23 February, 2009

The New, New, New Anti-Semitism

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Over the years, anti-Semitism – which is a reaction to Jewish behavior – has been described as “new” several times – for example, back in 1974 and also in 2003. Significantly, the latest “new anti-Semitism” includes, as its main feature, criticism of the illegitimate state of Israel. That’s interesting, because it lumps political criticism together with racial/ethnic criticism – a seemingly risky move which could alienate a lot of gentiles who simply disagree with some of Israel’s policies:


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    1. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      “. . .criticism of the illegitimate state of Israel. . .”

      As Bishop Wlliamson might put it-

      Illegitimati Non Carborundum


    2. JewTracer Says:

      Western White woman hates the White man and wishes him death, on many levels:


      “Feminists and leftists have also opposed the American liberation of both Afghanistan and Iraq. But however difficult and imperfect these plans are, what other option do freedom-minded feminists have?”

      Spreading the Jew-Feminist regime to Iraq and Afghanistan, something the Kwa is schizophrenic manner both celebrates and rallys against.

    3. JewTracer Says:

      When I say “the Kwa”, I mean leftists and feminists, which are basically the mass opinion formers in the USA.

    4. Zarathustra Says:

      Every three years or so, the Jews will start whining about a “new” form of anti-Semitism. If they are so damned concerned with what the world thinks of them, then why don’t they try to act like decent people instead of always trying to decieve, subvert, agitate, exploit, monopolize and destroy? Why does 99.75% of the world’s population have to change the way they think? Let the Jews change their ways to accomodate US, for once.

    5. Shawn Says:

      You are are a lying Jew-bag nigger loving Demo’tard!

    6. Coup d'Etat Says:

      “In a word, classical or traditional antisemitism is the discrimination against, denial of, or assault upon, the rights of Jews to live as equal members of whatever host society they inhabit.”

      Teeheehee — another comedy show about equal rights. How are jews being equal to a host society when an occult of jews want to dominate the host society with abusive hate laws while wiping out free speech laws?
      “The new antisemitism involves the discrimination against the right of the Jewish people to live as an equal member of the family of nations – the denial of, and assault upon, the Jewish people’s right even to live – with Israel as the ‘collective Jew among the nations'”

      However, it is the right of the “collective jew” (as ONE, like the BORG people in STAR TREK) to be an EQUAL member of the host society. Teeheehee, why was this repeated but yet added “COLLECTIVE JEW?” It was worded this way to hide their illicit, harmful intentions to overthrow the host nation with uncontrollable immigration, abusive hate laws, and the extermination of free speech.

      In basic terms, JEWS are INVADERS, taking over a/any host society that wasn’t already theirs to own.

    7. Coup d'Etat Says:

      New name for jews shall be “Nation of Hate and Chaos.”

      Jews can take their so-called, over rated “anti-Semitism” and shove it in their gelfite kosher crap.

    8. Tom McReen Says:

      There’s no such thing as “anti-semitism”. Translated from lie-speak it just means telling the truth about jew subversion, as if they didn’t know.

      How many “new Hitlers” – The Ayatollah, Gaddafi, Saddam, Haider, Ahmadinejad…

    9. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      “For twenty-five years, I have studied the problems of human failure, of falling short of the promise, and of the decay and collapse of great empires. This phenomenon has existed throughout the five thousand years that man has been recording the history of his efforts. During the first twenty years that I devoted to this study, I amassed huge files of information about the various civilizations. I compared these facts in order to find common denominators which might lead to a solution. I also took into consideration such factors as man’s environment, his nature, and the persistence of certain patterns in his behaviour.

      This led me to an involved study of the animal kingdom, and a compilation of those factors which it bore in common with the plant kingdom. About five years ago, I discovered the common denominator of man’s civilizations. I had come to it directly through my studies in biology, for this common denominator is found throughout the plant and the animal kingdoms. Because it was a natural phenomenon, and such a ubiquitous one, an ordinary and accepted part of all levels of plant and animal life, no scholar had previously thought to examine this factor as a prime cause of the degeneration and fall of empires.

      This factor was parasitism. In the great advances which medicine had made during the past century, one of its most impressive achievements had been the rapidly developing field of parasitology. It had been found that many of man’s most serious ailments were caused by parasites. From these studies, it was only a matter of time before scholars would be able to deduce that a similar condition might occur among man’s civilizations, and that it might also cause sickness and death. It was to be expected that in their autopsies of buried empires, scholars should conclude that this condition, parasitism, was a definitive factor in the fatal diseases which befell human civilizations.

      But no scholar advanced this conclusion. In the entire Library of Congress, no work can be found which deals with the social effects of parasitism on civilization. There are hundreds of works about the medical aspects of parasitism, but none about its equally serious socio-economic effects. Why is this? Why have not the thousands of scholars in this field, casting desperately for the slightest limb on which to build the flimsy thought which will serve as their doctorial thesis, been unable to see what is in front of them, the destructive effects of parasitic groups on civilization?

      Let us offer the simplest explanation, since that is the usually correct one. The parasitic group in the civilization has fixed its domination over the academic and scholarly world. It would not tolerate any academic study which threatened its continued domination. Is this a far-fetched conclusion? Then let us search for a better one, and after we have been unable to find one, let us examine several accepted factors. First, we know that parasitism exists in mankind. Second, the parasitic group is a compact, well-directed (and inner-directed) species. Third, the parasitic group, in order to maintain its parasitic position, must exercise some sort of control over its host, because no host willingly tolerates the presence of the parasite. One obvious form of control would be a control over what the host thinks about, reads, and sees as entertainment, education and news.”


