12 January, 2009

UK: White Prince Apologizes

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It’s hard to believe: in just half a century, Whites have gone from ruling the world to apologizing to muds at every turn:


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  7. 30 Responses to “UK: White Prince Apologizes”

    1. Zarathustra Says:

      Dirty, smelly, ugly little heathen Pakis and ragheads. Guess what, I’M NOT APPOLOGIZING FOR THAT STATEMENT.

    2. -jc Says:

      [Harry] is heavily involved in a charity in Lesotho to support children orphaned by AIDS.

      And his father thinks he should apologize to the Pakistani people.

      The monarchy, while wealthy, are nothing but figureheads, like the President of the United States, and do what they’re told.

    3. Z.O.G. Says:

      Dirty, smelly, ugly little heathen Pakis and ragheads. Guess what, I’M NOT APPOLOGIZING FOR THAT STATEMENT.

      HATE CRIME!!!

      LOL :-D

    4. exalted grand-master oberführer double diamond jim! Says:

      pity he didn’t show some cajones! & tell the lot of them “where to go”…..sumthin’ along the lines of: FUCK you! FUCK the jews! FUCK the niggaz!….Hitler was right…..you don’t like that?……THEN EAT SHIT & DIE, u fckn ZOG maggots! SIEG HEIL!

    5. Susan Says:

      The thing about Harry is that he’s shown, more than any other royal, that he’s got an independent streak. Poor guy, though, as he’s trapped in a world where he has to do what he’s told. Too bad he doesn’t have the balls to tell them all to go to hell and let it rip.

      I just heard, as I’m sitting here writing this, on the local radio station a story about this. The reporter quoted some guy who is responsible for keeping the royals in line “this comment undermines the military’s attempt to root out racism in our ranks”. Uh huh.

      As I pointed out on the Phora, people who depend upon the jewmedia to give them print space for their exploits, etc., will never go against that same jewmedia. And when they slip up, and let something get out that is deemed “offensive” by the jewmedia and their ilk, they will issue the obligatory apology. Instead of having some integrity and honor, they just buckle under and take the coward’s way out.

      F them all.

    6. Susan Says:

      To exalted: Yeah, that would work. ha!

    7. Z.O.G. Says:

      I’m reporting all of you to Abraham Fuxman.


    8. Zarathustra Says:

      I like how that hog-faced Heeb Foxman is trying to strike a thoughtful, sophisticated pose in the above photo. But he’d look much better in a striped pajama uniform with a yellow Star of David stitched on it.

    9. shabbos s. shabazz Says:


    10. Mark Says:

      The problem with independent-minded whites, like Harry, is that they have a majority of other whites around them telling them to conform. They have no support, the masses are against them, so they must concede or risk being a pariah among the white herd who find what Jews and the controlled media say as meaningful and the standard of behavior.

    11. Zarathustra Says:

      Brenda Lee? Someone is showing his age!

    12. Zarathustra Says:

      Prince Harry’s extemely mild comments and actions (like the swastika armband thing) would have gone un-noticed just a few decades ago. Remember when Keith Moon used to dress up in Nazi regalia and everyone thought it was cool (Oops, now who’s showing his age)?

    13. gw Says:

      e problem with independent-minded whites, like Harry, is … ”

      I don’t know how “independent-minded” he is. Probably not much.
      My impression is that he is just an empty head and a loose tongue
      with no clear ideas on the subject.

      Does he have a philosophical position on this? Has he done some studying? Does he know whereof he speaks? If so, he would stand his ground, not just back down and grovel (the usual thing).

    14. CW-2 Says:

      People of the jewK wake up; pakis, ragheads, turds and all the rest of that ‘enriching’ multiculti crew want to kill you and take your land and if possible your women too.

      Sew your balls back on!

    15. Luek Says:

      White Britons are an indigenous people. They have occupied their island nation since the last Ice Age. Why don’t they just dump the goddamned niggers and other non-whites and clean up their homeland?

      Britain had been a White country until right after the end of WW2 when the government stupidly opened up Britain to immigration from the 3rd world to alleviate a temporary post war labor shortage. What a way to sell your country’s soul!

      Lead the way Britain! To restoring a White Europe! Humanity demands you do it!

    16. Captainchaos Says:

      This goes to show our people still have sound racial instincts; it is merely suppressed by the system. The vast majority of Whites don’t engage in miscegenation and move out when non-Whites move into their neighborhoods. The worse things get the more of our people will wake up. And when a critical mass of them do then we can get something done.

