10 March, 2009

FTL Tuesday 03-10-09 With Mark Faust and Guests

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Got Kikes?

Yeah, so do we……Let’s talk about that problem……

Join vnn veteran Joe…. AKA deathtozog and I as we review some essential items that you will need to stay alive and well while the Jew breaks down civilization.

As usual we will be covering news about the Jews and their never ending chutzpah.

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    1. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      Some fun for the desktop: right click on the picture(s) and save.
      It should create a file in My Documents. Open, then you can use for the desktop. Try the tile version, then the other two (stretch and center). When the pictures came up, i exclaimed oh shit!

      Do try this at home, not work!

    2. old_dutch Says:

      I want to personally thank all of you open borders kikes & shabbos goyim out there in radioland for those of us who cannot see a White American medical doctor at any hospital or clinic. Hey, it’s hard to get anyone who can even speak English anymore. Even at the high price places.

      Some of us remember when we were kids, and the White American medical doctors made housecalls! And the White American medical doctors brought you enough medicine, until you could get out to the drug store.

      It’s getting bad when you have to debate the treatment, and medicine prescribed in order to get logical treatment. That puts more stress on White Americn patient.

      I’ve got a good old German doctor story too. Some of you may know it.

    3. Shyl0ck Says:

      Check out the resignation of Chas Freeman on the account of the Jews:
      The World According to American Goy

    4. exalted grand-master oberf├╝hrer double diamond jim! Says:


    5. Varg Says:

      Archive posted.

    6. exalted grand-master oberf├╝hrer double diamond jim! Says:


    7. Martin Says:

      Awesome! It’s great to see that VNN broadcasting is coming back. Fuckin’ great!

      PS – is there any chance of Radio Istina returning? Also I heard on a recent “Deprogram” on Podblanc that there’s a new Goyfire! Good news!!

    8. Ein Says:

      While they are good for a laugh, these grotesque stereotypes can also be very misleading. Naive people like Coup who take them literally will be looking for the hooked nose and “the evil, fiendish look” [her quote] but in that case they’ll miss 99.99% of all Jews who will walk right past unnoticed. Of course, this serves the purpose of the Jews very well. Another way of hiding. This stereotype serves to deflect attention away from real Jews, the vast majority of whom look nothing like this.

      As other posters have said here before, transforming Jews into some sort of supernatural fiends with remarkable powers pays them an odd compliment and provides them with a convenient screen to hide behind.

    9. Andrei's Ghost (Andrei Yustschinsky) Says:


      Published on Cleveland Leader (http://www.clevelandleader.com)

      German Prosecutors Charge Alleged Former Nazi Death Camp Guard with 29,000 Counts of Accessory to Murder
      By Leader Staff
      Created 03/11/2009 – 9:39am

      On Wednesday German prosecutors said that they have charged John Demjanjuk, a retired auto worker living in a Cleveland, Ohio suburb, with more than 29,000 counts of accessory to murder for his stint as a guard at the Nazi Sobibor death camp. Prosecutors also revealed that they will seek his extradition from the U.S.

      Demjanjuk, 88, stands accused of participating in the murders while he was a guard at Sobibor in occupied Poland between March and September 1943. Demjanjuk denies any involvement.

      Munich prosecutors said in a statement: “In this capacity, he participated in the accessory to murder of at least 29,000 people of the Jewish faith.”

      Efraim Zuroff, a top Nazi hunter at Israel’s Simon Wiesenthal Center, indicated that he was pleased with the actions of the German authorities. “We hope that the process can be expedited to ensure that this Holocaust perpetrator will finally be appropriately punished. We’re on our way to a victory for justice today,” he continued.

      Demjanjuk was a native of Ukraine and emigrated to the U.S. in 1952. He gained citizenship in 1958. Denying any war crimes, he said he served in the Soviety army and was a prisoner of war when captured by Germans in 1942.

      He was previously extradicted to Israel in 1986, when he was mistakenly believed to be the Nazi guard known as Ivan the Terrible from the Treblinka death camp. He was held in custody for seven years before the Israeli courts freed him after learning that another Ukranian was that infamous Nazi guard.

      His citizenship was restored in 1998. However, the US Justice Dept. renewed its case, claiming he was another Nazi guard. They also said that he could be deported for falsifying information upon entry and citizenship applications that he filed in the 1950s.

