27 February, 2009

Ban the Book! (Actually, I liked it better when it was Ban the Bra!)

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by Arch Stanton.

Take a look at the following article: [Here].

I am rather speechless over the new law banning children’s books printed before 1985. I don’t know what to say. Instead I’ll just write a few lines that come to mind. The jews have always known the key to controlling a culture and its people is through its children, they have stated so in various publications including the Communist Manifesto. After all, look at the Young Pioneers of the old communist regime, a regime that took control of the children before they were out of the nursery. In America they use children as a two-edged sword. Here they frequently use the issue of child pornography in their attempts to control the internet and prevent any form of normal interaction between children and adults. Thanks to jews, their laws and their media, the first concern when working with children is not the education or welfare of the children, but one’s own safety. That fear has eliminated much of what used to be educational contact for children with the adults of their own race. Today there must be two or more adults present when dealing with children and the suspicion factor pretty well prevents those adults from speaking their minds to children. Can you imagine what would happen if a revisionist tried telling the children the truth about the Hollowhoax with another adult present? See how well the law works in the jew’s favor? What is left is almost constant contact with Talmudvision that brims over with healthy children’s programs like Beavis and Butthead, South Park and that all time favorite Jackass. Is it any wonder American families are dysfunctional?

In America the first cry that is always heard when promoting anti-white issues or legislation is, “Oy Vey! Ve must save the children first, at all costs ve must save the children!” And the lemmings follow right along, never realizing the huge loss they will suffer in their attempts to save the children from what is largely a non-issue. Like any issue related to firearms or alcohol, every issue trotted out to save the children is vastly overblown in scope. If they really were so intent on saving the children, one would think the first step is to stop the thousands of abortions that happen every year; yet these once illegal procedures have been made perfectly legal. In fact anyone who thinks back a bit will remember the jews working just as tirelessly at pro-choice abortion “rights” as they have at saving the children from internet pornographers. Does anyone find any hypocrisy in such Janis-faced efforts? Now if you want to see some really gruesome pornography, go take a look at the photos of partial-birth abortion. And to think the laws legalizing abortion came from the same jews now working overtime to expose the pedophiles in the Catholic priesthood! Wait a minute, aren’t Catholics dead set against legalized abortion? And what about all those children being slaughtered by jews in Gaza and other Middle Eastern countries, why aren’t they being saved? Could it be because they aren’t worth a single jewish fingernail? Let me guess, white gentile children are worth a single jewish fingernail, which is the reason so many abortion doctors are jewish? Gosh, one simply can’t help but wonder how many jewish girls have abortions at the hands of jewish doctors. Take a look at those photos again and ask yourself who is more the criminal, the jewish abortion doctor murdering white children or the Catholic priest diddling them? Trick question, I left out the Rebbes.

It’s funny how no one considers South Park’s walking, talking, fecal matter to be pornographic, nor any of the overtly sexual programming on TV; yet the danger of child porn on the internet is so horrendous that it must be quelled at all costs, including the freedom to read what you want about the Hollowhoax. It’s also funny how no one bothers to look at the women and child sex slavery business openly conducted in Israel . Nor is any attention paid to the Rebbes who diddle little boys every bit as often as any Catholic priest. I mean get real – doesn’t anyone know what a Mohel is and what they suck? But wait, my bad, these are religious men so that makes it ok. But wait, aren’t Catholic priests religious men, too? Maybe they should take a hint from the jews and invent some religious ceremony that features sexual contact with young children. And what about those Rebbes who must wash their hands before touching those little girls who are beyond the age of three? (It’s a Levitical thing – you goyim wouldn’t understand). Oh sweet Jesus, now I’m all confused. Then there are those spawn-of-the-devil jews who strangle gentile children during the sex acts to make their highly-profitable snuff flicks and no one cares, but yet find a pedophile trolling for underage girls on the internet and all the stops must be pulled to prevent a potentially horrible crime.

