17 January, 2009

Civil Rights = Jewish Magic Trick

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Cop: “You’re under arrest!”

White man: “Why?”

Cop: “You’ve committed a Celler Rights Violation!”

White man: “How?”

Cop: “You looked at an African-American the wrong way!”

American law is based on the U.S. Constitution, and “civil rights” aren’t mentioned anywhere in that document. Nor did America’s founders mention them. “Civil rights” are as real as the Tooth Fairy:


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  7. 24 Responses to “Civil Rights = Jewish Magic Trick”

    1. Mike in NYC Says:


      Those three were stupid beyond belief, as if that needs to be pointed out.

      “Let’s follow the ADL/SPLC/MSM/Hollywood/OPP/ARA script right down to the letter! It can’t fail!”

      Natural selection in action.

    2. Mega Therion Says:

      It’s like one of those “magic tricks” that John Wayne Gacy mastered…it leaves us handcuffed,fucked and dead.

    3. Mike in NYC Says:

      Why link to that article? So antis can crow that WN’s equate arson with looking at someone the wrong way?

    4. Bret Ludwig Says:

      These guys’ behavior is so Hanna-Barbera stupid that it smells of a setup. But if they really were that dumb, they deserve what they get. They are the kind of whites that both Rockwell and Pierce would surely have agreed needed pruning very badly.

    5. Mega Therion Says:

      It’s a big story up here in MassaJEWsetts, “proof” of how the shitskins need more protection in this age of Obama. I agree..these fuckin morons are so dumb,it HAS to be a set up. Kosher-Nazis strike again.

    6. DMS Says:

      Paragraph printed in the Boston Globe:

      The men – Benjamin Haskell, Michael F. Jacques Jr., and Thomas Gleason Jr., all of whom are white – poured gasoline inside and outside the mostly completed Macedonia Church of God in Christ in the early morning of Nov. 5., set it afire, and later boasted about destroying it, said authorities.

      Paragraph that would never appear in the Boston Globe:

      George Geovonni “Detroit” Thomas,Lemaricus Devall “Slim” Davidson,Letalvis “Rome” Cobbins, and Vanessa Coleman-all of whom were black- raped and sexually tortured Channon Christian on the night of January 6., poured caustic chemicals into her mouth and vaginal area, and left her to suffocate in a trash can with a plastic bag over her head, and later boasted about it, said authorities.

    7. gw Says:

      “American law is based on the U.S. Constitution, and “civil rights” aren’t mentioned anywhere in that document. Nor did America’s founders mention them. “Civil rights” are as real as the Tooth Fairy.”

      Civil Rights would seem to be a Jewish concoction. When reading “Main Kampf”, I was asonished to see that Mr. H. spoke about Jews leading demonstrations in the streets of Vienna for “civil rights”. That was back around 1920! Half a century later, they were doing the same (and provoking riots) in every major American city. They’ve been at it for a long time.

    8. ED! Says:

      If we as a race traveled to another galaxy to live the Jews would find us with the other mud races in tow to suck off of what we had again built. There is now where on this planet where we could build anything without the above mentioned filth wanting to come in and steal, rape, eat, pillage and burn!

      This will never end in our favor without a fight!

      There is no getting along with the other races, most of all organized JEWRY!

      They hate our White skin and have said so on too many occasions!

      We feed them and they bite our hands!

      We build and they tear down!

      They take sheer delight in our misery that they alone create!

      They are relentless in the pursuit of all that we have!

      They eagerly await our impending destruction!

      Now if you have not viewed the film 911 Mysteries then go and watch it and ask your self this question: If they are capable of that then is there any end to what they would do to YOU?


      Civil rights for the uncivil, I think not!


    9. Howdy Doody Says:


      Civil rights for the uncivil, I think not!


      Thank you Ed for that post above and I concur with you.

      Back in 2001 when that crime happened a contractor that worked with who is a memeber of the Assemblies of God Church and severe jooo ass kissers Inc. , called me on the phone as I was having a morning cup of coffee at about 6:30 AM or so, and he was yelling gleefully/hysterically asking me are you ready to meet the Lord today ?

      I had no idea what this call was about as I do not watch TV and had not turned on the P.C. etc.

      So his call shook me up as I was waking up late that morning and I was pissed at this fool for telling the news in a way that I thought WW3 was happening right now etc., because I was not awake yet.

      The Rapture bunnies are ignorant criminal traitors, but understand this, they are not all Low I.Q. idiots, they are ignorant/fooled etc., but not stupid. The one who called me was a straight arrow, with an I.Q. of about 134, but grew up in a small White town all his life and raised his children and bought in the Movie/TV view of non Whites and his treasonous criminal corporate church.

      Now that is the flaw in our race that good men could be duped like this and then we have the beer drinking working class that don’t care about anything and watch TV all night, and say ooohhh the computor is full of shit etc.

    10. nerktwins Says:

      I read the comments section following the article. What amazes me is the closed shut minds of the typical white libbo. They move to the whitest town they can afford and then sit back in High judgement of whites who are fed up to the point of taking violent action. Those three dimbulbs were probably beat up by blacks as school children and harrased a 100 different ways in their lifetime. While I dont agree with extra-legal action these fellows were trying to clear out the African pestilence before it took root in their town. I see their logic. Unfortunatley, for every kindly black pastor there are 5000 Willie Hortons ! A ratio that should serve as a template / rationale for mass deportation of that cursed race back to central Africa.

    11. gw Says:

      As Mike says, These three fools were “stupid beyond belief”. I have nothing but contempt for them. They make WNs look bad. What jerks! (If indeed things were as they are being reported. Who really knows?)

