29 March, 2009

Barack Ojesus

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by Arch Stanton.

Most Americans are political twits and thus have almost no idea about what is going on politically other than what the media tells them. For this reason many Americans view Obama like this:


The Chinese have a different view however. Being more politically and economically savvy, they have purchased a large financial stake in Africa, to wit: “China to Add $2 Billion to African Investment Fund; FT Reports China will add $2 billion to an African investment fund to take advantage of opportunities in agriculture, power generation and mining left behind by western investors caught in the global credit freeze, the Financial Times reported, citing Chi Jianxin, chief executive of the fund. The China-African Development Fund has invested $400 million since starting in 2006 and will probably have spent most of its initial capital of $1 billion this year, as much as two years ahead of schedule, the report said.” For this reason the Chinese are very familiar with Africans and their politics, so they might view the Kenyan native Obama more like this:


So when Obama says: “Not just the Chinese government, but every investor can have absolute confidence in the soundness of investments in the United States. There is a reason why even in the midst of this economic crisis you have seen actual increases in investment flows here in the US. I think it is a recognition that the stability not only of our economic system but also our political system is extraordinary,” you can bet the Chinese are thinking something like this: “Say whaaaat?! You been smokin’ dat crack again, mufugga?” Of course this thought would be translated into Chinese.

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  7. 8 Responses to “Barack Ojesus”

    1. CW-2 Says:

      There is a liberal phrase I really hate, namely, “the international community”. It is used on the jew-tube at every conceivable opportunity and most White people swallow the lie whole.

      This fictious creation doesn’t exist. Sure, there are commonality of interests between kindered peoples who share the same world view. But to say there is a community of interest between us and the Chinese or Muslims is sheer folly, even madness.

      We are in a relentless struggle for resources and space. At present China is using abortion to act as a temporary brake on its population growth. As soon as conditions are right China will remove that brake and will encourage its excess population to colonise those parts of Africa where they have built bridgeheads. This is a proven strategy they used in South East Asia during the 19th century.

      The remaining pockets of the White world won’t be immune either. Here is what Alexander Solzhenitsyn said speaking at Harvard University on 8 June 1978.

      ….”Some Westen voices already have spoken of the need of a protective screen against hostile forces in the next world conflict; in this case the shield would be China. But I would not wish such an outcome to any country in the world. First of all it is again a doomed alliance with Evil; it would grant the United States a respite, but when at a later date China with its billion people would turn around armed with American weapons, America itself would fall victim to a Cambodia-style genocide.”

      Sobering and prescient words. A realistic analysis of our relationship with China made 30 years ago.

    2. Junghans Says:

      Unless the white Amerikinder have a racial revolution in thought, and pretty damned soon, the US will devolve into Bolshevism, or worse. Jewish predation and their media lock-down guarantees it. The Chinese will then be here in 50 years, or so, knocking kinky heads around with rifle butts, trying to restore order among the Pidgin English speaking human garbage, who they will then terminate.
      So will end the much ballyhooed “proposition nation” of the patriotards, and the mind-altered white bunnies. Wohin dann, Juden?

    3. Gar Goyle Says:

      Snoop monk triumphfishizzle. That could be Obama-lama ding dong. It shouldn’t take a theoretical physicist ( which is also ? able) to figure out that the U.S. government has been the great supreme oh-gosh entity to these negro. Religion has no restrictive balance on this so called good, which free speech & a true republic goven. would have better controlled. Meditation is ok until these people stand up & start talking to the mass.

    4. Campbell Crawford Clan Says:

      “We are in a relentless struggle for resources and space”.

      Excellent comment CW II, and those who do not understand this simple, common sense concept are fools who lead us to our doom.

    5. The Red Skull Says:

      The Chinese haven’t forgot the rules of racial and cultural survival like Western White Man has.I’m reminded of Marshall Petains comment after the fall of France in 1940,when he said,
      “Gentlemen-this is the result of 20 years of Marxism.”
      The fall of the Jewnited Snakes of AmeriKwa,will be the result of 60 years of Marxism/Liberalism/Communism which are but branches of the tree of evil called “judaism”.The Jews will drive this country to Ruin,destroy as many of our people as they can through their “programs”,and then let the Chinks move in to clean up whats left.The Chinese have 2 great advantages over the Jew-S.For one, they haven’t forgot WHO THEY ARE as a people.More importantly,they don’t have an Alien hostile people running the show,working overtime to ruin the Founding race of their country.Their nation isn’t infested/infected with the Jew.AmeriKwa is jew infested and so rotten its ready to collapse.
      The Chinese just need to wait awhile,as Clinton and the Jews(Israel) have gone out of their way to give away our technology to China.All of history is a Struggle of one people/tribe/nation against one another for resources.The Chinese haven’t forgot this-,brainwashed, spoiled,dumbed-down Amerikwans have.The only other nation that spys on us and tries to steal our technology more than China,with 3,000 “front” companies in the US,is “our friend and gallant ally” Israel.China and Russia stand poised to take our place as top dog in the world-thanks to the International Jew.Thanks Jews!

    6. gw Says:

      CW-2 Says:
      There is a liberal phrase I really hate, namely, “the international community”. It is used on the jew-tube at every conceivable opportunity and most White people swallow the lie whole.

      That’s true. In fact, come to think of it, they just love the word (and concept) “community”. Is it any wonder that attitude this would be found among those who are essentially communists?

      The black comunity; the gay community; the Latino community, etc. Interestingly, one thing they do not recognize is “the white community” or the gentile community. Never! Certain groups (ours) are not allowed to have any sense of community. That would be evil and racist!

      While they work at building up the various minority “communities”, they simultaneously work at tearing down any white, gentile, Anglo, European-oriented community. It’s OK for them, but not for us.