It appears that what is sexually fulfilling for the goose is criminal for the gander. First off I do not condone the use of children for anything – we’re talking innocent human beings here. Call me old fashioned, but for damn sure I don’t condone jews using pre-pubescent gentile girls like Jon Benét Patricia Ramsey for their little miss beauty pageants or for their magazine layouts featuring little girls made up like little sluts. To my mind, that is every bit as pornographic as any other form of visual material for which they arrest people. Again, you don’t use children – period. And that includes using children as a foil to pass freedom-robbing legislation. But I digress, as I remember the subject was about saving children by banning children’s books printed before 1985. Note the harsh penalties that far exceed any potential crime. How jewish of them – you should see the Talmudic penalties for infractions against god’s laws; in fact you can at comeandhear.com. Obviously they really don’t care about protecting children half as much as they care about banning certain books that slow or diffuse their programming efforts. That is why they impose such harsh penalties for non-crimes; saving the people and their children from injury isn’t nearly as important as terrorizing the masses into submission. After which they can be dumbed-down to the level of a barnyard animal. Well, it certainly is a beautiful day out, I think I’ll go for a walk and clear my mind.

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  7. 22 Responses to “Ban the Book! (Actually, I liked it better when it was Ban the Bra!)”

    1. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      There are many variantz of lead poisoning. . .

    2. Shamus Says:

      Wouldn’t it be possible to just transfer the contents of these books into an electronic format, thus preserving them forever? They could be reprinted on demand, uploaded to the internet, available for free download…this is already happening.

      No big deal if the original print runs of these books are “banned” for specious reasons, as long as there are committed bibliophiles willing to transfer the contents electronically. Someone should set up a special WN “book preservation” project to electronically scan and transfer politically incorrect classics.

    3. Zarathustra Says:

      This new law is so stupid, absurd and un-enforceable that I doubt many older children’s books will be destroyed. What would ZOG have to fear form pre-1985 editions of Green Eggs and Ham or The Little Engine that Could? Hardly subversive or pornographic material, IMO. It’s just more feel-good Federal meddling, not some sinister attempt to erase the past.

      Now, ordering the destruction of all copies of Der Giftpilz? That would be another story……………

    4. Reck Says:

      Shouldn’t we be thinking instead about protecting our kids from the government!

    5. exalted grand-master oberführer double diamond jim! Says:

      how ironic that the jews, the biggest “child molesters” in history, constantly accuse white men, from Catholic priests to teachers to doctors to lawyers to the ordinary, middle-class and lower middle-class, of being what they them-selves are!

      call your enemy what you are; accuse your enemy of what you do! ……… judæo-marxism @ its finest!

    6. Futurist Joe Says:

      “First off I do not condone the use of children for anything – we’re talking innocent human beings here. ”

      Innocence is a non Jewish disease to be gotten rid of with a smirking helping hand as soon as possible – don’t you know? I guess that’s what they believe… That’s what I’ve gotten out of interacting with them over the years.

      You can start seeing values in later elementary school books given to kids and I think they are still considered children’s books. It depends on what you mean by Children.

      Green Eggs and Ham level books don’t seem possible to me to contain pro or anti gay ideology. But maybe the replacement book with a gay man as the hero taught by a Jewish Elementary school teacher would make me think twice about that. You confiscate the classics and the field is clear to seed and plow anything else.

      Maybe the “Whos in Whoville” become more hawked nosed and live a beautiful socialist life not called that and the now Errol Flynnish looking “Grinch” who has a change of heart is a white cartoon in the replacement stories that are offered? Look at the Movie Independence Day for ideas… Must have had a checklist for that one and can come up with one for children’s books too if the classics are removed.

      In truth I expect Dr Seuss will be republished on whatever ink system the law wants. But how about the thousands of others that somebody’s mom grew up with that are not
      printed now but still don’t have the New thinking buried in them? This would clear them out of every school and public library reading room for kids. Probably the point. A big dumpster out back and a week later it’s only the approved books that kids look at on a Saturday afternoon in a public communal setting.

    7. Lee Luttrell Says:

      If you really care about your kid, he wouldn’t be in the public educational system.

