’s great game with Islam, in this case pertaining to the morality message of World War II.

In World War II the Allies conducted themselves, as Franklin Roosevelt stated, as though the entire German people were collectively involved in a conspiracy against civilization. With this rationale in hand, the Allies proceeded to terrorize the German people as no people have ever been terrorized by a state. Every instrument of the terrorist was employed: assassination, bombing and mass murder. Rather than being condemned or prosecuted, the Allied terrorism was characterized as history’s one, certain “Good War” and I will not exhaust you with a litany of the other sterling sobriquets with which moralists and alleged humanitarians have laurel-wreathed the Allied bloodbath.”

The rest is [Here].

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  7. 32 Responses to “The Israeli Nazis and the Palestinian Allies”

    1. "A man of wealth and taste" Says:

      Want to feel your blood boil? Try reading some of the posts at FreeRepublic: http://www.freerepublic.com/tag/news-forum/index

      Each and every post Jewish party line … seemingly from Orwell’s two minutes of hate. PURE HATRED. In addition, they love making jokes about an actual American, Rachel Corrie, with pictures of pancakes and boxes of Aunt Jemima!

      Zero understanding, zero comprehension of “why they hate us.” Total submission. Zero dissent.

      Examples (from a minute sample):

      … It’s about time israel do something. They won’t be around much longer if they keep playing nice.

      … Happy hunting!

      … Gotta luv them Israelis!

      … just to be clear we don’t want a million of ANY ethnicity other then Jews in our country. we are a Jewish state and want to live amongst our own people and only our own people.

      but when the million plus people we’re talking about are subhuman muslim arabs than the antipathy to such a concept the author mentions is even greater.

      … muslims aren’t people, they are subhuman filth, a virus that must be contained.

      … Israel is one of the best neighbors any country could have and certainly among the most tolerant, but no country should have to tolerate what Israel has. The Israelis are far more patient than anyone should be or would be in the same situation.

      … Any article that starts like this is crap:
      (AP) – Terrified prisoners

      Prisoners? They [Palestinians in Gaza] are the richest and most free people in Israel.

      … Hamas was virtually begging for a fight. Now that they have one, they seem ungrateful.

      … Asked if Hamas political leaders might be targeted next, military spokeswoman Maj. Avital Leibovich said, “Any Hamas target is a target.”

      Gotta LOVE it!!! Go Israel!!

      … Way to go! Blow the living crap out of them. It is the only these animals understand!

      … If they really want to be reelected they should send in the armored Cats and start leveling everything in Gaza.
      {#@& Gaza. They need to be taking out Iran!

      … Gee I am disappointed in the low numbers. They sould really use fuel/air bombs and lets work to increase these numbers.

      … Why is Israel going so easy on Gaza? A few nukes would have incinerated the whole population in 5 minutes.
      And yes I mean it.

      … 145 dead Palestinians is a good start. Good job Israel! Please don’t stop now.

      … GRRRREAT news! Thanks for posting. Thanks for the link.

      … Lets send a few hundred rockets every day onto the heads of the Vatican and London (what a short memory THEY have).

      Then lets ask them their opinion again.
      4 posted on Sunday, December 28, 2008 7:42:12 PM by freedumb2003

      … Israel shouldn’t stop til the job is done. Don’t succume to pressure from these left wing goons. If they love Gaza so much, they should move there

      … To: Uncle Miltie
      It’s about time that Israel realized that the PR war is just as important as the ground war or the air war.

      2 posted on Sunday, December 28, 2008 11:40:26 PM by NurdlyPeon (Sarah Palin: Americas last, best hope for survival.)

      … Let me put it this way, if Israel were a chaste woman being gang-raped by 20 Palis, the media would be against her because halfway through she dared hit one of her attackers.

      … Yeah, those evil Joooos have it coming to them. The peace loving Palestinian people have been repressed too long.
      Strange how they can get guns, explosives and heavy weapons, but not food or medicine.

      … I’ve come up with a simple plan. If Israel has finally had enough of the Gazans, it should push them into Egypt. But then it should pay reparations to each man, woman and child of a total amount of $10B.

      For the 1.5 million Gazans, this works out to $6,600 each. The average annual pay of an Egyptian is $1,300.

      Then the US can double the Israel contribution, and Palestinians will be a wealthy class within Egypt.

      The GDP of Israel is $170B. So $10B would be a bargain to be done with the Gazans for good.

