10 January, 2009

Paleos Must Defend Israel?

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Sadly, many paleos do defend Israel, even though it isn’t a Western country and even though the Jews aren’t Western, either genetically or psychologically. (Trivia: “Judeo-Christian” is a rather new term which wasn’t in common usage until after World War II. The term was invented to make the Jews appear less alien to White Christians):


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    1. Sulla Says:


      You are not telling the whole story, Monk-Peckerhead. After they forgive their enemies, they are supposed to pray for them, and even love them! Even if the goverment doesn’t even punish them or lets them out after two years!

      Amy Biehl, Monk-Peckerhead. Her parents started a bakery and hired the apes who killed her to work in it.

      Love your enemies, and do good to them. If they repent, they become your brother in Christ.


      You are not as smart as you think, you Monk-Peckerhead.

      I will be a man, Monk-Peckerhead.

    2. Arminius Says:

      The irreparable damage Christianity does to the mental health of a normal man shows up in the posts of good Christian monk-woodworker. I see Christian teachings instilled in his brain from childhood are contradicting his nature and instincts. He would not write here, if he were not impressed by VNN. But his attempts to deflect the total failure of Christianity in the racial struggle show his dilemma.
      The sad fact is, nobody here, whatever his arguments, will be capable to correct his distorted consciousness and sub-consciousness.
      Monk-woodworker’s split soul alone (and probably whole existence) is one more convincing reason, why Christianity, its teaching, thinking, influence, the Church as an establishment in white culture has to vanish, for the benefit of the white race!

    3. gw Says:

      Although I’m not philosophically in the same camp as Monk, I must commend him for behaving better than his opponents. I respect his opinions (although I don’t agree). I believe, from the way he writes, that he would also respect mine (though he wouldn’t agree, and I wouldn’t demand it). If I had to choose between Sulla or Monk, I would chose the more reasonable, the more civilized. No need to say whom. Thank goodness, I don’t have to choose.