11 December, 2008

The Outcome of the Iraq War

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Consider the facts: Hundreds of billions of dollars spent. Several thousand White men killed, and many more wounded/maimed. Scores of White marriages ruined. Much of the world now hates America. For what? So that the Jews could get even with Saddam for daring to launch several dozen nuclear-or-biological-capable Scud missiles at Israel during the 1991 Gulf War? That’s part of it. The Jews are The Revenge People, in addition to being The Money People. Of course, the Jews also want to gain control of the Middle East, whether by themselves or via their proxy army, the U.S. military. Are the Jewish neocons who got America into the Iraq War ever going to be charged with crimes? (that’s a trick question):


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  7. 17 Responses to “The Outcome of the Iraq War”

    1. Krystian K. Kowalczyk Says:

      Saddam had a target on his back ever since he outlived his usefulness in the aftermath of the war with Iran. Especially since he was ambitious and did not care for the Jews (who does?).

      Isn’t it funny how the Ziocons were able to paint Saddam, a Ba’athist (effectively the Arab version of NS), as a foaming-at-the-mouth terrorist? And they’ve tried to do the same with the other Ba’ath regime in Syria. Seriously! President Bashar al-Assad is practically effeminate and they’re trying to paint him as a vicious tyrant. Ludicrous.

      The Zionist disruption of the Middle East shares much in common with Leon Trotsky’s (make that Lev Bronstein’s) vision of “permanent revolution,” destabilization and destruction to the benefit of the self-chosen. I used to think it happened to any state that got too ambitious, but part of it is just done to maintain the constant tension and aura of fear that distracts from the looting and pillaging that the Yids lust for.

    2. lors Says:


    3. Zipzap McGee Says:

      I would say that there were more than “scores” of White marriages ruined. I’d put it in the tens of thousands, especially when you consider the economic hardships.

      And I’d say the monetary outlay has to be in the trillions because our overall DoD bill is has been about triple what it should be: The Pentagon has been given carte blanche with a cornucopia of silly side projects, not to mention a gratuitous, bloated overall buildup to try to bully the Russians, et al..

    4. Waldo Starr Says:

      The Scud missiles were more of a symbolic gesture rather than a dire threat against israhell. What really got the self chosen seeing red was when Sadam gave money to the suicide bombers families. The self chosen had a way of punishing the families of the bombers by destroying their houses and any other property they could find. Sadam was trying to compensate them for their losses. He paid with his head being snatched from his body courtesy of “Uncle Samuel”.

    5. Arch Stanton Says:

      America has destroyed Iraq, there is little left of its infrastructure. The pollution is widespread; sewage systems have purposely been destroyed in a manner intended to pollute the rivers and water supplies. It’s the old poisoned well trick developed in the Old Testament stories. There is little left of the electrical grid and the economy is little more than a semi-barter system and their main commercial resource has been reduced to $44/bbl. What has not been destroyed will now be taken care of by the global dissolution that is affecting the economic policies around the world. For that reason the Golem will be withdrawn to its native earth to sleep until the next enemy is decreed by its Jewish masters. Then the American Golem will again march forth spewing death and destruction unto everything in its path. Pretty kewel huh? Have you looked at the weapons of mass destruction regularly showcased on the death channel? Now picture yourself on the receiving end of such firepower – like a Palestinian. Kind of deflates one’s arrogance and righteousness doesn’t it? Only a fool would believe he alone is exempt from the master’s whip. As for the Iraqis, it is truly a wonder they can remain so divided in this time of upheaval. Somehow it never occurs to them that their division serves to keep them in their primitive state. The premise of the Sunni/Shea dispute is based on who has claim to Muhammad’s true linage. This must be the most absurd religious feud in history and serves to demonstrate just how ungodly religions truly are. All religions are fundamentally personality cults that began before Paris Hilton took the main stage. The personality is the focus that allows people to be effectively manipulated. Muhammad, Jesus, Shiva, Buddha – all earthly personalities that have been deified and manipulated to provide a focus to those who follow them. Yet they taught not to follow man, but to follow god. Go figure. Thus we find various religious leaders promoting their avatar’s idea of the one true god who is ready to kill anyone who says otherwise. This is not limited to Muslims, look at the fundie Christians who have called for the murder of those who do not fit in with their version of how their god’s world should be run. Of course Judaism’s attitude in such matters goes without saying. Those who follow God have no need for intermediaries that speak for God. If one truly walks with God, one finds no need to murder others who do not.

    6. Arminius Says:

      Well said, Arch!
      But let’s not forget that all religion is the the foundation of a profitable, firstclass business.

    7. John Says:

      ‘Isn’t it funny how the Ziocons were able to paint Saddam, a Ba’athist (effectively the Arab version of NS), as a foaming-at-the-mouth terrorist? And they’ve tried to do the same with the other Ba’ath regime in Syria. Seriously! President Bashar al-Assad is practically effeminate and they’re trying to paint him as a vicious tyrant. Ludicrous.’


