31 January, 2009

Race-Mixing for France’s Future

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Jewish president Nicolas Sarkozy says that French citizens should marry non-Whites for the good of France [1]. Just a few decades ago, that would have been called treason:


[1] Sarkozy has a Jewish mother, so under traditional Jewish law he is a Jew

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  7. 64 Responses to “Race-Mixing for France’s Future”

    1. Krystian K. Kowalczyk Says:

      Jim says:

      “In the last forty years, the White male has become so wimpy and brainwashed by the jewsmedia that they have lost much of their self confidence.”

      You hint at a good point: if we just had balls, we could still fix everything. Still. Even this far gone, we could still fix it. But balls are truly lacking in our people.

      “The reason why so many White women are bedding down with buck niggers is that they come across as being more “masculine” and self confident than the modern “emasculated” White man.”

      Negroes are lazy, violent, stupid, criminal and oversexed. If that is “masculinity,” I care for no part of it. It doesn’t say much for the stupid white slag that fuck those beasts that they associate such with “masculinity.” Discipline, character, health, strength and intelligence, no matter how society stigmatizes such things, are the only things one can truly call masculine.

      “Niggers, on average have higher testostrone levels and bigger dicks than White men , and their greater bestiality can be a turn on to a certain class of White women.”

      To the first point, bullshit. There is no reliable evidence that Negroes are truly so “well-endowed.”

      To the second point, you are right that certain white slag seem to be turned on by bad smell, Brillo pad hair, primitive features, and childlike brains. But such women are not the sort any sane White man would court in any case.

      “Unless the White man regains his sense of superiority, that he had a hundred years ago, the situation will get worse and worse. Niggers despise weakness and only respect strength.”

      Negroes are, and always will be, cowards. They pretend to be so macho and tough, but they are useless when they aren’t in packs. They forget that we Euros also come from a militaristic background like their Bantu ancestors – but we are also much smarter and can stand alone as individuals.

      No, it won’t be the nigs that defeat and destroy us. Only the traitors in our midst can do that.

    2. SAGE Says:

      The best writer on race is Steve Sailer. Here is his general theory on race: http://www.vdare.com/sailer/presentation.htm

      IQ testing on racial groups has been ongoing by psychometricians for a century or more. Interesting racial related IQ groupings do occur. Whites tend to have the highest G, or general intelligence, which includes high discursive verbal ability. Ashkenazi Jews tend to have the highest overall IQ (mathematical reasoning) of any grouping. North Asians have the highest spacial visual IQ’s as well as good mathematical logical reasoning, but fall about a standard deviation short in the verbal category. White Asian pairings seem to generate kids who are 5 IQ points higher than their parents, probably due to symmetry. Other racial miscegnations produce offsping that are between both parents in IQ. A mulatto on overage will be have an IQ around 90. Asians are not monolithic, where North Asians exhibit higher IQ’s than Southern. The same pattern holds for whites, where the more northern white countries have higher IQ’s. For example, Turkey has white IQ’s of 90, the racial average of the world, while the U.S. white score is 100. ‘Germany and Northern Italy run around 103-105 on average. The good thing about the white race is that it is good at everything. Athletics/Arts/Science/Invention. A fair amount of genius comes out of the white race, where other races don’t necessarily produce said genius. Smart fraction theory describes the genius cohort the white race produces, and also that of Ashkenazi’s.

      A liberal Jew is crazy by definition. For example, in South Africa, the Jews pushed for apartheid to fall. The thinking of the Jew is that he is safer in a host country when no attention is brought to bear on said Jew. If there are mulitple racial groupings, then the Jew does not stand out. Consider that Jews have been invaders in host countries for centuries, and it is easy to see why they have this behavior. Now that South Africa is imploding and there is white flight, the Jews are having to take off too. They ended up making themselves less safe. Hah, the irony!

      The Ashenazi (white European Jews) do produce genius. Their contributions cannot be denied. They have had to be sneaky in order to survive in feudal Europe, their host countries. Probably being forced into high IQ professions, like banking, forced the Ashkenazi to develop higher IQ’s out of survival. However, there was a lot of gene flow from European whites, which explains why the Ashkenazi look white, with some having blonde hair. The Ashkenazi that have returned to their Semitic homeland, Israel, now are 10 IQ points higher than the locals. There is subtle racism in Israel now, as the darker semitic Jews complain about their white Ashkenazi overlords.

