15 January, 2009

Homothexthual Thuperheroeths

Posted by Socrates in cartoons, homosexual themes, jewed culture, Western culture at 4:31 pm | Permanent Link

Jewish cartoon icon Lee will create a queer superhero for TV. This will make the West…well…better!


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  7. 19 Responses to “Homothexthual Thuperheroeths”

    1. Waldo Starr Says:

      This is certainly great news! Who would have thought it, or even dreamed it, that in 2009, our first Magical Negro President, Barry Obongo, Mr. Hope & Change is here to save the day and now our first openly gay super hero? We have Stan Lee to thank for our gay hero. He was born Stanley Martin Lieber and probably got started into his homosexual leanings when the mohel sucked on his little weenie on the eight day of his birth got him a little too excited. Anyway, we can only hope that our superhero, soon to be named Stanley Goldsilverstein, will guide us through the gauntlet of diseases that are known to infect the “bug chasers.” We will be able to follow our butt ranger as he fights the evil white heterosexual by day and by night immersing himself into the joys of gay sex with multiple partners while he visits bathhouses, back room bars, bookstores, porno theaters, parks, meat racks, and tearooms looking for those evil doers.
      We will watch in horror as our hero tries to dodge a myriad of diseases such as but not limited to; hepatitis A, hepatitis B, non-A/non-B, herpes simplex types I and II, venereal warts, amoebiasis and salmonella, syphilis, gonorrhea, nonspecific arthritis, Chlamydia, cytomegalovirus and Epstien- Barr virus mononucleosis, eventually cryptosporidiosis and other pathogens and the dreaded gay bowl syndrome. O f course he will need a special uniform with a flap in the rear for those occasions when he just has to have some. I don’t know about you, but this sounds like fun for the whole family, especially after a boring sermon at church Sunday night. Does it get any better that this?

    2. 2050 Says:

      Not much to add to that, WS.
      One more thing to twist the knife in the side of what’s left of white society.

    3. joe Says:

      I think the old jew just wanted to get one more good laugh on us before he dies.

    4. Stronza Says:

      Waldo, you do have a way with words…

    5. jackumup Says:

      Jews need superheroes because of their natural cowardliness, stan leeberwitz probable got the idea for his super hero from tales of his bolshevik grandfather who coward in front of the czar when he and is coconspirators scurried like cockroaches in 1912

    6. Zarathustra Says:

      “It is not known what kind of special powers Creed will display”. The writer of that dumb article must’ve known people were going to make up their own jokes about that line. “Broadway choreographer by day, homophobe fighter by night, it’s Superhomo!”

      I just remembered, Saturday Night Live already has two homo superheroes, Ace and Gary……The Ambiguously Gay Duo!

    7. Michael Mavros Says:

      A jew superfag, just what the world needed in these hard times. By the way, how many fags can he take on at one time? A jew superfag taking on evil Nazis with his steel asshole what a story line that would be.

    8. Gar Goyle Says:

      Yes him & little head will be battling its way toward more un- none evil orifices. This is not a phase or trend America is going though it is flat out perversion & over doing it . The honist censorshp of the perfoming arts, film, t.v. was legit. No, with him little friend roaming good intension little head cyclops. And please no more slow creeping propaganded (mostly taught in public schools) good married blacks homo whites on the discov channels.

    9. zoomcopter Says:

      Very good Waldo, especially the special flap, on his uniform. I can’t wait to see if he uses condoms, or if his superpowers make him immune to that nasty Gay Bowel Syndrone.

    10. The Red Skull Says:

      This article made me cringe!Having grown up reading comics,(when they were affordable)this news is indeed disturbing.How they plan on taking a degenrate homo and turning him into a “super hero” is beyond me.I suggest we create an Aryan “anti-hero” who fights jew injustice where-ever he finds it.Of course,no major comic house will publish it as it goes against accepted jew PC doctrine.It was a terrible blow(no punb intended)when i figured out Stan-the Man-Lee was a Kikenheimer.It explained alot of what i was reading,and the PC slant on it.It was Marvel who came out with the first black super hero-the Black Panther.Now they want to be the first to come out with a queer hero,how trendy of them.Comics used to be cool,now they have devolved into marxist,overpriced,propaganda rags,selling multi-culturalism to kids-mostly white who bother to read them.
      This is just another chink in the armor of America that she is getting ready to fall.There is no way this country can hold together much longer with all the corruption and immorality that plagues it.The collapse will be unpleasant,but the future on the other side of Jewmerica looks bright.But Marvel did create some exellent Nazi Super-Villians in the form of my nom-de-pen -The Red Skull- for instance-who never tired of trying to overthrow or kill the sappy Captain America.I believe Marvel even assassinated Cap not too long ago-shot in the back he was,how Jewish is that?We can take inspiration from The Red Skull from the fact he never gave up on Nazism,or trying to overthrow the established Jew-World- Order,neither will I.Superhero Faggots-just what the country needs!