      Incidentally, Nerktwins, those are some remarkable posts there. Amazing that they were printed! I wonder how long they’ll remain.

    12. Howdy Doody Says:

      Blacks in NYC would beat up small White kids walking home from school starting the late 1950’s with out reason or having known them. Fact.

    13. N.B. Forrest Says:

      Blabbermouthed fools like those 3 are meat for the laughing kikes’ table. History repeats itself again & again: idiots commit a smoothly-executed crime, only to hang themselves simply because they were incapable of keeping their damn yaps shut. Just gotta brag to their “buds”, or “get it off their chest” to their wives or girlfriends – to their inevitable betrayal & doom.

      The only real pity is that we’re all tarred by shitheads like these.

    14. Zarathustra Says:

      Howdy Doody, my mother and her friends were attacked by a pack of savage colored girls while walking in Central Park in the spring of 1945. This was a time when, according to offical Kike-approved kosher history, my White mother, her White friends and all other White goyim except Eleanor Roosevelt were supposedly lynching helpless, innocent Negroes and not allowing them to eat at the Woolworth’s lunch counter.

      During the VE “celebration” in Times Square, a few months later in 1945, returning colored troops in the parade tried to abduct and rape numerous young White girls in the crowd, hoping no one would notice in the confusion. They almost grabbed Mom, too, but she was a lot more racially concious by that point. How come that goofy-looking prick Ken Burns didn’t mention such incidents in his recent WWII documentary on PBS?

    15. Mega Therion Says:


      George Patton had a bunch of his niggers executed for that exact same thing in Italy. They didn’t put THAT in the movie, but raping and rampaging nigger soldiers(who he didn’t want,but was stuck with by Omar Bradley) attacking Austrian women infuriated Patton so, that he had them shot right there. He also predicted that the Jews calling the shots woulld station tons of niggers in Germany after the war as the ultimate humiliation.

    16. gw Says:

      “How come that goofy-looking prick Ken Burns didn’t mention such incidents in his recent WWII documentary on PBS?”

      Perhaps because Mr. Burns was really Bernstein.? (Just a guess here, but a good chance of it. Who else makes documentaries that control the way we see history?)

      Anyway, that was an interesting anecdote about Central Park.

      In 1945! Imagine! I hadn’t realized they were already that rambumctious. They were twenty years ahead of MLK and his “civil rights” riots. Apparently, it’s timing was related to the defeat of Germany and the end of the war (…in Europe, Japan was still fighting). It was their triumph, our loss, and they knew it — tho we weren’t supposed to know it yet. But they did. Savvy girls! They knew more than we did. (And more than most of us still do.)

    17. gw Says:

      [Patton] “had them shot right there. He also predicted that the Jews calling the shots woulld station tons of niggers in Germany after the war as the ultimate humiliation.”

      Exactly as came to pass! And so they did.

      And they got rid of him as well (it is alleged) through a convenient “accident” when he was proving to be too independent and threatening to get out of control. He was good (for them) for winning the war, but he would have been inconvenient (for them) in the peace. They wanted someone more manageable, like Eisenhower.

    18. Mega Therion Says:


      Patton was fond of saying “We’re fighting the wrong guys”,especially as WWII came to it’s conclusion and he began to see what the deal was. And without a doubt he was murdered in December 1945, because he could have beat Truman in ’48.

    19. Coup d'Etat Says:

      Civil Rights, Title VII, Affirmative Action, Human Rights were all created by the great magicians who make up pseudo laws as they go and place them on paper. Voila! Since it is on paper, it is real.

      There are two things that are real: If there were no jews, their illegal pseudo laws would not exist. Secondly, the jews know that the U.S. Constitution does not include them, making them illegal aliens. Our forefathers warned about the jews many times over and made it clear that jews will never be one of us. Unfortunately, they didn’t have loyal descendants to carry on the legacy.

      In reference to General Patton, if we look back on history there were many potential candidates or Presidents already in office who were murdered (except for Pres. Lincoln), no doubt by the jewish mob, just to make way for jews.

    20. Zarathustra Says:

      They almost assasinated Andrew Jackson after he refused to renew the Charter for the Second Bank of the United States.

    21. gw Says:

      Speaking of assasinations, there have been LOTS of strange automobile accidents, from Patton down to Jorg Haider. Too many to be just “accidental”. All of them enemies of the Jews/Left. I recently saw a listing of some of them on another site (somewhere) and the number was far greater than I ever imagined.

      I also came across, by purest chance, the name of a high German official assigned to France during WW2. He was head of the police or something. During trials after the war, they were not able to pin any guilt on him, despite the Communists’ and Jews’ efforts. Nonetheless, many years later, he had a fatal “crash” on the Autobahn. It was widely speculated that this was an engineered accident. All the signs pointed to it. So they finally got him! Their motto: “Never forgive, never forget.”

      It’s in Wikipedia, but I can’t offhand think of his name.

      In short, this is not something at all uncommon.

    22. Zarathustra Says:

      The “DC Madam” recently died under mysterious circumstances, as did the anti-Iraq War Jew Senator Paul Wellstone and British anti-Iraq War scientist Dr. David Kelly. Josef Goebel’s son died in a West Berlin car crash in 1967. JFK Jr. flew into a cloud-bank of doom at the exact same time that both he and Madame Hillary Ironpants wanted to be the next Senator from NY.

      Surely, not all these untimely deaths were accidents?

    23. gw Says:


    24. Doug Says:

      They love to instill subjectivity into everything, so they can then interpret it for their own gain. “Civil” has no direct definition, it’s as amorphous as “ethical”, entirely up to the definition of the person using the word.