18 January, 2009

Oy, Another Madoff Already?

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Milken. Boesky. Fastow. Israel. Madoff. Winnick. Frankel. Weiss. Pearlman. Is this guy part of that Yiddish club?


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  7. 22 Responses to “Oy, Another Madoff Already?”

    1. Mega Therion Says:

      But they’ll always be called “Ponzi” schemes. To name this corruption after those who ACTUALLY perpretrate these crimes would be “stereotyping”…why isn’t the Italo-American community up in arms over this?

    2. Zipzap McGee Says:

      Google shows rabbis and klezmer musicians named “Nadel”, so I’m going with: Yes, he’s one of Them.

    3. gw Says:

      Zipzap McGee Says: … “Nadel”, so I’m going with: Yes, he’s one of Them.

      Oy, indeed. I’m not one of those inclined to jump to hasty conclusions. But in this case, I’m with you .

      Arthur Nadel? Oh, yes! Probably Nadelman.
      South Florida — NY University — law school grad — real estate developer — investor fraud. All the ingredients. Most definitely! The whole profile is there.

      Also… Geoff Quisenberry. Fishy name. Uh, uh! Probably Jeff Quisenberg or something such, but anglicized. (Well, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.)

      Also… “Marcus Schrenker, an Indiana investment adviser.” Another one!

      Well, the dollar is collapsing, the US economy is going down the tubes, so they’re in haste to drain us dry and grab all they can, while they can, like in a burning house, and then get out (after we’ve made the Middle East safe for them).

      After that, they will wail forever more down through history about how they were persecuted and driven out of the USA and how much America owes them.

      Reuters: Is he Jewish? Seems like Arthur Nadel – of Scoop Management – aka the Sarasota Mini-Madoff – is on the lam. And if you are asking — yes, he is a Jew, and, “a prominent player in Sarasota’s Jewish social and philanthropic circles.” Sound familiar?

      Yes. Tiresomely so.

      “Sarasota police said they are looking into claims that Arthur Nadel, 76, defrauded investors before leaving a distraught note for his family and disappearing.

      Nadel’s wife, Peg, filed a missing person report with police on Wednesday. She told the Daily News on Saturday that she’s cooperating.

      Some reports estimated that the hedge fund was out some $350 million, but Spitler said it’s too soon to say exactly how much it was worth.

      Nadel – president of Scoop Management – graduated from New York University Law School and was a real estate developer in the 1960s. He was last seen by his wife on Jan. 14 when he left for work, cops said.

      He called his stepson, Geoff Quisenberry, and told him to go to his house where he had left a note, cops said.

      His disappearance comes a month after authorities charged Madoff, 70, with securities fraud for allegedly duping investors with a giant $50 billion Ponzi scheme.

      Earlier this week, Marcus Schrenker, an Indiana investment adviser suspected of bilking investors, was taken into custody by police in Florida, after allegedly attempting to fake his death in a plane crash.”

      Btw, I’d be very interested to know where he’s disappeared to. I mean, what country he’ll turn up in. Any guesses?

    4. BDL Says:

      I can’t wait untill OBAMA YO MAMMA starts to flip our country on it’s head and really start waking people up. It is truly amazing how obtuse the “moral majority” (if there is such a thing anymore) are about all the Jewish money grubbing.



    5. Howdy Doody Says:

      Goy ???????????????

      Was her daddy from Argentina ?

      Was he of our European Blood ?????????

    6. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      Yes, it should be given to a deserving schmuck!!

    7. Jugurtha Says:

      Is probably safely in Isreal by now.

    8. BDL Says:

      Pelosi is listed as a devout roman catholic that probably goes to the local confessional every day. She may have some jew blood in her but she is definitely shabbos goy which is worse than jew.

      Think about it! Without the shabbos goy jews would be powerless. The jews stupid rituals prevent them from steadily attacking us. It’s kind of like a tag team match of punishment and deceit

    9. KDF Says:

      Here’s another one, linked today by David Irving: Leonid “Lenny” Blavatnik, who jewed the Royal Bank of Scotland out of £2.5 billion —

      Russian tycoon ‘had RBS loan of £2.5bn written off’


      Senior Government figures are said to have been infuriated to learn that RBS was part of a group of banks that offered a £2.8billion loan to a firm owned by Oleg Deripaska, a Russian billionaire who last year hosted both Peter Mandelson and George Osborne on holiday in Corfu.

      The apparent loan to Mr Blavatnik has now brought the 51-year-old, who divides his time between America, Russia and Britain – where he resides in a £41million home in Kensington Palace Gardens –into the spotlight.

      Raised in a Jewish household, he moved from Russia to America at the age of 21 to find a new life, earning an MBA from Harvard. He regularly returned to Russia for business and founded Access Industries in 1986, making his fortune in chemicals and natural resources, including oil, aluminium and coal.

      Mr Blavatnik is a director of several companies within the Access Industries portfolio, including LyondellBasell and TNK-BP, a joint oil venture with the British energy group.

      Last year, the oligarch – referred to as Len Blavatnik in the West – was ranked as the 11th richest man in Britain, with an estimated fortune of £3.9 billion.

    10. Zipzap McGee Says:

      Re: Pelosi

      Yes, shabbos goys are a critical asset for the Other Side. Verily, they shall have their reward.

      My money says Pelosi is a crypto/marrano. She’s married to a Jew. She gave a speech saying that the proudest moment of her life was when her grandchildren learned to speak Hebrew.

    11. Zarathustra Says:

      All those Jewish swindlers have that distinctive shit-eating grin.

    12. gw Says:

      “She gave a speech saying that the proudest moment of her life was when her grandchildren learned to speak Hebrew.”

      Ooop! That does it! There you are.

      How many goy children even study Latin nowadays? (Or any foreign language.) But Hebrew?
      Uh, uh! Zero percent.

      How many schools even teach it? — except Jewish schools. Was her grandson going to a yeshiva?

      (And furthermore, learn Hebrew to what purpose? Where would he use it, unless he goes to Israel?)

    13. Mega Therion Says:

      Harry Reid is married to a Kike as well.

    14. DHS Watcher Says:

      Pelosi’s family was one of the richest JEWISH families in Argentina. You can look this up. Her being “Catholic” is along the lines of John Kerry (Kohn) being Catholic. Purely for political purposes.

    15. Z.O.G. Says:

      Nancy Pelosi is a Marrano.

      Harry Reid is married to a Jewess and is most likely a crypto himself(a Mormon Jew).

    16. Zarathustra Says:

      As I posted earlier, anyone whose biography states that they are from a “wealthy South American family” usually means they are some species of Yid.

    17. BDL Says:

      OK! Wiki says that Marrano is a secret jew. She still puts on the show at the confessional. She does have that cast-in-stone face typical to jew bitches.

    18. Krystian K. Kowalczyk Says:

      Nancy Pelosi looks like an ethnic Ashkenazi. She also has that throaty Jewish voice. Those are outward genetic markers that all of her respectable Catholic image cannot hide.

    19. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      How was copper wire invented?

    20. Zarathustra Says:

      “Cast in stone face”. He-he. Exactly! From Golda Meir to Babs Streisand, all those Yentas have it. Some even have faces that will turn dogs into stone.

    21. gw Says:

      KKK: “She also has that throaty Jewish voice. ”

      Like Leona Helmsley (née Rosenthal)

    22. BDL Says:

      TURN DOGS IN TO STONE’ HA!!! HA!!! HA!!! THATS GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!