    3. CW-2 Says:

      Some great postings, but the bedrock of our troubles is the jew and globalist control and monopoly of the media.

      Sure, we have a good and strengthening base in the internet but we need to diversify into any and all available niches, Finding new and subtle ways to get our message across is essential to our eventual success.

    4. Jim Says:

      Krystian: Thank you for comments on my post. You are correct that niggers are cowards and are brave only in packs I didn’t mean to inply that niggers are in reality more masculine that Whites, but only that they give that impression. As far as my comments on the size of nigger endowment, I would refer you the writings of J. Philipe Rushton.

    5. Vilhella Says:

      Why doesn’t he lead by example and marry Shimaliinga Jinga Jones Washington Carver?

    6. gw Says:

      LoveWhite Says: Diamed and zoomcopter: I appreicate your sentiments. But not all whites who miscegenate are weak; in some cases they are misguided or brainwashed but may have still other genetic qualities that are worth preserving.

      I agree with Lovewhite, above. In some cases (particularly in Europe) i have seen some of the best examples of our kind (particularly women, but even men too) thrown away, squandered, on miscegenation — a terrible loss to our gene pool. Doubtless these starry-eyed idealists had been convinced that they were doing the right thing and making this sacrifice for humanity, and for human rights, for justice, and for world peace. This illustrates the immense and terrible power of propaganda and indoctrination.

      As CW-2 said, “The bedrock of our troubles is the jew and globalist control and monopoly of the media.” Yes! That and of academia too.

    7. gw Says:

      2050 Says: I see these in America’s future:
      “tax incentives, job and housing preferences, etc.” for race mixed families.

      And I see this and much worse for those who try to keep their families racially pure.
      “Those who don’t “celebrate” diversity will be viewed with extreme suspicion — maybe even considered subversive, anti-American, people to watch.”

      Someday, we’ll probably see us not eligible for employment or maybe even imprisoned for us trying to ‘impose our racist views on our daughters’ by not intermarrying with non whites.

      I see children of whites being taken and put in ’schools’ where they’ll live…”

      So do I. It’s not farfetched! Just with this last election, we’ve taken a major step in that direction, (in effect) putting Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn in charge. Ayers has been specializing in the indoctrination of children. (Whoops! He calls it education.)

      I can foresee, for instance, in another 15 or 20 years time (ie. another generation) the criminalization of teaching certain racial thoughts to children. Maybe they will give up on us die-hard old fogies by that time, assuming we’ll soon all die off anyway. But they could make it a criminal offense to impart “racist” notions to children. The penalty could be fines, imprisonment, and most likely taking your children away from you. That threat alone would suffice for 99% of the population to make them shut their mouths and keep their private thoughts to themselves. The twentieth century has already seen regimes like this. No, it’s not farfetched at all.

    8. The Red Skull Says:

      Sarcozy is a Jew pretending to be a Frenchman,so he can call for the French People to mix themselves out of existance.Everytime they call for some bull like that,we(someone) should retort with-Why don’t you people mix with the Palestinians and make nice with them?They are calling for “Volunteers”now with his plea,how long as others have pointed out,before its required to mix with the Muds and those that don’t “MIX” will be “Suspected” as The worst human beings alive-An “Evil,Hateful,Horrible,Racist”.I read some where,don’t recall but the point was,the Jewsmedia and Thought Police have managed to change public opinion to the point that many, 50-60% consider being a “racist” to be WORSE than being a Murderer.When “Enforced Multi-Culturalism” becomes State Policy,here or in Europe,then the Sh*t is sure to hit the Fan not long after.For when THAT starts,the Trains that they storing on siderails all over the country(see youtube) will be Finally put to use.The Trains(complete with shackles) take you “Resisters” to the Nice Fema Camps they’ve built for all who don’t “go along” with the “new program”.Well,then, I guess we’ll see how much we REALLY value our Convictions,Race,Families,and Freedom to Associate with our Kind won’t we?Because at that point,the ZOGFOP will have become the exact Opposite of Aryan National Socialist Germany-a State that works to DESTROY the Founding Race and Culture,instead of preserving the Founding Race and Culture,which was the Purpose of the National Socialist Revolution.
      There has GOT To be a Point,where we as a People Somewhere,and Italy is looking probable,when we Wake Up or Die.The Awareness of our Peril is Growing,and the harder they push us against the wall,the more our people will see the light hopefully.The “Evil Empire of International Jewry” is against GOD.We are GODS finest creation,(Human wise)so lets hope Big G takes a hand on our side because the Jews have stacked the deck hard against US.

