14 December, 2008

Two Lessons in Racial Survival

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An excellent summary of the racial struggle between Jews and gentiles, within two book reviews. (Consider the mention of “phenotypic similarity” and Jewish genetic deception):


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  7. 5 Responses to “Two Lessons in Racial Survival”

    1. Krystian K. Kowalczyk Says:

      This is an excellent article and should be distributed to all newbies to our cause.

    2. Terrorsaurus Says:

      Sounds like they’re basically extremely hostile aliens bent on world domination. For all intents and purposes, they may as well be aliens.

      The “eugenics” part of their evolutionary strategy isn’t really eugenics. It’s dysgenics through inbreeding. But when a people believe that they collectively comprise a living God among us infinitely inferior beasts, then inbreeding must seem, to their twisted minds, like the best way to improve their tribal genes to the nth degree.

      When you look at a Jew, do you see a superior being which is the result of strict eugenic practices? No? What do you see?

      Now imagine what a Jew must actually believe in order to delude his or herself that the Jews are gods among beasts, especially when all the visible externals scream to us that these people are severely f***ed up.

    3. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      “When you look at a Jew, do you see a superior being which is the result of strict eugenic practices? No? What do you see?”

      Something designed by Frank Gehry. . .

    4. Winston Smith Says:

      Thank you Terrorsaurus. I always thought the bizarre supremacist and grandiose Jewish superiory complex had to really be some sort of defensive mechanism against such a well earned jewish inferiority complex.

    5. Winston Smith Says:

      Indeed what kind of “eugenics” program produces 20 jewish genetic diseases, hemorhoids, and the demonic ugliness of Allen Dershowitz and Betty Friedan?

      I can see why the Germans might feel racially superior, but the Jews?!! That deceptive jewish backwards world again.