14 January, 2009

Racial Fitness and Survival

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by Dr. William Pierce.


During the last several weeks I’ve talked with you about interracial crimes committed against our people which have been covered up deliberately by the controlled news media so that the Jewish media bosses can more easily maintain their deception that so-called ‘hate crime’ is primarily a matter of heterosexual White males preying on non-Whites, homosexuals, and members of other officially favored groups, and therefore we need to abolish the Bill of Rights so that everyone will be safe and comfortable. The crimes I have specifically called to your attention — for example, the Wichita massacre and the abduction, rape, and murder of Vickie McGraw in Shreveport last month — are crimes of such nature that by any objective standard they merit national news coverage, but instead of reporting these crimes, the media have covered them up, and from this fact I have drawn conclusions about the motivations of the media bosses.”

The rest is [Here]. (For the audio version, go [Here] and scroll down to 01-27-2001).

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  7. 12 Responses to “Racial Fitness and Survival”

    1. CW-2 Says:

      Another masterly analysis by Dr. Pierce. The last paragraph is most important: “the whole war for racial survival is between us and the jews.”

      Indeed, the jew and his globalist allies have quite an armoury; negroes, turd world immigration, communism, femminism et. al., arranged against us, but their most potent weapon is psychological.

      They are working 24/7 trying to convince us we cannot win and that our efforts are in vain. It has come to us to prove them wrong.

    2. Zarathustra Says:

      Another briliant, magisterial analysis by Dr. Pierce. But there’s a big problem: Politics usually attracts the worst, most venal people imaginable, namely, parasites, perverts, liars, crooks and sell-outs. Most honest, decent, hardworking people have no interest in such a shameful profession like politics, so any future White Aryan Republic will have to deal with how to find and keep consistently excellent rulers.

      Also, if this theoretical Republic is to survive, the Jews will have to be done away with permanently. If they are simply shooed away for a few generations, the people will forget how bad the Jews were and eventually let them back in.

    3. Diamed Says:

      William Luther Pierce is so intelligent, so erudite, so persuasive, that anyone else following after looks like a clown.

      I agree with everything he said in this article. How often can people say that?

    4. old_dutch Says:

      A good leaders’ legacy is the leaders he leaves behind.

    5. Zarathustra Says:

      If that’s the case, Old_Dutch, then neither Der Fuhrer nor Dr. Pierce have much of a legacy, I’m afraid. Neither one of them left behind any great leader to carry on his vital work.

    6. CW-2 Says:

      The work of great men often has a long gestation period before the world sees and appreciates its full flowering.

    7. ein Says:

      Zarathustra Says: “If that’s the case, Old_Dutch, then neither Der Fuhrer nor Dr. Pierce have much of a legacy, I’m afraid.”

      I was thinking the same, yesterday, but did not want to say it. Alas.
      Let’s hope Dr. MacDonald has a protege in the wings, somewhere.

    8. The Red Skull Says:

      Once again-another masterly analysis from Dr. P.Why are great men like him only truly appreciated after their demise?I think the Jewsmedia knows that to alert Whites to all the violence and aggression against them is to help wake them up.And Big Jew wants Whites to stay fast asleep as they march to their destruction.The only way a driver about to go over a cliff or off the road can prevent it is to wake up.The White Race is still snoring,headed for the cliff.Will they wake up in time?

    9. Socrates Says:

      The Red Skull Says: “Once again-another masterly analysis from Dr. P. Why are great men like him only truly appreciated after their demise?”

      You are very right. When Pierce was alive, I took him for granted. It was only after he died that I realized how very important his ideas were. He had a unique ability to take any news story and boil it down to two or three easy-to-understand paragraphs. With each American Dissident Voices broadcast/essay, there was an easy-to-grasp message, always involving the Jews. (Why do you think I began William Pierce Wednesday? :-) ).

    10. gw Says:

      “Big Jew wants Whites to stay fast asleep as they march to their destruction. The only way a driver about to go over a cliff can prevent it is to wake up. The White Race is still snoring,headed for the cliff.”

      So true! We here are doing our best.

      Problem is: most whites don’t WANT to wake up. They want to continue dreaming.

    11. Junghans Says:

      Most whites are wilfully ignorant about most vital issues. Wilful is the key word here, and it can’t be repeated often enough. Whites are, of course, also very politically immature, financially clueless, and race stupid. That’s the dilemma of the racially aware; how to save a wilfully ignorant people from themselves.

    12. gw Says:

      “Most whites are wilfully ignorant. Whites are, of course, also very politically immature, financially clueless, and race stupid.”

      This is true — especially for Americans, I’m afraid. (It’s alright. I can say it. I’m one too.) That certainly was the view of Knut Hamsun, Norway’s greatest but forgotten novelist, who lived and traveled in America for some years while a young man (was even a streetcar conductor in Chicago). He concluded that America was like a baby giant — ignorant, well-meaning, but very strong, and dangerous because of its strength. This clumsy baby giant had to be handled with great care. It did not understand the complicated world it was living in. It had to be pacified, humored, cajoled….and treated warily.

      That’s still the case today, I think. Are we any wiser that we were? Are we grown up yet? Well, just look at the results of our last election for the answer. And look at the several elections before THAT! Where’s the impovement? We’ve gone gone from bad to worse to even worse still.

      Read the story of Hamsun. He was Norway’s most famous author of the Twentieth Century. He had received the Nobel Prize for literature, became rich and famous, was adored in Norway, celebrated world-wide, and was widely hailed as one of the greatest writers of the century He was regarded as “the father of modern liberature” and called “Norway’s soul”. He enjoyed “immense popularity in Norway and around the world.”

      Then things changed. He took the “wrong” side in WW2. Unlike many fashionable “intellectuals” of the era, he disliked the Soviet Union. This resulted in his ostracism. He was opposed to Churchill and Stalin (nothing about Roosevelt). Big mistake! But worst sin of all, he was supportive of a certain Mr. H, calling him a “warrior for mankind”.

      After the war – at the age of 86 – he was virtually crucified, dishonored, disgraced, and reviled in Norway. He was arrested and charged with treason. He was held in custody. His wife (Marie Andersen, an actress) was interrogated on intimate details about their marriage and sexual life. She was imprisoned and sentenced to three years at hard labor. In 1947 Hamsun was brought to trial and fined for his opinions, but he was judged “permantly mentally impaired” and (like Ezra Pound) was placed in an insane asylum in lieu of a conviction (it would have been awkward to execute a 86-year-old Nobel Prize winner — easier to say he was just crazy). Ignoring the advice of counsel, he refused to pretend that he was senile and showed no remorse.

      Hamsun’s books were publicly burned in major Norwegian cities. He was fined heavily and stripped of the greater part of his fortune in 1947 and in ’48, but he remained adamast in defense of his beliefs. He died at 92, financially broken, but still unyielding. Today, hardly anyone reads the works of Hamsun. He’s all but forgotten even in his own country. A nonentity. The price of going against Those Who Control Things.

      Nowadays, African and Central American writers regularly receive the Nobel Prize and their works are praised to the heavens as examples of genius, while Hamsun’s name and memory languish in neglect.