    11. zoomcopter Says:

      Just like pedophiles, Jews gravitate towards young and impressionable boys because they understand their racial/sexual defences are underdeveloped and vulnerable. Young White boys develop their brains and their critical thinking skills slowly Jews can plant the seeds of destruction into young minds much easier than converting the fully developed minds of adults. Brainwashing can be disguised as entertainment. Comics provide a fantasy world where concepts such as race-mixing, white guilt, and homosexuality can be made very appealing, after all, Super Heros do it, and young White boys instinctively follow Heroic role models. Jews want to subvert as many young White minds to their way of thinking, before they reach the age of critical thinking. They know young White boys grow up to be White men, their only real enemy, on the Planet Earth.

    12. gw Says:

      “Jews want to subvert as many young White minds to their way of thinking, before they reach the age of critical thinking. They know young White boys grow up to be White men, their only real enemy, on the Planet Earth.”
      – – – – – – – – – –

      This is one of the many forms of propaganda that are aimed at our youth. Get the girls hung up on negroes, and the boys hung up on boys! If that still doesn’t work, preach abortion and birth control. Castrating the youth of the enemy is a vicious strategy that is as cunning as it is evil.

      It is the lowest, meanest form of racial warfare.

      Never forgive, never foget.

    13. Igor Alexander Says:

      Batwoman hero returns as lesbian

      Last Updated: Tuesday, 30 May 2006, 15:08 GMT

      Comic book heroine Batwoman is to make a comeback as a “lipstick lesbian” who moonlights as a crime fighter, a DC Comics spokesman has confirmed.

      Batwoman – real name Kathy Kane – will appear in 52, a year-long DC Comics publication that began this month.

      In her latest incarnation, she is a rich socialite who has a romantic history with another 52 character, ex-police detective Renee Montoya.

      52 will be published in the UK as a graphic novel by Titan Books in 2007.

      The series is set in a world in which established superheroes Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman do not play a part.

      The new-look Batwoman is just one of a wave of ethnically and sexually diverse characters entering the DC Comics universe.

      Others include Mexican teenager Blue Beetle – who replaces the character’s previous white incarnation – and the Great Ten, a government-sponsored team of Chinese superheroes.

      Regular characters Firestorm and The Atom, meanwhile, have been reinvented as black and Asian heroes respectively.

      The characters are part of a wider effort to broaden the make-up of comic-book creations in line with society as a whole.

      Batwoman, who first appeared in July 1956, has not been seen since September 1979 when she was killed by the League of Assassins and the Bronze Tiger.


    14. Dagon Says:

      Until recently I had no real idea at the high degree of Jewish involvement in the Comic Book world – the “self-chosen” not only “got in on the ground floor”, they positively invented the idiom.

      In a way it makes sense in retrospect. Like rap, modern art, or PC, comic books – at least the “American” variety – never, ever, sat well with me even as a kid. I went through a small phase, maybe four to six months when I was twelve of collecting a few of them. I pretty much gave them away as I knew it was a waste of time and somehow both DC and Marvel with their besuited ‘superheroes’ and villians, the latter of which seemed always to be of Aryan appearance or culture, never connected with me. I never totally empathized with the protagonists nor necessarily hated the villians. Indeed, it seemed that everything in the comics, from the one dimensional characters, to the predictable plot lines, echoed Hollywood at its most schmaltzy, manipulative, and contrived. Once I wrote about the heavy influence of the sons of the “shetels” of New York in the early days of US comics, the proverbial “light bulb in my head” went on – I know knew why comics had seemed at best uninspiring and at worst had felt alien, foreign, or indescribably “other”, to me when I was young.

      I did enjoy some Darkhorse reprints of Japanese manga, but only ones about Godzilla as I was an invenerate Godzilla fan as a young kid. I enjoyed some strips like “Calvin & Hobbes” and “Bloom County” as well when a little older, but I would hardly put these in the same vein as the superhero vein.

      When younger I’d have rather read a book, listened to a favorite album, or watch a favorite flick any day to reading ‘comics’. Looking back, I’m glad I left them out of my growing up years.

    15. gw Says:

      Dagon Says: “Until recently I had no real idea at the high degree of Jewish involvement in the Comic Book world – the “self-chosen” not only “got in on the ground floor”, they positively invented the idiom. “

      I too went through a comic book phase when a kid. It was natural back then. But I didn’t have a clue about Jews, nor of the genesis of the whole idiom. Nor what it was all about in a deeper sense. To me, it was just entertainment. But as you said, the whole thing reeks of Hollywood. But what does a young kid know? Even many years later, I still had no idea who was behind it. It’s only quite recently that I learned that comic books too are one more area in which “they” hold sway. Well, it only figures, when you think about it — its journalism/publishing and it’s a critical area of youthful conditioning and mind control. Very important!