      In 2005 a US court ruling said that he could be deported to Ukraine, or to Germany or Poland. However Demjanjuk spend several years challenging the ruling. In 2008, the Supreme Court decided not to consider his appeal against deportation. This cleared the way for the Office of Special Investigations to seek his removal from the country. It was unclear at the time which country would take him.

      Germany is handling the case because of the time he spent at a refugee camp in the area of Munich after the war, and said that they are working on the extradition request. Once extradicted to Germany, Munich prosecutors said that Demjanjuk will be formally charged before a judge.

      Source URL: http://www.clevelandleader.com/node/9261

    10. Mark Faust Says:

      Varg once again your archiving abilities shine…what was that 3 hours after the show ended? I’m impressed. Oh and thanks to everyone for listening/downloading!

    11. Truthteller Says:

      Great show FTL is Back!

    12. Zarathustra Says:

      All those Jewish caracitures drawn by A. Wyatt Mann look like members of the Obongo Regime.

    13. cyberdbcooper Says:

      More FEMA coffin speculation… (I know, I’m a complete nut for not being able to dismiss this shit, but just look at all these goddamn coffins on youtube) Anyway, I can’t see the gov investing to this degree in something they don’t intend to use.

      What can we deduce based on the facts?

      1. location: allegedly various spot in or near marietta georgia.

      This is inductive logic = probably true.

      why? In the event of a disaster, people would be carted, bussed, shackled in cattle train cars to such a location to be executed, disposed of, etc by people who don’t care a bit to do it. The people in such areas are closer to hunters than they are libtards and extremely useful in such a situation. Say you have contaminated corpses that need burned, or just a bunch of apes, w/e, these people could do it better than anyone in the country.

      2. They’ve already invested in it… they’re just laying there… waiting… but for whom? It’s for the people who just riot the fuck out and start eating each other. It is… I mean, who acts like that? Well, a lot of people in the event of a disaster panic, but who acts like that? That’s who it’s for… the ones who go completely rogue and can’t be assimilated.

      counterpoint: what if though, what if it’s some 666 shit… some thing where they try to round up all the free thinking people… and exterminate the ones who won’t take the mark? Then, my suggestion to you is to survive. There’s nobody in those boxes yet, it can be you or someone else… but use discretion and good common sense in an emergency. Don’t just shit your pants and say… well, it’s the beast, here I go in a blaze of fucking glory.

      what TO do: go rural, go to the mountains, and HOPEFULLY the crazy shit will be over within days, weeks, etc. before some kind of order is restored. Your goal is to hide and survive and outlast until order returns. If order doesn’t return… what fucking good is that? I mean, I’d rather be in the woods eating deer than in the city being eaten by niggers. Simple as that, because you know they’re going to be thinking about raping and eating your ass right? (maybe not even in that order)

      Though… WHAT IS THE MOST LIKELY reason for the fema vaults? They are vaults, not actual coffins. They are what a coffin fits inside… that’s what they are. In fact, a guy on these forumns outlined that.

      There is probably going to be a border war with Mexico as their country is one of the most likely 2nd world countries to collapse. Not only that, but the surge of mongoloids from South America from areas like Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador etc…. They are expected to starve first and their economies, let’s face it, are already fucking collapsed. All these people will flood mexico city, in turn, they will flood our border, and that’s what’s about to go down. That’s why the fema coffins are in Georgia. You put the coffins where you intend to bury / burn people.

      This shit is going to happen. The Mexican economy has always been fucked, but where they have bred themselves into starvation, the economic collapse and all that shit… we will end up fighting a war over this shit. The illegals already here will have to be rounded up, and those people, most likely, will be the ones going into the coffins. Besides, if there’s a serious outbreak of some shit… I’ll guarantee you that I’ll put a mother fucker in one before I’ll let them put me in one.

      Those coffins are here because people are going to die here. Else they’d be somewhere else. This is the most likely scenario. Look at the escalating violence on the Texas border. It’s going to have to be bombed the fuck out military style. When that happens, illegals and other “hyphenated Americans” here will go ape shit, and they’ll be rounded up in the impending riots. We can’t feed their fucking asses. It’s not our fault they have bred themselves into starvation.

