6 March, 2009

Money Magic

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Look – it’s a Jewish money-magician waving his magic wand! (*Poof!*) He just created millions of dollars out of thin air! (*Poof!*) He did it again! Is there no end to his magical powers? [1]:


[1] American “dollars” aren’t dollars anymore but are instead Federal Reserve Notes. Legally speaking, a dollar is 371.25 grains of silver. Modern dollars are worth far less than that (1 troy ounce = 480 grains)

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    1. ED! Says:

      And it the easy access to this funny momey that has allowed Jews to buy up anything they want while we have worked like dogs just to exist.

      What goes up must come down!


    2. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      . . .a dollah is 371.25 grains of bullshit. . .

    3. Z.O.G. Says:

      Please do NOT be fooled by the gold-standard bullshit promoted by the Jews over at the Ludwig von Mises Institute, okay, guys? The gold standard is the biggest and oldest scam the Jewish bankers have ever invented. I can’t believe people are falling for this old trick.

    4. Z.O.G. Says:

      Once again, I have to reiterate that fiat money is NOT the problem. The problem is that our money is created by private corporations(run by Jews) through the mechanism of debt, which has interest attached to it. Those are the problems with our money system, not the fact that it is fiat.

      Actually, our current money system is not even real fiat. You see, true fiat money is created by a public agency, e.g. a central government, and it is created WITHOUT the mechanism of debt and the interest that goes along with it. That is what true fiat money is. Most people don’t realize the difference.

    5. Z.O.G. Says:

      Yep, just as I thought. This obfuscating liar Robert Murphy entirely ignores THE central issue concerning governments and banking, which is this:

      Why in the hell should any government go into perpetual debt by borrowing its money(at interest) from private banks which create the money out of thin air, when all governments have the sovereign authority to create money out of thin air themselves, WITHOUT going into debt to private banker middlemen?

      I’d like to see one of these Ludwig von Mises Institute lying bastards try to explain that. But, hey, I guess I shouldn’t expect much from an organization that is named after a freaking Jew. LOL :-)

    6. old_dutch Says:

      If we were to turn the US Treasury into a central bank, and nationalize all other banks as branches of the central bank, would we be any farther along. That seems to happening don’t it?

    7. Z.O.G. Says:

      No, old_dutch, you don’t seem to understand. The Treasury Dept. does NOT create money. It gets all of its money by BORROWING the money(at interest) from the private commercial banks, which create the money out of thin air. It does this by selling Treasury bills and bonds. That’s how it works right now.

    8. Zarathustra Says:

      “It gets all of its money by BORROWING the money(at interest) from the private commercial banks, which create the money out of thin air. It (also) does this by selling Treasury bills and bonds. That’s how it works right now.”

      Of course! Why do you think Madame Ironpants (Hillary) was over in Red China a few days ago? She wanted the Chinks to buy more American debt, ie, T-bills. They already hold about 2 trillion dollars of US government debt, do they not?

      Good observation about how money is really created, Herr ZOG. But should we go back to the pre-1913 system? There were a lot of depressions, financial panics and tons of debt before the Fed was created. I should think a totally new economic model is needed. What do you think?

    9. Tina Carterr Says:

      Big problem we’re facing as race is Jews’ tools called media & entertainment industry.

      Nothing will be fixed until we’ve done what needs to done.

    10. old_dutch Says:

      If you are not advocating using the Treasury as a central bank, what are you advocating?

    11. TSman Says:

      The worse part of this fake “jew” money is that they use it to buy REAL businesses, REAL property, REAL weapons and make REAL bribes.

    12. apollonian Says:

      It (Counterfeiting) Ain’t “Rocket-Science,” After All…
      (Apollonian, 7 Mar 09)

      Excellent discussion by VNN–but note there’s actually way to epitomize the problem/issue even better, more perfectly:

      COUNTERFEIT CONSPIRACY–see RealityZone.com for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed). That’s all it really is for the Fed–counterfeiting–and beauty of the term, “counterfeiting” is any child can understand–one doesn’t have to use abstractions like “inflation,” for example, which not one in ten really understand.

      For any child can understand “counterfeiting.” Thus Jews and cohorts just BUY EVERYTHING, like the US Congress which is presently running us all over proverbial economic cliff.

      So these scum (mainly Jews–experts at lying) at the top ARE SIMPLY CRIMINALS, that’s all–nothing more nor less, and they just alternately bribe, intimidate, and murder all/any who get in their way.

      And that’s why if u tell truth about these criminals (esp. Jews, who worship such criminality and lying), they immediately accuse u of “hate-crime.” But of course–as u know truth about these scummy Jew murderers and criminals–HOW COULD ONE NOT HATE THEM?–one SHOULD hate them.

