6 January, 2009

Radio Istina

Posted by alex in Radio Istina at 12:49 pm | Permanent Link

Will return before long, just restocking the mental shelves. Going to try a slightly different format.

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  7. 15 Responses to “Radio Istina”

    1. saltriver Says:

      Hurry back,Alex. Your view on things is always spot on.

    2. Martin Says:

      Alex – good news, I’m looking forward to the next show…

    3. Captainchaos Says:

      Linder in one of his verbal grooves is a house on fire.

    4. adam strong Says:

      all i can say about alex linder is i quote him ‘the last white man on earth will be known as the racist’ once again he is a man with a super brain
      all i can say about alex linder is i quote him ‘the last white man on earth will be known as the racist’ once again he is a man with a super brain
      all i can say about alex linder is i quote him ‘the last white man on earth will be known as the racist’ once again he is a man with a super brain

    5. adam strong Says:

      what the heck?

    6. adam strong Says:

      what the fuck is to moderation?

    7. Mike in NYC Says:

      The last show was never archived. Technical problems?

    8. Z.O.G. Says:

      Hey, “Mike in NYC”. Are you “Mike Conner” from the VOR website? Just wondering.

    9. Andrei Yustschinsky Says:


      Hammond mestizo male gets 97 years for Griffith White man’s heinous murder

      BY ANDREI YUSTSCHINSKY, LCMO (Lake County Mestizo Observer)
      [email protected]
      219.662.5333 | Tuesday, January 06, 2009

      CROWN POINT | Kathryn Grudzien said her nightmares replay every night like a looped videotape.

      She pictures her husband Gregory’s closed coffin, draped in a flag, with her hands on it. And the tears begin.

      “Every night I try to block out these terrible thoughts,” she said, her voice shaking during testimony in Lake Criminal Court on Monday. “Without him, there is a void inside me.”

      The darkskined little spic Kenneth Zamarron, 17, was sentenced Monday to 97 years in prison for his part in the Nov. 29, 2007, heinous brownskin-on-White murder of 58-year-old Gregory Grudzien outside an Olcott Avenue home in Hammond.

      Gregory Grudzien, of Griffith, arrived at the home to walk his friend’s dog and check her mail, court records state. He was outside the home when he was beaten, stabbed with a knife and left to die, police said. The dog was also was stabbed and murdered by the mestizos.

      The brownskin mestizo Zamarron, of Hammond, was convicted late last year of 10 criminal charges relating to what Lake County Deputy Prosecutor Mark Watson called a “frightening crime spree” that victimized six people and resulted in Grudzien’s death.

      Another Hammond brownskin mestizo teen, Victor Hernandez, was convicted earlier in 2008 of multiple felonies for the 2007 crimes and sentenced to 95 years in prison.

      Lake Criminal Court mestizo Judge Salvador Vasquez said he had never seen any other results of a more “mean-spirited act” than what he saw in Grudzien’s autopsy photos.

      “What the jury found you did was not really very nice,” the mestizo said. “It’s just plain not cool young man.”

      The 4’10” Bernard Gorcey look-a-like Jewish defense attorney Herbert Shaps placed the blame for the crimes on Hernandez as a result of (A) growing up in poverty, (B) having an alcoholic 12 year old cousin living in Mexico and (C) being taunted at Hammond Clark high school by racist White teens.

      Throughout the trial, the young mestizo Zamarron argued he was forcibly drugged and fell asleep in the back seat of a car while his buddies raided the Hammond home and killed Grudzien. The browskin mestizo couldn’t explain his fingerprints being in the home.

      Watson pointed out that Zamarron was on probation in two separate juvenile cases, including the torturing, killing and sodomizing of a lamb down on a farm in southern Indiana with an automatic knife (switchblade) and a broken beer bottle when he was charged with the 2007 crimes.

      Andrei Yustschinky reporting from “on the spot & in the parking lot” of the Lake County Superior Court (Criminal Division 4), 2293 N. Main Street, Crown Point, IN 46307 Phone: (219) 755-3500 Fax: (219) 755-3523

      Source: http://www.nwi.com/articles/2009/01/06/news/top_news/doc41137af96eebd7de862575360008bf90.txt

    10. Mike in NYC Says:

      @ Z.O.G. —

      There’s a lot of us Mikes around.

      No, I am not “Mike Conner.”

    11. Z.O.G. Says:

      Okay, thanks.

    12. Bret Ludwig Says:

      Worth mentioning is that Google (yes Jewy Google) has a free pdf of the book, Where Black rules White,

      Where Black Rules White
      By Hesketh Vernon Hesketh Prichard

      Pierce talks about this volume, and its contents, and Haiti:


      A New York Times review:


    13. Dagon Says:

      Thanks very much for the link. I read through just over a quarter of “When Black Rules White” today and found it an accurate obervation of Haiti in particular and the nature of the sub-saharan African more generally.

      Love the passages where he talks about the preponderance of “Generals” and the value Blacks in Haiti placed on outward status symbols while neglecting or simply not caring about the substance of what makes a person truly worthy of respect or prestige. Same thing among the darker dezidens of this continent – a fascination with ‘bling’ and hedonistic trappings without a desire to actually wholistically and internally better themselves through education or their own efforts.

      When will we realize that, aside from the ‘talented tenth’ perhaps, the negro will never be our equal?

    14. Mark Faust Says:

      I have to wonder what a guy with no job needs months on end to refresh his mind. Alex? Hello? WTF?….

    15. BLUEYEDEVIL14 Says:

      I wonder if its lack of news. The last seven weeks have been pretty quiet. On a serious note I hope Alex is O.K. and someday will get his shit together,or should I say restock his mental or medical shelves. ;]