      Anyway, I know it’s a crazy thought, and I know I’m crazy…. but let’s face it… somebody’s got to do the crazy fucking thinking and ready for this shit like fucking Bruce Campbell in the Evil Dead part fucking 2. I don’t want to be the guy pissing my pants, getting raped and murdered, and starving in the woods. I want to be the mad mother fucking max of this shit. Call me crazy… I don’t care.

      p.s. sorry for the spelling / editing errors.

    14. cyberdbcooper Says:


      Here is a link to a story I found on Voice of America of all places.

      US Intelligence Chief: Economic Crisis, Population Growth Threaten Global Stability
      By VOA News
      10 March 2009

      link: http://oshive.blogspot.com/2009/03/rumors-of-war.html

      I kind of think they’re building up for a war in Somalia or somewhere stupid like that. I’m just speculating, but after the reproduced article, I provide links to various other sources. I know, I’m paranoid like that.

    15. cyberdbcooper Says:

      Here is a further explanation of the Latin American situation. Obama meets Brazilian Pres. Lula neighbor of Hugo Chavez and that whole mess. I know, I’m obsessed, but really, they are desperate to pimp some oil to us in exchange for some kind of power. The problem is that mongoloids don’t make good diplomats because they’re too domineering and just stupid ass agressive combined with the inability to perceive the reality of international affairs. It’s gets off into the g20 summit and that sort of thing, but really, the focus is on that “problem area”. A war there could push mongoloids north in a refugee type surge.


      This is the 3rd show of Mr. Faust that I have listened to and I too love and respect David Duke and Kevin Macdonald. They are kind of the more scholarly type that rightly belong teaching white kids in a legitimate college and not a college slowed down and dumb down to meet the needs of niggers and the like. I like to call it adult nigger daycare. Anyway, I notice that he mentioned that after you have sifted through the truth of such people, where do you find yourself? You find yourself needing to “do” something. I think this is a critical moment for awakened white men and women. Here is where they could go into potentially dangerous actions out of shear outrage, or… or they become observers… careful ones… and they do what we do… tell the truth. I wish I were smarter. I’d like to be able to point out what I think is going to happen before it happens and there would be no argument against it. When asked… how did you know this shit was about to go down? I’d reply… how did you NOT know? Because your fucking ass is hooked up to the i.v. drip of big jew like a morphine junkie. Because I know the nature of all the species of men and how they behave collectively. I know the results of civilizations that fail due to bastardization. I know the behaviour of 2nd and 3rd world countries and why it is that they continually fail to become 1st world countries. So anyway, I think Mr. Faust has the right idea. He’s like a watcher on the wall for the collective of honest white men who love their country. He’s willing to suffer socially to provide you with the truth. That’s why I’ll be back to listen again.

    16. roy Says:

      Mark,you know who would be the ultimate guest on FTL?…”Terrible Tommy”Tom Metzger.The white movement needs a seasoned veteran with a college brain,and Tommy is just that man.Unlike VOR,Tommy would have free range here at VNN and he is damn funny.But the show wouldn’t be complete without “JIMBO!”.These two guys were a blast on the VOR episode a few months back.

    17. VNNB Says:

      Tom Metzger always refused previous attempts in the old days because we have certain members of the forum who are still active and sold other WNist men up the river to the zog.

    18. DWMT Says:

      If you buy a weapon that has “paper” all you have to do is “dissapear” your weapons. This is done very easily and at a
      low cost. You simply place an add in your local newspaper listing
      the make, model, and the serial number, redacted except the last 3 digits (xxxxx123), with an “amazing amount” of accessories at a
      redicioulsly low cost. Unfortunitly, every person who calls was too
      late and the weapon is allready sold. Now when the pigs come for your weapons, you tell them you sold it through the wantadds, when they check with the newspaper they see the add and then
      they don’t know if you sold it or not.

    19. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      Make up a fake bill of sale:

      On this day/date I have received from brother Daunter DeShaunter the sum of x dollars in consideration for the sale of (name/describe weapon), and ammo, and accessories.

      Both parties sign

      “Age” the document in the sun, then fold so as to make it look like you didn’t make it this morning.

      One could make a copy, and claim that the buyer has the original.

      If this is done, the weapon should well hid. . .


    20. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      What could happen if you tell the cops that the gun was sold, and then they find it?