15 February, 2009

Can the World Afford to Live With a Nuclear Israel?

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Who’s the real danger in the Middle East? Of all of the wars that have occurred in that region since 1948, Israel started most – if not all – of them. Further, Israel almost used nuclear weapons against Egypt in 1973. Israel’s behavior highlights the aggressive nature of the Jews. They portray themselves as innocent victims of anti-Semitism, but they are thugs who only care about themselves:


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  7. 7 Responses to “Can the World Afford to Live With a Nuclear Israel?”

    1. Coup d'Etat Says:

      “Israel started most – if not all – of them.”

      Oh gee, don’t say this without proof. You’ll get critiqued by the Einstein brothers.

    2. Coup d'Etat Says:

      I think the important question is, “Can the world live without Israel?”

      So what is everyone supposed to say? “Oh, no, don’t use your nuclear weapons, Israel, we (other countries) will try to tell Iran to stop their nuclear program.”

      It’s either threats of death or manipulation. This is how the jew works and will continue to do so if a heavy lead foot doesn’t stomp on them. They get away with murder many times in the past. Why do they care if they use threats or manipulation or actual force? No one stops them, not even the UN. Ten billion dollars from the U.S. are supporting their efforts to terrorize people no matter what. Jews feel threatened because they think Iran will be the dominating force. Jews always have to be the top people dominating everyone else.

      It must be a bitch to have to be continually paranoid about losing power once you have power through unsavory means. I wonder how long before the jews lose control and go mad once they understand that NO ONE will listen to them.

    3. Coup d'Etat Says:

      The jews got where they are now by not only money, but also by support of another that has/had power and money and they did this by going under the radar, going unnoticed by many (lack of immediate news, not like today). Since the U.S.’s support for Israel, Israel and jews have become the bullies.

      The U.S. is its only ally and its largest. Jews are irresponsible in many ways and they wouldn’t have gotten this far if they were not supported by the SuperPower (USA). SuperPower USA will not be superpower for very much longer since the jewish finance system is collapsing. Band aides after band aides will not fix or prevent the jewish demise.

    4. Coup d'Etat Says:

      What is rising to the top of the shit-pile if the jews are already in the shit pile? Hey, by law of physics the shit pile gets bigger until there is no shit to pile up.

      An object that is forced by another object is equivalent to the force given by that object, but if the object is not moving because there is no inertia (money) a depression occurs.

      “For every action there is a reaction,” Newton’s third law of motion. The action here in economic terms is the result of bad loans. Bad loans resulting in money being stymied. The result is no money to be given out, resulting in bankruptcies and businesses not hiring. At times there will be flutters, but more people will lose out than any gain in our economy. The money has vanished. Print more money, the cost of living skyrockets. Giving bail out money, jobs losses won’t decrease as fast as and while the economy is still declining. In addition, giving out bail out money cost of living will skyrocket. Add this shit and pile it onto more shit you will get even greater shit and then its out of control.

      More people will be on the streets – hungry, angry, and ready to go after the culprits. :) I just love that action, reaction thing.

    5. Ein Says:

      Coop de Poulet says:
      “It must be a bitch to have to be continually paranoid”.
      – – – – – –
      Well, you should know. We’ll just take your word. No one would know that better than you!

    6. Ein Says:

      “a defining characteristic of a moneyed, hereditary elite is its tenacious continuity. The Jews didn’t get where they are by irresponsible behavior, and … all those centuries of quiet saving and organizing won’t just [exhaust themselves] in some dubious escalation scenario.” — Flemard
      – – – – – – – –

      That makes sense to me. It’s always best to over-estimate one’s opponent rather to under-estimate him. At worst, the former is just a slight mistake; the latter can be a fatal error.

      Flemard is quite right that the Jews are irresponsible, ” but only in petty ways”. But when one reviews the overall panoply of the past century, it is a spectable of one victory after another – for them – and of one loss after another — for us (which fact was generally concealed from us, or presented to us as a great victory for “progress’, or “rights”, or “humanity”).

      Flemard talks about… the impending “demise of a major capitalist economy, which would necessarily imply the extinction of all capitalism itself”.

      Coop de Poulet babbles on about “the shit pile”

      Which is the more intelligent argument?

    7. Coup d'Etat Says:

      Little Einstein,

      One of your Einstein brothers started the “shit pile” description and made an inference that jews were sitting at the top of the shit pile (shit pile meaning non-jews were shit) which the post has been removed.

      It’s too bad your little Einstein brain missed it and instead have exposed yourself even further. Seems like all your Einstein brothers hate women, non-jews that is but claim that Christine Lagarde is not jewish. In addition, to agree with Flemard about jews being irresponsible but only in petty ways clearly shows the ADL jew in you. Keep up the comments. You faggot jews, your ADL slime brothers show your true colors. For you to apologize for anything is humorous (like in another post), hooknose. You don’t fool the non-jews here. But, hey, keep trying. LOL!