7 January, 2009

Looking Back at SDS

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A former “Students for a Democratic Society” (SDS) leader, himself Jewish, talks about Jews and the SDS:

[Text of a speech].

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    1. Zarathustra Says:

      Never accuse the Jews of being secret about their pernicious philosophy or agenda. This subversive Jew Rudintsky tells it like it is: The Jew will always be an outsider who resents the Goyim among whom he must live, but will lust after goy women. The Jews have become so brazen that they can now openly boast and brag about their tribe’s power without the least bit fear of reprisal.

    2. old_dutch Says:

      Every jew an unknown genius.

    3. Antagonistes Says:

      I also despised Lyndon Johnson and was against the Vietnam war.

      But it was because I wanted the best for my country, not some useless war or socialist “Great Society.”

      This Jew, I think, despised and despises America because it was “goyish.” We “Goys” had done things his people can only dream about. They are pre-occupied with the Goy, and constantly looking over their shoulders at him.

      What this guy reveals is the jealousy of an older, untalented sibling (the Jews) for a talented, accomplishing (and humble) younger brother (the Aryans).

      I don’t know if the Jews are actually an older race than the Aryans, but they have done nothing but talk and brag, throughout the centuries.

    4. jim donaldson Says:

      What goddamned arrogance! Who the fuck are jews to make decisions on, let alone have any say whatsoever in, how WE are to live OUR lives? They aren’t US.

    5. jim donaldson Says:

      I copied the speech. I’m going to read it every day, just to keep myself pissed off.

    6. -jc Says:

      20+ years ago, my daddy encountered Rudd’s (Red’) wife, Merri, active in federal government politics at the local level. Her photo here:


    7. -jc Says:

      I guess she’s a probate judge, too: http://lawyers.justia.com/lawyer/the-hon-merri-rudd-765775

    8. Waldo Starr Says:

      “However, it was on or about my bar mitzvah that it occurred to me, like happens to so many other Jewish kids, that God probably doesn’t exist…” No surprise here. It has been reported that 80% of the jews in Israhell are not spiritual, but are atheist. Which goes to prove that judaism is a criminal enterprise masquerading as a religion. It must make the “rapture bunnies” feel special to be worshiping this tribe of godless criminals.

    9. Justin Huber Says:

      Good comment Waldo. I was surprised how many of these “rapture” people are out there. My aunt and uncle-both devout Catholics-are just a couple I can name right off hand. Myself, I think it’s a bunch of clap trap.

    10. Dagon Says:

      I completely understand what you mean. Many of my own relatives have a similar attachment to plain old Liberalism, though thankfully not to the rapture swindle. Contemprorary Liberalism in the West, most of it derived from the Frankfurt School, should be thought of as most accurately as a secularized form of religion. Substitute “Secular Humanism” for “The Gospel” and you have your answer.

      I cannot believe how many in my family who are all college grads, and with high levels of verbal prowess and otherwise pretty good BS detectors, just lap the current Amerikwan orthodoxy right up with litte, if any, criticism. At least, this is the impression they give me when we meet together. They have a tendency to psychologically reinforce one another when they are around each other. Perhaps their beleif is less unequivocal when they are by themselves and allow doubt to creep in. Let’s hope your own relatives will eventually be disquieted enough by this Rapture hocum in their quieter moments that they will begin the journey toward ridding themselves of it.

    11. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      Potent BS filters alone won’t cut mustard. What is needed is simply information, gleaned from non-jew sources.

      Geniuses can be thought-controlled if enough information is withheld- deep thought alone will not break the barrier.

      The most important task is exposing thought control.

    12. gb Says:

      I believe that these people think that spouting such will get them ahead in their jobs and lives. Also, very interesting, I have noticed that if you do the reverse in numbers–that is have more of us in a room with one brain-washed person– you can wake them up pretty quick. Deep thought, in conjunction with, acute observation CAN disprove the cult of cultural marxism. However, to know things such as who controls the media and why the schools are as they are does require research. I have been studying on this subject of cults very closely of late and I believe that I have hit a water-shed, albeit a frightening one. I’ll tell ya’ll one damn thing though–hungar and crime can wake a pile of folks up. And it’s coming. But some won’t SEE even after that: we’ve read the news stories of those moron liberals that go back for more after getting a good non-white beating.

      PS I had some good un-pc run-ins with family this Xmas. They all retreated and left me the field. I always let them start it; then I come down on them like a hammer.

    13. Howdy Doody Says:

      The Victims of the Wichita Slaughter Let them in and let the Congoid POS’s have a fun filled night, ending with a meek “Please Sir Don’t etc.”

      Predators can Sense Prey.