      And for the icing on the cake, the Israelis might even encourage the Israeli Arabs to move to Gaza from Israel proper, as a much more peaceful and prosperous people.
      … I am 61 years old, and I remember hearing anti-semitic talk as a young man growing up in Texas.

      Those days are gone. I cannot imagine a Christian in the U.S. with active gray matter between his ears, that does not now understand how the Christians in the West (including the U.S.) are forever bound to the Israeli’s.

      We are bound by what they contributed to our Bible. We are bound by a common love of God. We are bound by a sense of right and wrong because of this common heritage.

      We are in this with them to the END.

    2. CW-2 Says:

      Michael Hoffman’s articles are always worth reading and there is much merit in what he says, but writing from the American perspective he is missing an important point.

      The European branch of zog is pursuing a two track policy. On the one hand it is hostile to Palestinian self determination and Islamic nations such as Iran becoming strong, while simultaneously encouraging the Islamicisation of Europe by mass immigration.

      This should not surprise us. Eurozog is trying to engender in Whites as sense of guilt, where none exists, and to instill into the Islamic world a feeling of intense resentment leading to a jihad mentality. Either way jews and globalists win.

    3. Howdy Doody Says:

      A hate filled tragedy is the last 96 years for U.S. with enemy alien infiltration and control as Federal government now a regime.

      Woodrow Wilson should have been impeached, but I will suppose the enemy aliens by Dec. 1913 by getting U.S. senator’s elected by the sheeple at large rather than picked by state rep’s they were on the their as they would not need money to run for office rather then be a choice by their fellow state representative based on Merit and Charactor. Oy, can’t have that !

    4. Truthteller Says:

      I wish all those people on “our side” would stop trying to be clever and use terms like “Israeli Nazis” There is nothing “Nazi” about the Israeli Jews. Or even fascist come to think of it.

      Lets use the real terms that fit like “Israeli NKVD” … that is a lot more close than demeaning the name of National Socialism with these rats.

    5. Old_Dutch Says:

      These jew-nazi comparisons are just so much more pandering to the jews. It’s as if, you can influence jew behavior by mentioning the nazis. You can’t. The jews are assholes, and may very well be hard wired because of their genetic background to be assholes. Assholes who can’t help themselves from being assholes. This is the point Kevin MacDonald has tried to make in an academic manner.

    6. Justin Huber Says:

      Great point CW-2. The root of all the problems in the Middle East today is the Jews. One of the greatest blunders ever committed was letting them establish Israel. Keep in my mind, that I’m saying this as someone who really doesn’t care too much for the Arabs either.

    7. Waldo Starr Says:

      You know, I really don’t have a dog in this fight except the fight seems to be a little bit one sided. Let’s see, stones and really big Roman Candles against 2,000 lb. bombs and laser guided rockets and a lot of other stuff made in the USA that is capable of blowing the shit out of anyone or anything. Do you think it was really necessary for the Israhellies to blockade Gaza over these last several months and keep food, fuel, medicine, etc. from these poor wretched souls? Was it the Israhellies intention to weaken the inhabitants of Gaza so the people wouldn’t be strong enough to throw rocks at the F-16’s and those M1 Abraham battle tanks as they go about their deadly business? Regardless, it sure looks like shooting fish in a barrel to me and somehow it doesn’t even seem sporting. But then again, I’m not a self chosen one doing God’s work for him, ridding Palestine of all those pesky Palestineans holding on for dear life.

      Another point. The Palestinean people must rate lower than whale shit in this world. Innocent babies and children are being brutally killed and all the governments of the world can say is, well, they strarted it. I guess we can all hope that whatever happens to any of us in this life is that we never become Palestinians, because you can’t get any lower than that, and you life is completely worthless and you are expendable. How could you survive in a meatgrinder like that?

    8. Veritas Says:

      The Palestinians are in some ways better off than we are. Hear me out. They have absolutely no doubt as to who their enemies are, while most Americans think the Israelis are our allies. Palestinians obviously have a strong will to survive since they keep getting married and having lots of children – unlike us in the West. In fact, that’s part of the reason the Israelis want to exterminate the Palestinians, i.e., because they are outbreeding the Israelis by a significant margin. So even though the Palestinians are in a meat grinder, as mentioned above, they are pumping out babies left and right, well above replacement level – unlike us in the West.

    9. irish88 Says:

      Re. Waldo Starr

      Lets see, “poor wretched souls,” “shooting fish in a barrel,” “holding on for dear life,” “lower than whale shit,” “Innocent babies and children are being brutally killed,” “completely worthless and you are expendable,” “meatgrinder.”