    9. gw Says:

      I read some where,don’t recall but the point was,the Jewsmedia and Thought Police have managed to change public opinion to the point that many, 50-60% consider being a “racist” to be WORSE than being a Murderer.”

      A friend of mine, who is a Southerner, posts frequently on a Tennessee newspaper site. He tells me, repeatedly, that he is absolutely amazed at how left-wing, pro-miscegenation/integration those people are. They HATE “racists” (like him). All this has come about in the space of a generation! A complete reversal, a transformation.

      It’s hard to believe that just thirty years ago, these were the normal, commonly accepted views of their grandparents and just everybody. Now, if you believe in segregation, you are beyond the pale. An evil racist! What easily manipulated saps these simpletons are!

    10. The Red Skull Says:

      The Reversal of Attitude has come about through complete Yiddish/NWO control of our popular media and culture.Music,movies,press,peer pressure,TV,all that =Brainwashed White Goyim.I see unfortunately,all too many “white” kids looking,acting,and talking like Niggers all the time.In the Battle for keeping our Youth Free from the Degrading Influences of Big Jew,we are losing bad.We don’t even have to mix with the Muds to be Culturally wiped out.That there are few or no positive White role-models is a serious problem and the Jews go out of their way to make White Males look bad.Somehow,we must counter with the fact that “Diversity” = “Racial and Cultural Suicide”,which it does.Why can’t the masses compute?Lolled into a false sense of reality by ZOGFOPPROP.If we can, or calamity of some type can change a large enough percentage of our peoples minds,then we will break the shackles of servitude we now wear.Racial Reality Caving in on the Sleeping Ones like a Ton O’ Bricks is their only hope.End of Line.

      PS-for newbies and others,Z.O.G.F.O.P.PROP is short for Zionist Occupational Government Foreign(or Federal) Oppressive Power PROP-aganda.ZOGFOPPROP-whats on TV 99% percent of the time, and the entire controlled media apparatus.


    11. Zarathustra Says:

      Tina the Trollop says:

      ” Afterall, long time ago weak members of our race died, and the strongest survived.”


    12. Janet Says:

      If any of you read the Turner Diaries – it mentions in that book that race mixing was encouraged by the government and that government was giving tax breaks to racially mixed couples.

    13. Ben Says:

      The younger generation keeps getting worse. To suggest that they’re just “weak” members of our race is utter horse shit. They’re being brainwashed with an intensity that probably none of us could even conceive of. I live in the Arklatex region of the U.S. (East Texas). Around here it’s rare to encounter any young person that’s racially conscious. Most listen to hip hop and rap and come from broken families. That goes for the ones who have parents who are “white collar” as well as “blue collar”. I’m starting to think that there’s a very high probability that whites will be non-existent long before this century is over.

    14. Bob Bregin Says:

      I really do think that race-mixing is as much a racial issue as a socioeconomic issue. I live in Chicago and race mixing is pretty rare here. Whites are fairly sophisticated and won’t be with someone who can’t provide financially. I mean really, this is a huge metro area and you can walk into a bar downtown……only a handful of blacks visible.
      Other parts of Illinois are an absolute disaster though. PLaces like Rockford, Peoria, Decatur, race mixing is very common. Whites there have much lower levels of income so blacks and whites are on a much more level footing.
      Hispanics are a different issue all together, but they’re becoming increasingly segregated into very specific low-income suburbs.
      I really son’t think that whites will disappear in the USA. I think we’re going more the way of Brazil. A huge mixed-race group at the bottom and a predominantly white upper class. 50-50