      ZOG tries to paint these secular nationalist socialist anti Israel Arab leaaders as Islamic fundamentalists which is the exact opposite of what they are. Of course the stupid kwan lemmings who are retarded believe all the media lies.

    8. outside Says:

      There is, right now, a mini-series running on HBO called House of Saddam. HBO, of course, is the most anti-white TV station in existence. It’s programming features a lineup of vile children’s shows – all multicultural garbage – the worst of which is called Magic Cellar where four children, a black boy, a white boy, a mongoloid gal, and a Indian girl, all live in Africa and act out negro folk tales. The real horror of this show, besides it multicultural indoctrination, is the white boy. He is small and weak, and stutters. He is a dysgenic, suggestible, and passive. By contrast, the black kid is aggressive and adventurous. HBO is a Jew tool war machine.

      Keeping the above in mind we can reconsider House of Saddam, the HBO mini-series. Imagine the power of an enemy that not only dispossess and kills you, but then defines who you were. Not just by noting events and accomplishments, but by re-creating you in a fantasy narrative entirely under their control. This re-creation is more intimate than any news report and it becomes you in the popular memory of tens of millions of people.

      No wonder people over there blow themselves up, we, Amerikwa, have got them before during and after. No respect, no mercy, no truth.

    9. Zarathustra Says:

      Don’t forget all the depleted uranium shell casings just lying around on the ground where Iraqi kids play, or that White female occupation troops are frequently raped by non-White troops. Naturally, most of the US soldiers and Marines getting maimed and killed are White and they will either not have any offspring as a result or if they do, the offspring will be deformed. The Army must be at least 75% non-White, so where are all those damn spics and niggers in this conflict?

      HBO does suck. From Deadwood to the Sopranos to Sex and the City to Six Feet Under. I have no use for cable anymore. Read Plato or Neitschze instead ( I do like watching South Park and Ren and Stimpy, however).

    10. Zarathustra Says:

      PS……….What is the REAL U.S. casualty rate in Iraq and Afghanistan? Just 4,500 U.S. deaths in Iraq since the spring of 2003? Right, and the U.S. unemployment rate is 7%. Horseshit.

    11. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      When they say “died in Iraq” they mean the body actually expired in Iraq. Those airlifted out, who died in a different country, did not “die in Iraq”, and are not counted.

    12. John Says:

      Also those kwan soldiers who have severe injuries are finished off by lethal injection which the ZOG doesnt even count in their ‘died in Iraq’ stats. Many soldiers have been killed this way by the military medics as it is much easier, cheaper and they cease to be a burden on the tax payer for the rest of their useless but costly lives.

      The Jews are using and abusing us like toys.

    13. Zarathustra Says:

      Excellent observations from both John and Shabbos. I beleive they are both correct and I am now bettter informed because of them!

    14. Cpt. Candor Says:

      Yes, very good observations everyone. I HEAR (therefore I KNOW) that Jew army doctors have been chopping up Iraqis since very early on in the war and harvesting their organs for sale on the black market.

      I seem to recall reading something on AlterNet a while back about our total casualties in Iraq in 2004 being something like 10,000. I’ll bet 80,000 would be a reasonable estimate for right now, 4,500 being the non-White deaths.

      Also, anyone remember Nick Berg? Beheaded by JEWS.

    15. Marwinsing Says:

      C’mon… who’s late for church?


    16. Zarathustra Says:

      Absolutely, many Army doctors (and all Army psychiatrists) are JEWS. No wonder so many White troops are coming back from Iraq with bizarre physical and mental problems……Assuming they come back alive at all. The REAL US troop death toll for Iraq and Afghanistan is probably around 25,000, plus another 75, 000 maimed for life. There’s a heavy price to be paid for doing the Jews’ bidding.

      And you can be sure that all those Army “interrogators” in Iraq who are torturing and murdering defenseless Iraqi POWs are Israel Mossad and Shin Bet officers.

      Yes, I remember the Jewboy Nick Berg, along with that Jewish “reporter” for the Wall Street Journal who was executed while snooping around for Israeli Intelligence in Pakistan. They both deserved and recieved rough justice for their lying Jew arrogance and sneakiness.

    17. Krystian K. Kowalczyk Says:

      “The REAL US troop death toll for Iraq and Afghanistan is probably around 25,000”

      In 2006 when the insurgency was in full flame, I remember hearing about 10s to 100s being blown up per day! But those deaths never factored into the mythical 4500 (ZOG loves mythical numbers of dead). The death toll must be 20-30k.

      Also, if Wall Street financiers can’t get their $20 million bonuses for burning down the house, the wounded veterans would be lucky to get flayed chinchilla skins as payment for their valiant service.