      And yet you say you don’t have a dog in this fight? WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU? Since when does a non-Kwa Human NOT have a dog in such a “fight”?!?!

      Me thinks I smell the foul penis breath of the judeo-whore “Starr” – VOMIT!!

    10. Dildo Starr Says:

      Hey irish88, do you watch soft headed liberal shows geared towards women and written and produced by obnoxious jews…and the same sort of women (who write them for jews)?

      Did you see that Law & Order SVU with the FBI agent called “Starr” as well as the Neo Nazi website leader who was a “naddily dressed man…with a potty mouth.” Gee I wonder who that may be? Perhaps “Starr” is the Jane_Doe#5?…nhaa she is too recent. Perhaps they are just fucking with head, and just want you to think, Starr is that FBI agent?

      Boy someone reads these boards….of course they all do.

    11. Dildo Starr Says:


      It won’t work if you call them Nazis, their racial makeup and personalities are too different. People simply do not think of jew cunts as Nazis…they are just too smarmy and obnoxious. And too good at playing soft, smiling cowards…perhaps it is not an act. Call them what they are, despicable genetically drudging lowly jew vermin.

      And I said Dildo Starr because the name sounds like a Texas porn star…are you going to let me, someone who be a jew, talk about one of your white women like that, and with that jewish humor, and get away with it? While you attack them, and not focus on the jew?

    12. Dildo Starr Says:

      who may be ;-)

    13. Marwinsing Says:

      In the shadow of every jew you will see lurking a white race traitor. I hate them more than the jew itself. Jew power would never have come about like it has today without these scum.

    14. Marwinsing Says:

      …and I’m talking from like Oliver Cromwell’s times back from like centuries ago. The biggest problems to the white race exist WITHIN the white race itself. Like take that swine-Swedish prime minister from a few years back – Gors Persson – one look at his face and you want to spit at him. Wanting to “crush” so-called neo-nazis whilst flooding his country with ragheads to rape white Swedish women with his right hand in the jew’s pocket- yeah, Social Democrat, my foot. Bloody white elitist communist!

    15. Zarathustra Says:

      Marwinsing is right! White folks are the biggest problem the White Race has to deal with. Think of all those scumbag White American politicians who always side with Israel because Jews finance their campaigns and political parties. Think of all those White “born again” ‘tards who worship Israel and the Jews but have no love for their own race. And all the White, spoiled brat liberals and yuppies. And all the indifferent Whites out there. And all the White cops who have no problem tasering or shooting another White.

      If we just had to deal with the Jews or the Blacks, the whole problem could be solved in a day or two. But it’s our own kind who are making things impossible.

      Of course, having said all that naturally makes me a troll or a commie or a Jew, doesn’t it?

    16. Diamed Says:

      Not in my book zarathustra. But we need allies from somewhere. If not the white race, who? Aliens from space?

      We’ve got to forgive the trespasses whites have made against us, so that someday we will have the power to not forgive the trespasses the non-whites have made against us. And remember, genetically whites are naturally good people. The kids of race traitors, if raised with good values, would be exemplars of the white race and the morality we strive for. This is different from jews and blacks who are born evil and can never be good no matter what schools we put them through. That is why concentrating on white enemies is short-sighted. There are uninformed whites, and evil scheming jews who are genetically incapable of anything but evil. See the difference?

    17. abe foxman Says:

      All the absolute tits talking of Nazis including Hoffman have no idea! Anyone reading the simplest of National Socialist principals and then comparing this with Jews and Israel would come to the conclusion that the two are light years apart.
      Just two simple facts.
      Germany was for Germans and not blow in Slavic beasts. Israel is inhabited by these blow in beasts with absolutely no link to ancient Hebrews either genetically or morally.
      NS Germany excluded these parasites as the immune system targets and destroys (deported) any invading organism.
      Jews and Israel have turned this on its head! Now the parasite is targeting and destroying the host in Palestine. The only conclusion here will be the death of both the parasite and the host…that is until the parasite finds a new host. And so it goes on until…..