    8. Greg Kay Says:

      Shamus is right; these books should be or transcribed and made available electronically. The only issue that arises — especially if somone like Vanguard does it — is copyright. If it’s done as an organization, it will give the Jews a stick to beat you with, and Shylock will try to sue you into submission. While I can’t recommend doing anything illegal, of course, you’re probably aware that thousands of people are making .pdf files of all sorts of books available anonymously as bit torrent files on file sharing sites like Demoniod and Torrentbox. Also, some of the older books are, in fact, out of copyright, and can be found at the Gutenburg Project, and can be reprinted by anyone; a potentially good money raising idea for White Nationalists…

    9. Coup d'Etat Says:

      “The problem is the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (CPSIA), passed by Congress last summer after the panic over lead paint on toys from China. Among its other provisions, CPSIA imposed tough new limits on lead in any products intended for use by children aged 12 or under, and made those limits retroactive: that is, goods manufactured before the law passed cannot be sold on the used market (even in garage sales or on eBay) if they don’t conform. The law has hit thrift stores particularly hard, since many children’s products have long included lead-containing (if harmless) components: zippers, snaps, and clasps on garments and backpacks; skateboards, bicycles, and countless other products containing metal alloy; rhinestones and beads in decorations; and so forth.”

      The truth about the lead problem was only just recent. It’s funny they are making this law retroactive. Sounds to me the jews are trying to cover their butts from massive lawsuits in addition to hiding the fact they want control over any books published before 1985 and control over other things. No different than the control over WWII Nazi paintings. They will sell these items for a higher price and not be charged for a crime. Anyway they can make more money, they will find it.

      It’s no news the jews are manufacturing their products in China and since China doesn’t have laws like we do what a great, sneaky way for the jews to poison children.

      “Oy Vey! We have to protect our money. We can’t be sued by parents of children who were poisoned by our lead products. We have to come up with some plan to protect us. Oh Gawd!” says the parasitic jew.

    10. Blightblingdouche Says:

      There’s more than one way to skin a rat.

    11. ol geezer Says:

      shall make no law but they will make a new law because the kids might eat-em. nope i don’t want my offspring’s reading the three little pigs . like one built a tee-pee one lived in a cave & the last built a thatch hut & a wolf was somewhere around with a lisp & a limp wrist. or some fool didn’t store enough food for the winter & went out to steal from the hoarder in the white house

    12. 2050 Says:

      While there may be some truth to the lead factor, this has that sound of censorship ringing through. I’m sure the jew ‘Dr. Suess’ (not his real name), is not the target of the censors. More likely targets are all children’s books that have even a hint of white identity, or that show racial reality.
      Do I have to throw away my Huck Finn books now? I’m sure someone around here can come up with a long list of these potentially subversive (to jewish interests) books.

    13. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      “There are many variantz of lead poisoning. . .”


    14. gw Says:

      Chldren’s books: is this just the first step? We know, from experence, that they like to take things nibble by nibble. So what else will be next in a few more years, once we (especially the present generation of children) have gotten used to the idea of hearing that: “Careful dear! Don’t touch! Old books are bad for you!”

    15. Futurist Joe Says:

      “If you really care about your kid, he wouldn’t be in the public educational system.”

      Your kid has to deal with all the other products of the public schools everytime he stops his car and buys gas or food. It isn’t good enough or even the point to worry about your own kid. He or she has to deal with all the other kids now adults unless your going to Unibomber live in a shack in Montana. Nothing to do with your own kid. Your own kid has you to set him straight.

    16. sgruber Says:

      What would ZOG have to fear form pre-1985 editions of Green Eggs and Ham or The Little Engine that Could?

      Pre-1985 picture books have many White faces. They often show White children…and White adults…interacting in a White world.

      How “hideous”! “Whitebread” books are behind the times. They don’t show an appropriate social reality, geared to the priorities of the day.

      Nancy Drew needs a black friend.

      The Little Engine that Could does not feature a single Negro conductor. Racist!

      The dark, implicitly racist past of America must be stamped out at all costs!!

      Or perhaps the jews could be stamped out. Take your pick.

    17. sgruber Says:

      Children must not get the idea that the country was created, built, run, and populated overwhelmingly by Whites.

      That would be racist.

      They should instead read stories filled with niggers. Niggers should be in every story, every picture. Children should not be able to take a break from them. No nigger-free zone.

      Thanks, jews!

      The time has come to get rid of the jews. All of them.

    18. Mack Bartlow Says:

      “You have been denied access to this forum. The reason is that you are visiting us from a place that has been blacklisted as an Open Proxy. You have to fix this, and return.

      If you want to know exactly where you are blacklisted, go see http://www.tornevall.net/cgi-bin/ip.cgi.”

