31 March, 2009

Art by Brutus

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He’s the newest VNN artist. We had other artists, but they disappeared to places unknown. (Brutus previously posted his work on the VNN Forum):



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  7. 22 Responses to “Art by Brutus”

    1. George Taylor Says:

      I love those cartoons – especially the NOSES!

      Keep ’em coming!

    2. Zoroastro Says:

      Brutus, that sheer genius in the underground political art circles? Bring him back, please!

    3. pan Says:

      simple yet effective

    4. Andrei's Ghost (Andrei Yustschinsky) Says:

      2 little mestizo shits charged in gang slaying of Casa Grande 5’11” mestizo male

      by Andrei Yustschinsky, MMHE (Male Mestizo Height Expert) – Mar. 31, 2009
      The Republic | azcentral.com

      Two male mestizoes have been charged in connection with the murder of a 44-year-old Casa Grande male mestizo whose 49 family members had reported him missing earlier this month, the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office announced lMonday.

      5’0″ Fredrick Nunez, 30, and 4’11” Victor Duarte, 44, both of Superior, are being held in Pinal County Jail. Pinal County sheriff’s deputies arrested the pair Friday following a two-week joint investigation with Superior police.

      Police officers found a body matching the description of 5’11” Daniel Pena in a shallow but long grave in Superior on March 14.

      Pinal County Sheriff’s Office
      From left, 4’11” Victor Duarte and 5’0″ Fredrick Nunez are charged in the death of 5’11” Daniel Pena.

      His family reported him missing days earlier; he had daily contact with family and relatives last spoke with him March 7.

      An autopsy confirmed it was Pena, although authorities are not releasing how he died.

      A statement released Monday by the sheriff’s office said the homicide was height related. According to one of Pena’s 49 family members, 4’11” Duarte and 5’0″ Nunez were envious of Pena’s unusual 5’11” height. One of Pena’s family members then went on to state: (in mestizo-Spanish only) “I don’t know of one Chicano man here in Casa Grande that wouldn’t give away his best and most beautiful switchblade to be as tall as Danny. It was nothing but pure jealousy, oh fuck yeah it was”.

      Authorities said they discovered “numerous items of evidence” (including platform shoes) from the Nunez and Duarte’s homes while executing search warrants.

      Nunez was charged with first-degree murder and illegally disposing of extra-tall human remains. Duarte has been charged with facilitation, conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, destruction of evidence and illegally disposing of extra-tall human remains. The men are each being held on $1 million bond. More charges may be added later because of the murdered victim’s unusual height.

      The investigation is ongoing and investigators are seeking additional Latino and Latina persons of interest. Anyone with information is asked to call Detective Marty Harshman of the Superior Police Department at 520-689-1961 or the Superior Police Department Crime Hotline at 520-827-0065.

      Andrei Yustschinsky reporting fron “on the spot & in the parking lot” of the Pinal County sheriff’s office…

    5. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      jew is the ultimate back-seat driver- kibitzing (giving unsolicited advice).


    6. S.U.N. Says:

      So if niggers descend from apes, then jews descend from vultures. Those aren’t noses but beaks heheh!!

    7. old_dutch Says:

      Brutus is a regular Pablo Picasso. Btw, don’t for a minute think that Picasso couldn’t draw & paint in a photo realistic style. The early Picasso work is photo realist, the same with Edvard Munch who was no semite, by any stretch of the imagination.

    8. Marwinsing Says:

      Ha-ha! Too good! Now who’s this? VNN’s very own Pisscasso? SO VNN!

    9. Marwinsing Says:

      UGH meant BRUTUS Pisscasso.

    10. Zoroastro Says:

      Those of us who have been around for some time have appreciated Brutus’ cartoon-making talent for some time now. IMO this web site actually teems with brilliant ideas, minds and unique talents, from Alex Linder and on…

    11. Ein Says:

      That zombie-like, trance-like, look on the face of the infected victim is very good too. It really expresses the zombie condition well.

    12. Susan Says:

      Very funny Andrei. Atlanta is teeming with those little 4’11” spics. As one of my friends commented years ago: Those people seriously need some height in their gene pool.

      I remember one day standing in line at some Quik Trip, turned around, and actually had to look down to see some little 4’11” spic standing behind me.

      And these little pint sized critters have the biggest egos you could ever possibly imagine. I went back to pick up my window a/c when I moved from my former rental house into my own home six years ago and there was some little toothless scrawny fugly spic doing some work on the house. He helped me get the a/c unit into my truck and then proceeded to ask me “When can I see you again?” Huh???!!!! WTF????!!!!!!

      If I could personally hold these critters up by the scruff of their necks and with the toe of my right boot kick their sorry asses back to Mexico, I would gladly do it.

      I tell ya, I’m in some kinda lousy mood today. I just called Customer Service at my mortgage company and got Number 3,979 Nigger on the line. I swear, does any frigging company hire ANY White person anymore at all to work Customer Service????????????

      I feel I am slowly reaching my boiling/breaking point in this country. I know I am not alone here.

    13. ericthered Says:

      I know what you mean about the mortgage co. Susan. I cringe while waiting for the she-ape to come on the line and “hep me” Such a relief on the rare occasion when a halfway intelligent white person comes on the line. I’m sure big jew of the mortgage co isn’t paying them shit though, thus all niggers.

    14. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      “I swear, does any frigging company hire ANY White person anymore at all to work Customer Service????????????”

      Well, I went over to Wells Fargo this morning, to get a money order to buy some gold rounds.