    18. Waldo Starr Says:

      WOW, what a shit storm I created! If anyone would care to read my post carefully I said, and quite succinctly I might add, that I didn’t care if the Palestinians and joos beat or hacked each other to death because they are not part on my racial group. They have only been at it a couple of thousand years so what’s another thousand years give or take a few. My only connection to that “shitty little country” is my tax dollars are used to bludgeon and oppress the indigenous population of Palestine. I also said the fight was one sided and not sporting, much like a Great White shark doing battle with a defenseless seal pup. It’s only an observation on my part but the attack looks more light slaughter than a fight. M1 Abrams tanks and F16 laser guided bombs against rock throwing Palestinians seems like over kill to me, but again, I am not a joo nor do I think like one. You can see how my vision could be clouded? I also said that the Palestinians were “seen by the world” as lower than whale shit. My reasoning for that statement was because they have no friends in this great big world that would come to their aid and very few civilized people have even expressed revulsion at the carnage. I feel that is a true statement. Maybe $ makes people myopic?
      After Irish 88 interpreted my writing for the people who cannot comprehend what I wrote, I became a FBI agent perusing this site along with allegations of being a joo, a self-hating white person or a joo worshiping religious fanatical judeo-Christian. People, do your own reading and comprehending, and don’t be too hasty to attack a fellow traveler. We need all the friends we can get.
      BTW, what the hell is a non-KWA? Inquiring minds want to know.

    19. Marwinsing Says:

      I stand my ground – your valid point notwithstanding – Diamed. The day when white leaders can honestly stand up and without shame claim publicly that our people are under seige AND THEY INTEND DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT then you might have me more convinced, however.

    20. Marwinsing Says:

      Our house is filthy. Once we’ve cleaned it then we clean up the shit on the street.

    21. "been around for a long long time, stole many a man's soul and faith" Says:

      “Why do they hate us?”


      Bin Laden interview (1998)

      The Western regimes and the government of the United States of America bear the blame for what might happen. If their people do not wish to be harmed inside their very own countries, they should seek to elect governments that are truly representative of them and that can protect their interests. …

      … The leaders in America and in other countries as well have fallen victim to Jewish Zionist blackmail. They have mobilized their people against Islam and against Muslims.

      The fatwah is general (comprehensive) and it includes all those who participate in, or help the Jewish occupiers in killing Muslims.

      We are certain – with the grace of Allah – that we shall prevail over the Jews and over those fighting with them. Today however, our battle against the Americans is far greater than our battle was against the Russians. Americans have committed unprecedented stupidity. They have attacked Islam and its most significant sacrosanct symbols … .

      We anticipate a black future for America. Instead of remaining United States, it shall end up separated states and shall have to carry the bodies of its sons back to America.

      Our mothers and daughters and sons are slaughtered every day with the approval of America and its support. And, while America blocks the entry of weapons into Islamic countries, it provides the Israelis with a continuous supply of arms allowing them thus to kill and massacre more Muslims.

      The American people, by and large, do not know the name bin Laden, but they soon likely will. Do you have a message for the American people?

      I say to them that they have put themselves at the mercy of a disloyal government, and this is most evident in Clinton’s administration … .

      We believe that this administration represents Israel inside America. Take the sensitive ministries such as the Ministry of Exterior and the Ministry of Defense and the CIA, you will find that the Jews have the upper hand in them. They make use of America to further their plans for the world, especially the Islamic world.

      The American government is leading the country towards hell.

      … We say to the Americans as people and to American mothers, if they cherish their lives and if they cherish their sons, they must elect an American patriotic government that caters to their interests not the interests of the Jews. If the present injustice continues with the wave of national consciousness, it will inevitably move the battle to American soil.

    22. The Red Skull Says:

      The Terror the Jizralies are unleashing on the people of Gaza will go unchallenged by the “world leaders” in general,because “Israel has a right to defend itself”.The Jews run the West thru their proxy gov’ts and so no help will come from there.The Arabs are the ones who should scream “bloody murder”,but of course,most of them are puppet gov’ts too.Interesting how the jews have managed a media blackout for the most part,of Gaza so that the world can’t get a good look at what’s going on.So far,I haven’t heard one word of protest about the slaughter conducted by the kikes,here in the Jew-S,and don’t expect to.It’s all the Palestinian’s fault-they are the “terrorists”!Thats the happy part of the Jew-World-Order.Call someone, or a group of people a “terrorist”,and it gives you carte blanche to rape,pillage,exterminate,air bomb,or strip their civil liberties without answering to anyone.Our Civil Liberties here are a thing of the past.Now “our” gov’t is stationing active combat brigades here on our soil.How long before WN’s are declared “terrorists” and we are shot or imprisoned without recourse like the Pally’s?Freedom in this cuntree is dead.Everything to do with “our” gov’t is a freekin’ scam of some sort-from the Fed to Social Security to the unjust “justice system” to corporate/wall street criminals.AmeriKwa is one big hollow scam,and that is why it will implode and fall apart.When it does,finally “Americans” will get a taste of what the Palestinians have had to eat for years.