      VNN forum banning TOR now? Preparing for Obama’s hate crime laws to report IP addresses?

    19. Zarathustra Says:

      sgruber, are you familiar with “PBS Kids”? It’s wall-to-wall colored children on every program, from Barney to ZOOM! to Sesame Street. A few little White faces can be seen here and there to break up the monotony, even though most of the viewers are White kids, not picaninies. Talk about indoctrination! I learned more from the old Sherman and Mr. Peabody cartoons than I ever did from the liberal, race-mixing propaganda on PBS.

      Like TT says, it’s not against the law to be White…….yet.

    20. gw Says:

      In really olden days – that is, before our time, and before the World Wars – textbooks could be completely candid. Some years ago, in a used book store, I came across a children’s reading book . It was about travel to other countries. Social Studies, I suppose. This one described being on a West Indies cruise, visiting the Dominican Republic, I believe, or Puerto Rico. It dated , I would say, from about 1910.

      I still remember the vivid description. “Look around you. How dirty everything is! Such filth! How can people live in such squalor? Don’t they ever clean anything? All you see around you are colored people. They are all mulattoes!”

      Hard to believe, but this was used in classrooms, once upon a time. Probably about 6th grade. Today, it would cause heart failure throughout the entire educational system. The NAACP would be up in arms. What a distance we’ve come! And it’s not been to our benefit. Now, all we get is mealy-mouthed groveling to multiculturalism. Everyone must parrot the party line that has been dictated to us by the ZOG. And pity upon those who don’t.

    21. ED! Says:

      To those who are new to this:

      Jews create the disease, and then Jews present the cure. They created communism, and then spent our national treasure of natural resources and White blood fighting it, or, those who fought against it as was the case with Germany.


      As I type these words I am listening to a National Public Radio (a Jew dominated media network) news piece on the problem of child molestation by Rabbis! So they admit it!!! Then they want to make a big deal out of child abuse in the Catholic church? That religion came about as the result of a seed planted in Rome by Jews! It destroyed Rome and set back White development for most of two thousand years.

      Looking back in time we see the dire misery our White ancestors endured under the heavy yoke of the Catholic Church and the Royalty that came into being around that horable monstrosity of a religion! A religion I might add that has worked tirlessly to force our southern border wide open, you can see the result of that for your self! So our ancestors sought a new land in the Americas to get away from the Jewish created monster, only to have the Jews inject a central bank, communism, and multiculturism into our new Nation WE BUILT WITH OUR BLOOD, SWEAT, AND BROKEN BACKS!!! We created the wealth they now control through their criminal ways! We create, they steal, consume and destroy!

      “If the American people, ever allow the private banks to control the issuance of their currencies, first by inflation, and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their prosperity untill their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”- Thomas Jefferson

      How dare the Jews come to America and pull the same SHIT they have in other nations down through the Centuries and Millenniums! Their only crafts are treachery, disinformation, and slight of hand! They have used the money they have stolen from us to give their children a superior education in their private schools while they have dumbed down our public schools to accommodate the stupid mud-race filth they have forced us to live with against our will! They teach their children Hebrew for the sole purpose of linking their disporia together in their Quest for world domination!!!

      Think about this: We as White people adhere to a set of principals, and a morality that was injected into our culture by Jews. Do they use these as parameters in their dealings with others? Not no, HELL NO!!! Just something else they planted to put us at a major disadvantage to them. They made the rules, and then break them at will, NOW, if that sounds like our U.S. Government remember that it is a “Zionist Occupational Government” that we live under!

      And what just, honest, and loving god, who they claim has the attribute of being able to see into the future, would pick the scum-bag Jews as his chosen people???

      I believe I have made an exhaustive examination of all religious teachings and know them in my minds eye as total, complete, and absolute, Pure Bull Shit! It is the stuff of mind control. All of it is poisen to the White Race! It holds us back from our greatness!

      The next time someone pulls out that “Oh, so you think there is a Jewish conspiracy” card, then ask them if they think that RATS have a world wide conspircy going, or do they act the way they do simply because they are RATS!

      The time has come to deal with the Jewish Rat, once, and for all!


    22. Andrei Yustschinsky (Andrei's Ghost) Says: