8 March, 2009

Ex-Israeli President Katsav to Face Rape Trial

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Given the fact that almost every Israeli leader has been a terrorist or an assassin, rape seems rather mild:


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    6. 7 Responses to “Ex-Israeli President Katsav to Face Rape Trial”

      1. Iranian for Aryans Says:

        He’s an Iranian Jew.


        PS- Please publish my “Coraline” movie review; thanks.

      2. Socrates Says:

        Iranian for Aryans Says: “PS- Please publish my “Coraline” movie review; thanks.”

        If you sent it to Alex, he may not respond. When did you send it? Another idea would be to post it at VNN Forum for now.

      3. Zarathustra Says:

        Oh, yes, rape is considered a serious crime in Kikestan. As long as the victim is a Jewess, not a subhuman shiksa. In that case, it’s just a private matter involving the use of one’s own property.

      4. Hans Schneider Says:

        MCC = most criminal race

      5. Billy Watches Says:

        How much u bet hez ashkenazim and the babes are sephardim? A’s have a very lo regard for S’s. “Social Text” (magazine) Fall, 1988, lead article says so. go look hard for it; worth it.

      6. Winston Smith Says:

        I’d love to get a VNN perspecitve on Coraline!

      7. Iranian for Aryans Says:

        I just posted my movie review on VNN Forum.

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