    7. Howdy Doody Says:


      Anti White radio, while driving. Who could take more than ten minutes of this?

    8. Howdy Doody Says:


      Occidental Obsever

      Advice to Racially Conscious Whites Under Fire

      December 7, 2009

      Robert S. Griffin

      What follows are some suggestions to white people whose racial identity and interests might bring them under attack. I’m speaking to racially conscious white people of whatever stripe: white analysts, white advocates, white activists, white separatists, and white supremacists. I want to underscore that what I offer could be off the mark. Take this as simply my side in a conversation. With that disclaimer on the record, here’s my advice to those who care about white people and their future in a culture that is committed to shutting them down hard and making them pay.

      Protect Yourself. They’ll do anything to you they can, and it makes no difference whether you are right and what they are doing is unfair. Justice has nothing to do with it: you are the enemy and they’ll destroy you if they can; it is about power, not morality. Assume that you are all alone, that there is nobody covering your back. Someone might bleat on an Internet discussion list that you got screwed, but that’s about as far as it will go, or at least you better not count on any more support than that. You have a career going and bills to pay and perhaps a wife or husband and children to guide and support and parents to care for, and as far as I’m concerned, those are your first obligations. Until you are sure about what you are going to do and its consequences, don’t create a paper trail that can be used to get you. If you write, use a pseudonym. Keep your name off membership lists. Don’t write anything in an e-mail message you wouldn’t mind being a front page story in the newspaper. If you are going for a job or a promotion, tell them what they want to hear. If you are up for tenure as an academic, lay low until it comes through. Bottom line, stay underground until you are clear that you want to go above ground.

      Get in the best shape you can. Figure you are in a war. Get battle-ready. Put your mind and body in the best condition possible. If you have some physical or mental issue, habit, addiction, whatever it is, that is getting in your way, get it out of your way, starting now.

      Don’t buy the nonsense they tell you about yourself. The people doing the talking in this country tell you that being pro-minority is good but being pro-white is bad, that you are bad, that they are the action and you should kowtow to them and keep your mouth shut over in the corner. Constantly tell yourself another, more positive, story: you are the action, you are as central — as much as anyone is in this world.

      Find likeminded people. You aren’t alone. There are people that think as you do and who will like and encourage you. They may be right around you or you might have to go looking for them. You might have to contact them on the sly.

      Don’t assume that explaining and placating will do you any good. When they come after you, there is always the tendency to try to talk your way out of it. “See, I’m not really a racist [or anti-Semite, whatever they are alleging], and actually, some of my best friends . . .” It is tempting when they get on your case, or as a way to prevent them from giving you trouble, to suck up, placate, soften your edges, smile, come off as a nice guy, a benign guy, a no-threat-to-anybody guy, an I’m-really-on-your-side guy. I suppose those kinds of things can work, but you have to assume that reason and logic and whether you are a good person doesn’t cut it for anything; no matter what you say, no matter how much tail you kiss, as soon as they can, they’ll slit your throat.

      Play to your strengths. And what might they be?

      • Legal recourse. People don’t like to get sued. The first person to contact if someone dumps on you for your racial beliefs or actions is an attorney. Don’t say or do anything until you do.

      • Use the system. What they want to do is keep it just you and them. They call you into a room, hit you with the charge. You reason and beg (it feels really good to them to have somebody prostrate themselves like you are doing). Then, after waiting you out with a patronizing slight smile on their faces, they fire you or whatever it was they had in mind when they called you into the room. Make it about more than you and your attackers; get it out of that room. Kick it upstairs. Take it to their boss. Invoke the grievance or review system. If you have a union, get it involved. Knowledge is power: know the system, the organizational chart, everything that is written down. Nobody should know more about how the system works than you do.

      • Go public. Most often, they want to mess you over without anybody finding out. And you go along with that because you are embarrassed, or you feel helpless, or deep down you think you are as bad as they say you are, or you’re scared, or they’ve promised you a positive recommendation or some extended insurance coverage if you keep things inside. And perhaps it is your interest to go along with playing it that way. But keep in mind that the ones coming at you usually don’t like it when outside people know what they are doing. The thought of what’s happening to you getting on TV and in the newspapers, you trashing them publicly in some public forum — or it actually happening — is most often very aversive to the ones trying to do you in; and the impression that you will do that if they attack you might just get them to back off or cut you a favorable deal.

      •Counterattack. It makes sense when people hit you to defend yourself. But while you are doing that, be thinking about how you can attack them and put them on the defensive. Just as it was on the playground when you were a kid, letting the bully know that you aren’t just going to roll up in a ball and take his abuse, and that you are going to do your best to break his nose if he touches you, is a good way to present yourself. And the key is, don’t be kidding: when the fur flies, break his nose, and knock out his teeth too. He doesn’t like that.

      • Keep in mind where this ends up. At the end of our lives we make a fundamental judgment about ourselves: that we lived an honorable life or we didn’t. An honorable life doesn’t mean we did the right thing every time, but basically we did. Basically we didn’t sell out. Living an honorable life doesn’t mean we were never lived irresponsibly, but basically we lived responsibly. Living an honorable life doesn’t mean we never shortchanged ourselves and other people, but basically we lived life on the square. I think we always have to keep in the back of our minds that there will be a time when there is only the past and what we have done with it; and that what will someday be the past is now and tomorrow and the next day and the next month and the next year. The question today and tomorrow and next month and next year is what is the honorable thing to do? It may take a while to get ourselves to the place where we are doing the honorable thing, racially and otherwise. But I think if we keep plugging the best we can, we have a good shot of someday, down the road, smiling peacefully and saying “Yes!”

      Robert S. Griffin is a professor of Education at the University of Vermont. His web site is http://www.robertsgriffin.com/

      Skara Brae,