      As far as inventing the idiom, well it’s less invention and more an example of stealing and debasing already existing Aryan concepts, which they so commonly do. For example, “Superman” was a noble philosophical concept of Nietzsche. But they took the term, trashed it, vulgarized it, and made Nietzsche’s übermensch into a comic book character for kids. And, of course, they made a fortune out of it while doing so. (Somehow, they always get money along the way.) Nietzsche would be aghast.

      Note to Dagon: You have to consider this, in comic books’ heyday, the 40s and into the 50s, kids did not have television, DVD’s, computers, video games, etc. to compete for their attention. My family didn’t even have a phone then, and we weren’t poor. Even records (78s, 33s, & 45s) weren’t all that common, except for people with money. It was either the radio, a book, or a comic. A great many kids, who weren’t the bookish type, thus went for comics. That gave comics a great hold over juvenile minds.

      It’s amazing when I think about it now. No wonder they were able, so easily, to whip us up and send us off to war to defend “the American way” and fight the “bad guys” who trying to enslave us and make us all speak German. Some of us now sneer at “The Greatest Generation” (and sometimes so do I) for having been such fools; but the truth is that they were only doing what they believed was right. And that’s all they knew.

      I can still remember my father coming home from work daily and listening intently to the news on the radio. The radio announcer (whom I still remember after all these years) was Al Spiegel. He had an annoying nasal voice like Howard Cosell. But his was the voice of absolute authority. If Al Spiegel said it on the radio, then it was so. He controlled the news, at least in that town. After the news, for entertainment, my father would turn to either Jack Benny, George Burns, or Baby Snooks (Fanny Brice). He loved them all. All Jews! He didn’t know anything about that. I remember there was also a nice, friendly, wise, neighborly Jewish woman named Mrs. Goldberg who had a program: I think it was called “The Goldbergs”. That’s what people had for information and entertainment. There was no Internet.

      Is it any wonder they obediently went to war and fought for what they thought was right? Even though, as it turned out (seen from half a century later), they were fighting for their children’s and grandchildren’s dispossession and destruction! They had no idea.

    16. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      I read Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories, and didn’t know about the others. That’z why my thinking is so clear today.

    17. Dagon Says:

      You are right about a great many things. While I may be young I do realize that the average person has not always had the kind of access to alternate sources of information as we do now.

      Yes, the “Greatest Generation” was told half-truths and misinformation in order to mobilize them but, again, the few sources of news and information made it relatively easy to gain mass public consensus on issues then – like going to war with Germany or Japan – as opposed to today. Excellent point.

      I also agree that the “superhero” archetype with which many “comics” are replete was not “invented” by Jews but was rather expropriated by them and then warped and molded by them to serve their own purposes and reflect their own loves, hopes, fears, and prejudices. Such Jewish pathos was naturally the furthest thing from what Nietzsche had in mind as anything could be. By “invent” I meant that many Jews created the warped, mazdean, one-dimensional template of most US comics today as they currently are and as we currently conceive of them.

    18. Zarathustra Says:

      What difference does any of this Jew comic book crap make anyway, kids today don’t read the damn things. Myself, I never like that cheap-looking comic book art. The Jews will simply have to use their much-vaunted cleverness to infiltrate impressionable young Goy minds in some other way, like an “Escape from Auschwitz” video game, or a “Pimp my White Girlfriend” show on MTV.

    19. gw Says:

      By “invent” I meant that many Jews created the warped, mazdean, one-dimensional template of most US comics today as they currently are and as we currently conceive of them.

      I understand. I wasn’t criticizing your comment – not at all – merely agreeing and expanding on it. Thanks. I hoped to cast a little further light on a time that not everyone today can remember. It’s getting farther away all the time, and the mood of that day needs to be clarified.

      “What difference does any of this Jew comic book crap make anyway, kids today don’t read the damn things.”

      I guess they don’t. Kids have other distractions now. Electronic ones. But it does explain the hold that comics had on a previous generation — a generation whose actions (wars, civil rights movements, etc) seem so self-destructive and unfathomable in light of what we know today.

      As far as today’s comics, I guess (from what little I know) that they appeal to a more adult, cultish audience. Some see them as a kind of art. Come to think of it, I do see Hispanics reading comic books all the time — whole novels in comic form! They are very popular in Latin American countries. I don’t know who makes them, or from what point of view.