    17. Marwinsing Says:

      Ja, ol’ Harry gets a stiffy from this howling tosser. Whitey’s new God is The Nigger and I find that real sad, knowing that 99.9999999% of MY White Race is totally brainwashed beyond redemption, screwed in the head and cursed to a thousand eternities in Hell. Sob.

      “You go Harry ol’ chap! Nice one son!”

    18. Zarathustra Says:

      It’s not all bad news for Whitey…… I just heard a report on NPR that said the despite years of Allied/Jew brainwashing, the German people are still unwilling to accept non-Whites and mixed-breeds as real German citizens. Apparently, there is quite a bit of hostility towards Turks, Negroes and assorted other untermenschen living in Germany, even if they were born and raised there. Naturally, the NPR reporter, Silvia Pajoli, was extremely upset about this situation.

      AUSLANDER RAUS!!!!!!!!!!

    19. Marwinsing Says:

      “Good news! Yayy!!” (thanks for that one Zara)

    20. gb Says:

      “The problem with independent-minded whites, like Harry, is that they have a majority of other whites around them telling them to conform. They have no support, the masses are against them, so they must concede or risk being a pariah among the white herd who find what Jews and the controlled media say as meaningful and the standard of behavior.”–Mark

      And you have hit the mark. Cults operate this way. What is left of the white world, the jews control through repetition with the media and use fear and numbers (schools, work, family)to force dissenters to recant. Women (not all of course) and children are especially suseptable. They form heavy leverage against the dissenter man inturn. And, like cults, it gets more grotesque as it goes onward. They also like fear fear fear (war, crime ect) on the tv to consolidate the group. Sick.

    21. Z.O.G. Says:

      You guys are making Abe very angry!


    22. Arminius Says:

      What Harry casually said, seems to reflect what is actually thought and said internally in British upper society.
      It can also be safely assumed that the majority of white Britons felt somewhat elated by Harry’s slip.
      The anxiety of the Britain’s real rulers to lose their grip is revealed by their fury about such trifle.
      Yes, “racism” is boiling everywhere, it takes all efforts to hold down the lid on the kettle.

    23. Justin Huber Says:

      I wonder if Prince Harry, much like Mel Gibson, will now be forced to go into rehab. Apologizing isn’t enough anymore for these multiculturist douchebags, now you have to go to rehab. After that, Harry will have to make the obligatory appearance on Oprah to atone for his sins.

    24. Marwinsing Says:

      *lol* re: Foxman. A picture normally says a thousand words, but that one only says three: “I hate goyim!” (no sorry – he loves goyim – otherwise he’d be out of a job)

    25. Chakatika Says:

      It’s always Whitey who has to apologise. Even when the term ‘Paki’ is not derogatory! Although the Pakis are hyper-sensitive about being offended, when have you ever heard one apologise?

    26. Anty Ep Says:

      Harry is not a “Briton.” Britons are — were — Celts. Harry is a German by ancestry. He is a Hanoverian.

      Likewise Harry is no “Arturus rex quondam et futuram.”

      This story is sad and pathetic. Harry will learn though, we hold out some hope for him.

    27. Tina Carter Says:


      You’re either Jew, or non-white. No normal European/White would justify or even defend “Royal family” of “England”.

      They have more then any other family have done everything to destory European people. They started the war in South African, which killed million of Boers, then weakened Russian empire which paved the way for communism.

      Read the damn histroy — if you are white, which I seriously doubt.

    28. Tina Carter Says:

      One more thing I’d like to add, I am quite sure “Pakis” are hate us because of our support of Israel. Rest they would’t care at all. For that we not only need to apologized them but also to our own race — we had no right to wage wars for Jews in Middle-East.

    29. gw Says:

      Ms. Carter, I was unable to find Zara’s post in which he “defended the royal family of England”. Where did you find that, when I couldn’t? Please show us.

      Anyway, and completely regardless, any Englishman would normally do so. And I assume that he’s English, since he has said that he grew up there. From your own bad English, it’s equally clear that you did not! Where are you from? No English-speaking land, certainly. Who are you to be calling posters here non-white? If anyone’s a troll, it’s YOU.

    30. gw Says:

      “Harry is a German by ancestry. He is a Hanoverian.”

      Having taken on one, I might as well take on another.

      No. Prince Harry, while partly German, is not a Hanoverian. He is of the house of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, which is presently styled (and legally changed to) “House of Windsor”. His surname is Mountbatten-Windsor.

      The last Hannoverian monarch (until 1901), was Queen Victoria.

      Of course, Harry is fully English on the side of his mother, a Spencer.