24 January, 2009

Store Criticized for Keeping Products for Blacks Behind Glass

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More nappy hair for Canada [1]:


[1] nappy = not straight

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  7. 8 Responses to “Store Criticized for Keeping Products for Blacks Behind Glass”

    1. Zarathustra Says:

      First of all, WHY are there niggers in Nova Scotia?????? And did you read those politically-correct comments from all those douchebags? I left a comment of my own on that site, but I strongly doubt it will get published. After all, Canada is a “democracy” that values human rights, including the right of free expression and free thought. Bullshit.

    2. -jc Says:

      Modern integrated computerized retail accounting systems track what’s sold, what’s stolen (“shrinkage”), and what’s not.

      Many grocery and drug stores lock-up the vodka and cognac and have done so for years.

    3. gw Says:

      Canada is a “democracy” that values human rights, including the right of free expression and free thought— EXCEPT YOURS, if you disagree with them!

      That’s the way it goes in the Peoples’ Democratic Republic of Canada.

      (Soon to be the Islamic Republic of Canada)

    4. S.U.N. Says:

      Yo! Fo nappy hair rememba dat picture of dat smiley brotha carryin dat case of free Heinekens as Katrina flooded New Orleans. Democracy sez nigs have the right to shoplift too even unda duress.

    5. Arch Stanton Says:

      Obviously this is yet another irrational action based only on the racial prejudice of the white man; after all why else would they keep these products uder lock and key? Surely it could not have anything to do with the Negro’s propensity towards thievery. I can’t remember the last time I saw a Negro on Television steal anything from anyone. In fact the Television proves that Negroes are absolute paragons of honest, intelligent virtue whose only goal is to love, honor and help all brothers, no matter their racial origin. So what else could it be but irrational hatred and bigotry on the part of the white man to suppress the Negro by allowing their hair to grow wild and dirty. Perhaps now that American’s have a shining Negro Messiah to lead them into the promised land of multicultural strength and diversity, they will not be subject to such irrtaional acts of hateful bigotry.

      (End Jewish script)

    6. rastajoe Says:

      Me needs dat shit fer me dreads yo.
      Lek me see, how I get that shit in dat case? Now whiteboy make me rob a mufukka, so I can buy it legit.

    7. Coup d'Etat Says:

      I think everything should be locked up including the Negroes. The jews behind the CBC media need more practice pushing the propaganda button. They may eventually get lucky and have everyone reading their racists articles get the plot.

    8. ArchAngel Says:

      These stores don’t stock this stuff as bait, for the purpose of attracting negro customers. Their plan is to sell it to make some meager profit. Allowing it to be stolen does not help them in this cause. They don’t lock the stuff up to insult anyone. They lock it up so that they can sell it. Race prejudice doesn’t enter into this at all. If you want to see the reality of this situation, visit a store in a hard core black community. Everything is locked away behind some window or grate. The store chain in question would probably be better off not courting the business of negroes altogether. When they’re not stealing merchandise, they’re bringing it back, half used, and demanding their money back. That is, assuming they didn’t use a stolen credit card to pay for the items in the first place.