      “Hate” under such circumstances is outstanding VIRTUE as then u’re properly MOTIVATED to do justice–for the sake of ur people, children, et al.

      So it’s not like it’s “rocket-science” to understand the problem–counterfeit conspiracy. Only problem then is what to do about it all–that’s why I then promote (a) reason for the one or two percent of people who can handle it, and (b) Christian aesthetic for all the rest, which puts ANTI-SEMITISM in dramatized terms so anyone can understand.

      CONCLUSION: But Christian aesthetic and its utility for Jew-expulsion, demonstrated fm history, then is subject for another essay. I only trust I made my pt. for this essay regarding the problem: COUNTERFEIT conspiracy at hands of topmost liars and conspirators, Jews. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    13. Krystian Kazimierzowicz Kowalczyk Says:

      But should we go back to the pre-1913 system? There were a lot of depressions, financial panics and tons of debt before the Fed was created. I should think a totally new economic model is needed. What do you think?

      All I know is that the National Socialists did a pretty good job with economic management after they took the financial power out of private Jewish hands. They went from insolvency to second in the world in a matter of years. The Fascist and NS models of economics seemed to work quite well.

    14. Ein Says:

      “They went from insolvency to second in the world in a matter of years. The Fascist and NS models of economics seemed to work quite well.”

      That’s why they had to be suppressed – and quickly! – at all costs. They were serving as a model to the world that The Powers That Be could not allow to be seen.

      We always hear today that fascists and nazis were failed societies. No, they didn’t “fail”! They were militarily destroyed.

    15. old_dutch Says:

      The German wonder weapon—the central bank! LOL. Of course minus jews. LOL.

    16. Krystian Kazimierzowicz Kowalczyk Says:


      The sad part is that we have no data on their sustainability because they were here and gone so fast.

    17. gw Says:

      On the subject of money (and inevitably Jews), here’s something interesting. It may be a trifle off-topic, but not much.

      I’m flying out to the West Coast next week. After trying all the other days of the week   I found that the 10th for some reason  was cheaper than the others, although it was a bit earlier than I had wanted.  (About $200. less. ) I got a seat for an incredibly low $255. on American (including multiple destinations: SF, LA, and SD). Everything else was around $500 at least. Some, much more. I also found, on checking the seat maps for the other days, that those other planes are all very nearly packed full, not allowing a good choice of seats at this late date  (no windows at all, or any double seats).   But on Tuesday, the plane  is two-thirds EMPTY.  The whole center of the plane is empty.  I got a whole row to myself!

      Now, I also happened to notice on the calendar that Tues is  Purim.    Does that have anything to do with it?   I’ll bet it does! If so, it shows you who does the traveling and who fills the planes…. the 2.5 percent of the population who have the money.   I’ve already noticed this in the past —  the large number of yarmulkes sitting in First Class, for instance. Amazing the influence that a mere 2.5% can wield! It may be a good idea to travel on Jewish holidays.

      Think I’m kidding? Just check out the seat map for flight #179.

    18. DMS Says:

      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      The term quantitative easing refers to the creation of new money ‘out of thin air’ by a central bank for injection into the banking system in an attempt to increase the money supply. This boost in the money supply is intended to increase the availability of credit. It is distinguished from the more usual practice of setting a target for a specific interest rate (such as the federal funds rate) and continuously adjusting the supply of money to achieve that target. Central banks tend to switch from interest rate targeting to quantitative easing when the interest rate is essentially at zero and they want to ease further.

      The aim is to increase the amount of deposits in private banks so that, by way of deposit multiplication, they can increase the money supply by increasing debt (lending). Today the new money is generally created electronically rather than physically printed.

      In layman’s terms, the central bank creates new money and, by the various methods described above, deposits it in accounts in private banks. The private banks can then in turn create new money themselves through Fractional Reserve Banking in a process known as ‘deposit multiplication’. The US Federal Reserve’s now out-of-print booklet Modern Money Mechanics explains the process.

    19. Z.O.G. Says:

      “Modern Money Mechanics” is available in many places on the internet, as are several other Federal Reserve publications that explain how commercial banks create “money”(actually credit) out of thin air.

    20. Zarathustra Says:

      OK, money is created out of thin air. So what should it be made out of? Gold? Silver? Everyone here will complain those are “Jew metals” with no real intrinsic value. Please explain.

    21. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      “In this groundbreaking work, first published in 1976, Friedrich von Hayek argues that the government monopoly of money must be abolished to stop recurring bouts of inflation and deflation. Abolition is also the cure for the more deep-seated disease of the recurring waves of depression and unemployment attributed to ‘capitalism’.

      For the first time Denationalisation of Money is available as a free download in high quality pdf format (12 MB).”