4 February, 2009

End of the War on Terror

Posted by Socrates in "war on terror", Socrates, War On Israel's Enemies, Zionism, Zionist lobby at 5:14 pm | Permanent Link

by Philip Giraldi: [Here].

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  7. 6 Responses to “End of the War on Terror”

    1. Zarathustra Says:

      As long as there are angry, alienated or oppressed people in the world, there will be desparate acts of resistance and defiance, aka, “terrorism”. Besides, “terrorism” is a problem for law enforcement, political experts and intelligence officials, not conventional military forces. Honestly, how does driving a column of M1-A1 tanks through some Arab neigborhood put an end to “terrorism”?

    2. Dewi Says:

      In “1984” George Orwell refers to a perpetual war on terror. The attacks of 9/11 give us the war on terror. And what is beneficial to them about this is there is no end to this senario.

      Every one should read this prophetic novel which was a warning to the world in the form of a novel, as George orwell had a firm grasp of the subject matter (the Global conspiracy).

    3. Justin Huber Says:

      The only way the Jews cab stop terrorism in their little piece of the Middle East is if they kill off all of the Arabs there. From a political standpoint I don’t believe they can do this without most of the world calling them out as the hypocrites and liars they’ve always been.

    4. Justin Huber Says:

      Also, I believe that many Western nations have to pay lip service to the untenable “two state solution” because they know they are somewhat culpable for establishing, at least in my eyes, the illegitimate state of Israel.

    5. Justin Huber Says:

      By the way, does anybody know what happened to The Civic Platform? Looks like it’s done for good this time.

    6. Zarathustra Says:

      Justin, the “2 state solution” is nothing but a lie designed to string the desparate Palestinians along. The Jews have no intention of giving up any Zionist occupied territories. The proposed Palestinian “state” offered by Israel would be nothing but a bunch of disconnected ghettoes surounded on all sides by the Israeli military, who would control the airspace over those ghettoes, as well as the electricity and water supply. Some 2 state “solution” that would be. More like a Final Solution.