9 March, 2009

Jewish Prizes

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If you wanted to make someone more legitimate in the eyes of the public, what could you do? One thing you could do is give an award to that person. Here is a mention of two prizes founded by Jews. There are probably quite a few more such prizes in America, since Jews are disproportionately wealthy and influential.

First, in 1917, there was the Pulitzer Prize for journalism, literature and music composition. That award was created by Jewish newspaperman Joseph Pulitzer [1]. Norman Mailer, the often-vulgar Jewish author, won two Pulitzer Prizes. In 1979 came the Pritzker Prize for architecture, created by Jewish lawyer/businessman Jay Pritzker. Jewish architect Frank Gehry received a Pritzker Prize in 1989. (The Jay Pritzker Pavilion in Chicago was designed by Gehry).

[1] both of Pulitzer’s parents were Jewish. Scroll down to the bottom of the page

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  7. 16 Responses to “Jewish Prizes”

    1. Ein Says:

      Jews love to give awards back and forth to each other, congratulating each other for how wonderful, brilliant, compassionate, wise, talented, funny, or whatever they are.
      … And making sure to have the cameramen and press there to tell us all about it the next day.

    2. bubba Says:

      Jew Pritzker Pavilion in Chicago looks like a discombobulated pile of junk…..like most things that jews design or call modern art.

    3. Zarathustra Says:

      And don’t forget that sly, dirty old Jew Elie Weasel-face, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986, even though that Kike strongly supports the terrorist, supremicist philosophy of Zionism. But then again, those anti-White douchebags in Stockholm also gave Martin Lucifer Koon the same prize. What did Koon and Weasel-face do with the prize money? Probably got themselves some White Swedish whores to perform degrading sex-acts on each other.

      Weasel-face is always getting some kind of bullshit Jewish award for his “humanitarian” work. I understand he and that other old con-artist, the late, unlamented Simon Weisenthal, were in some kind of competition to see who would recieve the most Holocaust prizes and tookas-kissing .

    4. August Says:

      On a side note Jay Pritzker’s niece Penny Pritzker was national finance chair of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.

    5. Tired of jew prizes Says:

      Some former Nobel judges have said the jews (and Japanese) have been putting more and more financial “pressure” on the judges when it comes to the “science” awards. They said the jews have been at it for decades, and now the Asians are following suit. Figures.

      Jewish architects are among the worst. Psychometrists studying IQ always mention that while Ashkenazi jews have a fairly high average IQ (about 107) they are below average in visuospatial skills and that most jewish children are terrible at drawing. While there are always exceptions, the high number of jewish architects is simply due to nepotism, cryonism and the jews wanting to be able to claim “I did that” when a building is put up. Their designs look like shit. Frank Gehry is one of the biggest hacks in history, and yet he gets a lot of awards because he is a jew. People are scared to be honest when remarking on his work, because if they say it looks like shit, they’re afraid they’ll be called anti-semites.

    6. gw Says:

      “Weasel-face is always getting some kind of bullshit Jewish award for his “humanitarian” work…he and that other old con-artist, the late, unlamented Simon Weisenthal, were in some kind of competition to see who would receive the most Holocaust prizes and tookas-kissing .”

      Weisenthal and Weasel-face …. I didn’t even knew there was a difference! I had wondered about that. Oh, there’s two of them. Here is still going around collecting more “awards”, and I thought he was supposed to be dead! Thanks for untangling that for me.

    7. sgruber Says:

      And in jew-owned snoozepapers and ragazines, jews interview jews about other jews and how “brilliant” they are.

      Some writer once called this “the jewish circle-jerk.”

      Ah, the jew. So many awards to his credit. And we are so lowly and unaccomplished. Clearly the universally feted (by other jews) jew is superior to all other people.

      The time has come to get rid of all the jews.

    8. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      They promote the rock group known as The Vicious Circle Jerks.

    9. Antagonistes Says:

      Tired of Jew Prizes is right on. A great proportion of prizes go to Jews . . . because of Jews.

      But even their literature, when you examine it, is not that great.

      In fact, they are not that great at anything.

      They just tell us they are, and the gullible among us believe it. They are pretty fast talkers, and are not hindered by such a thing as truth.

      A giant foot-in-the-door for the Jews is their collection of fables known as the Bible.

    10. Zarathustra Says:

      The Jews would have us believe that western civilization could not have existed without the likes of Moses, Freud, Boas and Einstein. The Jews have given us so much and all we do is take, take, take from them.

    11. Sri Sreggin Das, Mystic Yogi of the Kali Yuga Says:

      Myths, not fables, Antagonistes.

      There is a big difference.

      Besides, the Jews added very little to the ancient myths of the Babylonians, Egyptians, and Persians, from whom they got most of their sacred book. I respect these ancient wisdoms.

      Besides, the Jews wormed their way into Greece, claiming, mainly through Philo, that the philosophy of the Greeks was already in their Torah, centuries before the Greeks thought of it!

      So, they will find a way. Eternal vigilance is needed.

    12. Junghans Says:

      Rockwell called them “Jewish mutual admiration societies”. They establish fraudulent institutions and give each other ginned up “awards”, or they hijack established organizations and defile them through kosher artifice, and peddle similar hokum “prizes”. The masses of goy asses (thank you Eric Thomson), can’t wait to receive one of these phony awards from their “chosen” overlords. The concept of “celebrity” status and “awards ceremonies” is especially important to the intellectually Judaized Amerikinder.

    13. Big Effer Says:

      Antagonistes is right about kike “literature”. To walk through a bookstore is lesson for anyone in how far the jew will go to give another jew, any jew, “the job” over the goyim. Stroll into Border’s and take a look at the names of the authors, it doesn’t really seem to matter what section you’re in (except certain computer related areas). The author’s names read like the list of guests at a jewish wedding. Then keep in mind all the jews who’ve changed their names, are using nom de plumes. It’s staggering. Then it becomes double staggering when you realize how shitty, how sophomoric almost all of the jew authored books are. They push, connive, dot each other’s “i”‘s etc, but the majority of top selling authors in any given category are whites. Go figure.

      Imagine the choices we’d have, the art we’d see, if the jews didn’t have their filthy claws into so many areas of culture. How many of you out there have had your careers or dreams stalled because of jews making sure that it’s always “kikes first” when it comes to consideration for being published, or put into a gallery, or given the chance to showcase your talent in some area? Of course, if they can’t find a fellow kike or there are some open slots, they simply fill them with non-whites. I can only hope the fuse has finally been lit and we’re about to see the big blow up followed by the massive “Spring Cleaning” that’s needed to set things straight.

    14. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      RemInds me of the old days when products had a FREE PRIZE IN EVERY BOX


    15. DWMT Says:

      Do not confuse the ancient Hebrew with those things that call
      themselves jews today! They are as different in racial makeup as
      the Caucasion is from the Negro or the Asian! As far as their self-
      congradulations and fake awards: Commiejews, Commiejewing,
      Commiejewely!! Free Yourself Whiteman; Ropedance the

    16. Zarathustra Says:

      If you can keep yourself from falling asleep with boredom, try reading some of the Mold Testament and you’ll see that the ancient Hebrews or Israelites are described in a way that makes them identical to the people who call themselves Jews today. In fact, “Hebrew” and “Jew” are rather similar words. I would say that “Jew” is only a minor corruption or dimunition of “Hebrew”.