    10. sgruber Says:

      Jews are not human; they are human-shaped bloodsucking parasites. The memory of the race includes “vampires” i.e. the distorted feeling that some sort of human-shaped “monsters” (or perhaps “demon-possessed” former humans or “zombies”) are running around deceiving us, sucking our blood, taking advantage of us.

      Well, the feeling (expressed confusedly in supernatural legends by primitive people) is correct. There is such a human-resembling monster. The actual parasite is the jew.

      In the article linked here, the jews openly use the phrase “HOST SOCIETY”. They are admitting (obliquely) what they are.

      An outside group that regards all the rest of humanity the way a maggot regards dead flesh.

      Sounds harsh. So does 2 + 2 = 4.

      Death to the jews.

    11. Zarathustra Says:

      The great White martyr Matt Hale says Jews are rats in human form.

      BTW, why has everyone forsaken Matt Hale? It seems once a White patriot is killed or imprisoned, all the other WNs just shrug their shoulders and go back to arguing online if Khazars are real Jews. Matt is rotting away in prison, god damn it. Doesn’t anyone care?

    12. Coup d'Etat Says:

      Ms Zara,

      You never end your little sarcasm aimed at White folks do you? Do you really think you posting on here day after day all hours of the day pretending you are in support of anti-Zionism is going to make you look favorably? It’s too bad, no matter how hard you try to make us look stupid or make us look like traitors to our own kind, you continue to fail at being the psuedo-jew you try so hard to become. The jew in you seems to follow you around wherever you post. What a shame. What a curse you have to carry. :)

      It’s nice to know that ADL shits like you collecting millions of dollars from the Federal government (my tax dollars which you jews don’t pay back) while sitting on your gelfite ass have time to show how you jews are really like with an every now and then sarcastic snippet that is either an exaggerated lie or some sarcastic injection about a WN that has nothing to do with the main topic of discussion.

      Oh, stick around Ms clever Zara (who claims it is a male with a female username) and continue to post your silly psuedo-jewish irrational behavior. Your teaching about yourself and your kindred is quite amusing.

      The subject about Khazars being real — you are real aren’t you?

    13. Ein Says:

      Why this totally irrational, unprovoked attack upon Zarathustra?
      It is beyond irrational; it is INSANE!!!

    14. Zarathustra Says:

      Well, I guess the jig is up……That meddling shiksa has seen right through my disguise, despite my best efforts at concealing my real identity. Yes, it’s true, I am an ADL “Shit” who has collected countless millions of your hard-earned Gentile tax dollars and I have absolutely no intention of paying you back, ever. Stupid goyim! How easy it is to decieve you! Except for Ms. D’Etat, that is. I will report back to Control and inform them of this troublesome individual.

      And yes, it’s also true that my only purpose here is to make snippy little sarcastic remarks so as to discourage any further effective communication between White activists. Thanks to such remarks, all WNs now feel stupid and ashamed of themselves.

      And even though the divine prophet and teacher Zarathustra (aka, Zoroaster) was a male with a beard, you have acertained that he was really a chick with a chick’s name. Your perspiscacity knows no bounds.

      However, I will continue to post here, typing in all sorts of snippy and sarcastic bon-mots, until you can convince the others of my malicious intentions. Shabbot shalom!

      Barbara Zarathustra Epstein
      Agent 77, ADL Bureau of Counter-Intelligence

    15. gw Says:

      I can’t help but notice that Ms. Etat seems to have a special knack for spotting out trans-sexuals. Hmmm. Indeed, she seems to have a preoccupation with them. these secret trans-sexual Jews that are hiding everywhere! But they don’t fool her. First, Mlle. Christine Lagarde: “mannish-looking, beady eyes, stringy hair, mean look”, plus that give-away sex change operation. An obvious JEW! What else?

      Now. Zarathustra: feminine writing (sans examples, natch), a “sarcastic little snippet with a gefilte fish ass”. And he/she is clever on top of it! Well, that proves it. Another obvious JEW! Another kosher tranny has been been outed.

      We do so much appreciate these enlightening contributions from our trans-sexual Jew-spotter, the sharp-eyed Ms.Cooze d’Etat. What would we do without her?

    16. Coup d'Etat Says:

      Ms Zara said:
      25 February, 2009 at 4:19 am

      “BTW, why has everyone forsaken Matt Hale? It seems once a White patriot is killed or imprisoned, all the other WNs just shrug their shoulders and go back to arguing online if Khazars are real Jews.”

      Wow! Isn’t it amazing how jews have such ESP and know that everyone (WNs) has forsaken Matt Hale? Hmmmm — and then WNs just go back arguing online about Khazars like they exist without a care in the world. Wow! Such a prophetic amazing story.

      Jews and their irrational claims and their storytelling. LOL! Tell me Einstein brothers — have you perfected the tele-kinetic helmet that is hooked up to your computers? What a fucking imagination you have.

    17. Zarathustra Says:

      Well, I’m going to use my “fucking” imagination to imagine what you must look like, Cunt D’Etat. Let’s see….. a 5’11” leggy blonde? No. A sultry, stunning brunette? Nah.

      OK, I got it…..4’11”, 290 lbs, wiry gray hair that’s thinning out on the top, tits that droop down over your incredibly huge, hairy belly and a face that could derail a diesel locomotive or turn a dog into stone. Oh, yes, and a vocabulary that even a retard would laugh at.

      Ow! The truth hurts, doesn’t it, you stupid, ugly, uncouth PIG?