    14. Zarathustra Says:

      Oh, but the Jews do have a god! THEMSELVES.

    15. N.B. Forrest Says:

      “This particular empire is neither the first nor the last to attempt to seduce us to join up. But we’d better not: it’s our job to be critical outsiders, both for our own survival and for that of the planet.”

      The arrogance of the Fucking Kike is truly the wonder of the ages. These tuchus-faced, self-imagined “Supermen” really do think only they can “save” the world – by destroying us.

      They will never stop in their mission of genocidal hate. They’ve long since opened fire with the political & cultural weapons that are eradicating us just as surely as the Uncle Shmuel paid-for tanks & planes are eradicating the Pals right now (and the weapons formed against us are all the more deadly, since the filthy kikes knew their effect would be so gradual as to be imperceptible to the great mass of White Dull Normals.)

      Do we apply burning cigs to this relative handful of leeches, or do we let them suck our lifeblood until we bite the dust forever?

    16. Howdy Doody Says:

      NB Forrest

      Thanks for some cogent sharp points.

      Let add this, many leftist joos that I have spoken to living in/invading a rural state have told me there will be peace when the White race is gone.

      Does anyone think that back when these SOB’s were on the lose in 1968 that did know and use the Bill Of Rights and knew them by heart ?

      My point is they use the rules to get where they want to be an then get rid of the rules/rights/agreements for US!

      Enemy Aliens Nation wreckers.

    17. Howdy Doody Says:

      The jooos have engineered the lowest Forms of S.E. Asian savages being taken to the US and located them as Refugee’s in ever RURAL state that has forest to running around in 4×4’s over grazing every bit of flora and fauna possible and are then sold to cash buyers for markets such as mushrooms and other items.

      They think this areas from N.C. to CA. are their’s now.

      When the White wakes up these SOB’s are armed too, and have USFS maps.

      Any remember that LOVELY who was in the CA. National Guard and then shot 6 P.C. brain Washed Whites Dead in Wisc ?

    18. Tc Says:

      I have followed down some of the points this kike mad and have found this flick ob jewgle:


      It is called: Thee Weather Underground.

      Well worth a watch – I would just like one point to make: According to Duke, this Dorn-couple are the mentors of prez. elect Obamonkey.

      Seems like they ARE getting their wishes – wonder if they will join up in the resulting empire…

    19. Coup d'Etat Says:

      The very same people who organized the Vietnam War are the same type of people who did the bombing in the U.S. to make them look like the good guys, who appeared to be against the war, and then would spout that America has a history of wars and violence meaning that Whites are the culprits — jews. Yep, they are the psychopaths who want to kill off the Whites — jews.

      The jews who didn’t get life in prison ought to be shot between the eyes and left for dead, and the jewish organizations are to be held up in gun point, the people thrown in concentration camps, and all their buildings crushed.

    20. Zarathustra Says:

      The Jews took control of the Columbia University campus in 1968 in order to get rid of the old, conservative, WASP University Administration and replace it with Jewish Bolshevik revolutionaries. Columbia has been a Jewish-controlled beehive of intellectual anti-goy activism ever since.

    21. gw Says:

      ” it’s our job to be critical outsiders, both for our own survival and for that of the planet.”

      If you want to be outsiders, then go outside! And stay there.
      You can’t be both insiders and outsiders too, though you try to be.

    22. nerktwins Says:

      Reading Rudd the red’s stream of babblespeak I am struck with the realization the Jew and his fellow travelin mudds can’t grasp we Aryans.Left alone, we can tame a tractless wilderness and take it the moon in 200 years. In the interim the jealous and destructive Jew tears it all down while the muud/niggs trail behind like junkyard dogs taken in by a wealthy family. I believe we have been dropped off on the wrong planet.

    23. gw Says:

      Wherever there is a feast, there will be parasites too.
      And so it is.

    24. Howdy Doody Says:

      Not much is mentioned, but joos having married in to almost every pioneer wealthy or self made wealthy Whites in the English speaking ex Nations. This blood sucking started big time after WW1 and especially during WW 2

      If you have a patent for example and live in one town and are known to be wealthy, one day a some public function a beautiful woma yid shows up who just happened to be traveling through town and with great creditials etc.

      So What ?

      So they want the best of our blood too, before something goes down ?

    25. David Yandell Says:

      Typical obnoxious,sanctimonious jew,contrary to all men.His double-think is astounding.He condemns the Russian Empire while praising the Russian peasant whom his fellow tribesmen slaughtered by the millions.Notice his hatred for the goyim,his true motivation.At least he was more candid than most of his ilk.

    26. passing through Says:


      Everybody can do something to resist the new world order. Each and every one individual.