      Two or three years ago, upon entrance to this bank, one would be greeted by a fat nigger whose desk has been plopped down in front of the main door. Yet, recent visits have piqued my curiosity- why are all the employees so white?

      I almost cracked up as they tried to kiss my ass. Sir! Come over here to this window! How are you today?!

      The WHITE MALE manager tried to get me to open a savings account. He said, only twenty-five dollars a month! i brushed him off. Then he cheekily asked “well how to do save your money?”

      GOOOLLLD I said, imitating Bruce Bennett from Treasure of the Sierra Madre. Manager managed to say, “well that’z good too.”

      >>There is a new product- 1/4 ounce gold rounds, with a Swiss certificate of authenticity:


    15. Ein Says:

      why are all the employees so white?
      I almost cracked up as they tried to kiss my ass. Sir! Come over here to this window! How are you today?!
      The WHITE MALE manager …..

      I thought you were going to wake up and find you were having a dream.

      (That transformation hasn’t happened to my bank yet.)

    16. Susan Says:

      Yeah, my bank has a black as the ace of spaces Africoon greeting people as they come in the door to help them. I usually try to brush him off and just go where I need to go.

      Here’s the funny thing about my latest call to my mortgage company the other day: After I had gotten disgusted at Shebonia and hung up in her face, I called them right back to see if I could possibly get a White person. I’ve never gotten a White person there in SIX years. So, this guy comes on the line and says he’s “Clark so and so” and he sounds as White as I’ve ever heard anyone. I say “Oh my god, I’ve been calling for six years, and you are the first White person I’ve gotten”. I said “I spoke with Shaquanda last week and Sheniqua today…..” He laughed and asked me what I wanted, blahblahblah. He was very nice and helped me, but somewhere along when he was talking (and we all know WHEN this occurs when you THINK you’ve got a White person on the line and then……) I realized that he was a nigger after all. Bwahaha

      I never said anything to him and he never said anything to me, but it became clear when he pronounced certain words that he was in fact another nigger. So, my mortgage company probably does not hire Whites to be customer service workers after all.

      We all need to drop credit cards and store cards because we know they all bow at this altar: hiring niggers over competent Whites. I refuse to give them any extra money than the pittance I give them now when I purchase some item on the clearance rack for pennies on the dollar. That’s all I will give these damn jews anymore. Once we start to put our money where our mouths are, we’ll see things slowly change. We just need to wake more Whites up to the jew menace in their lives.

    17. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      You may need a card if you’re low on funds and your car needs expensive work. They can be payed off monthly.

      Look for low promotional rates. I have a 3.99% rate (Chase), used to buy tangible goods. Be VERY cunning and crafty here- if you make more purchases at the regular rate, payments will apply to the low rate balance, whilst the higher rate balances will compound until the low rate balance is completely paid! So use another card for other purchases, and pay this off monthly. Use “automatic payments” option for all cards- this will make the minimum payment for you, and keep the rate from being jacked up. With the promo rates, one must never miss a payment!

      Basic CC rule- don’t let high rate balances compound.

    18. Ein Says:

      More basic rule: Don’t EVER carry a balance!

      I never do. I refuse to pay interest.
      On my Bank of America card, the interest rate is (or would be) 35%. That’s usury! What a racket!

      And that doesn’t even count all the EXTRA charges – for late fees, using other ATM’s, foreign currency purchases, paying by phone, etc., etc.

      In an article that I read recently about the financial debacle that’s going on (perhaps Paul Craig Roberts) it said the banks and credit card companies DON’T WANT you to pay off your bills and get out of debt. They WANT you to get in over your head and stay in debt. They ENCOURAGE this! It’s where they make their biggest money. This is much more profitable for the banks, even considering the bad loans, than investing in useful, productive industry.

    19. Francesca Says:

      I’d really like to see something more capturing the true monstrosity of the khazar phenotype. You know Barbara Streissand, Allen Dershowitz, the old guy on Alias, who molested Ashley Judd in that Marilyn Monroe movie, Woody Allen, etc. Esp. the pathetic cowardly faces they make when they try to manipulate you.

      These look too Arab, which reinforces the lie that they are “semitic.” Say what you will, Arabs don’t have that unnatural, demonic, revoltingness Ashkenazi Jews have.

    20. gw Says:

      You have a very good point, Francesca. Not all Jews match the stereotype of huge noses and greasy, frizzy hair. In fact, very few of them do. That convenient stereotype is really very misleading. And that allows most of them to escape notice.

      You missed Seinfeld, Adam Sandler, Dustin Hofman; and also so many, many others who are half-Jews … such as Ben Stiller, Sean Penn, River Phoenix, Zack Efron, Scarlett Johansson, Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker (who would have guessed?). But they’re all part of the tribe.

      There are vast numbers of them “passing” among us. The portrayal of Jews as hook-nosed stereotypes allows the above characters to slip past without notice. That is not really desirable or to our interest, although it most certainly is to theirs.

    21. brutus Says:

      “I’d really like to see something more capturing the true monstrosity of the khazar phenotype. ”

      I’ve drawn several cartoons over the years that illustrate how the jew hides it’s hideous features from an unsuspecting public. I’m sure they’ll post them soon enough.



    22. Ein Says:

      “I’ve drawn several cartoons over the years that illustrate how the jew hides it’s hideous features from an unsuspecting public. ”

      Thanks brutus.

      Here is a very good example of the Semitic Jewish type. It is an actual photograph, but could almost be a cartoon caricature.
      Israel Zangwill — brazenly described here as an “English writer”(!!!)

      He originated the term and notion of “the melting pot”, with enormous consequences for us ever since.