    23. irish88 Says:

      You, “Starr” lady, are no fellow traveler of mine.

      Is it really necessary for me to spell it out for you? Ok I’ll play along. A non-Kwa Human is someone who is expected to have normal human sympathies (you know – a non-PYSCHOPATH) for a BENIGN and SOVEIRGN people described above. Since it is obvious that you DO NOT have such sympathizes for a completely helpless people that “OUR” PSYCHOPATHIC DEADLY ENEMIES are murdering at leisure, you obviously are either 1) a psychopath yourself 2) a crypto kike 3) a judeo-whore.

      In any case the one thing that has been made readily apparent to all is that no matter how you paint yourself you are NOT a WN. And in which case I have nothing more to say to you.

    24. irish88 Says:

      Damn good post, Red Skull.

      Get that, Starr lady?

      WN is not just about supporting the enemy of our enemy, it’s about normal and healthy human sympathies for a people who are on the world stage being tortured.

      If WNs cant have a dog in such a “fight” then truly we stand for nothing better on this earth.

      We can either speak up against it now because it’s good for us and also the right thing or sit down and shut up and eat it when its our turn.

    25. Zarathustra Says:

      Most of the people being slaughtered by Jewish WMD’s in the Gaza Strip Ghetto are women, babies and children. Some of those little ones even have blonde hair and blue eyes, btw. And all that killing of innocents is being done with US tax dollars and with the tacit approval of the US government, ie, IN OUR NAME. If all that doesn’t make your blood boil, then you are not fit to be called White.

    26. Diamed Says:

      Why would a WN give a rat’s ass about any non-white? Your definition makes no sense. White nationalists should be the last people to care about non-whites on earth. You are the exact opposite of a white nationalist as far as I can tell. Yelling at whites for not caring enough about non-whites is done well enough by the liberals and marxists. We have no obligation to care for anyone outside the tribe. Stop making rules up.

    27. irish88 Says:

      “White nationalists should be the last people to care about non-whites on earth.”

      The Germans thought so too.

      “We need no friends; we have the Panzer divisions.”

      Why you wanna march down that same path, friend?

    28. Zarathustra Says:

      When the pickanninies with the bloated bellies and flies buzzing around their heads starve to death or succumb to disease in Africa, I see it as Nature’s way of thinning the herd and therefore it’s a good thing; Their suffering is over and there will be fewer black rapists, black brood-sows and black murderers to deal with in the future…………Let Nature take her course, she knows what she is doing ( I think she’s White )! I feel like strangling any White liberal or Christian do-gooder who tries to interfere and save the sick and starving niggers, or the sick and starving wogs and slopes for that matter. The White liberals and “Jesus loves us all” types should be ruthlessly elimated as well as the colored inferiors they are trying to help. Those White traitors would not even think of using their misplaced compassion to help White children in Appalachia. No, they have to go save some hell-hole in Africa instead.

      But I cannot be a party to the murder and oppression of anyone, not even the Mohammedans. The Palestinians and Iraqis are NOT MY ENEMY, as long as they stay in their parts of the world and stick to their own kind. They do NOT deserve the brutality they are experiencing and we ought to be outraged that our tax dollars and “our” government are responsible.

    29. jim donaldson Says:

      Hey, the good news is, pretty soon many of us will have “nothing left to lose”.

    30. Fat Foster Says:

      It is like after 9-11 and I wrote the editor of our paper why it happened. Our support of Israel. So USA hates desert dwellers because we made them hate us. Gentiles – athletes ; Jews – Mathletes. Ouch………….

    31. Igor Alexander Says:

      If you’re an American, then you have a “dog in this fight,” whether you want one or not. Israel would not exist without U.S. support, and without U.S. support, it would not be able to carry out actions like the present one. Neutrality is not an option. Either you’re with the Jews or you’re against them. Pick a side before a side picks you.

      I wonder how many of the patriotards cheering for the extermination of the Palis know that not all Palis are Muslims, that some are Christians? I wonder how many know that, as a previous poster pointed out, there are blond-haired, blue-eyed Palestinians?

    32. Igor Alexander Says:

      Truthteller wrote: “I wish all those people on ‘our side’ would stop trying to be clever and use terms like ‘Israeli Nazis’.”

      Hoffman makes it clear in his article that he’s talking about the Hollywood/Jew York depiction of Nazism.