21 March, 2009

More Proof That Intelligence is Largely Inherited

Posted by Socrates in genetic interests, genetics, intelligence, IQ, Jewish genetics, Marxism, science, Socrates at 11:41 pm | Permanent Link

“…the genes we inherit play a far greater role in intelligence than was previously thought.” Well, isn’t that interesting? So much for the old “nurture, not nature” propaganda that Marxist high-school teachers spoon-fed to us. What else will science reveal in the next decade? Something really interesting about Jews, perhaps?


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  7. 12 Responses to “More Proof That Intelligence is Largely Inherited”

    1. Zarathustra Says:

      That’s right, Joo-CLA, intelligence is largely inherited, as in inherited by RACE.

    2. gw Says:

      Do we really need PROOF?

      Geez! They could set about demonstrating to me that 1 + 1 = 2, but that’s alright. I’ll take their word for it. It just seems to make sense.

    3. Mike in NYC Says:

      ” ‘The whole point of this research,’ Thompson said, ‘is to give us insight into brain diseases.’ ”

      C.Y.A. No doubt he knows the score.

    4. Doug Says:

      The structure of the brain, composed of organic genetically-created matter like every other part of our bodies, would obviously be inherited.

    5. Junghans Says:

      Racial science rediscovered. The Libs may be flummoxed for a while, but the Cult of Equality will rationalize away the facts in their thick mental fog of unreason. Meanwhile, the clueless white bunnies will continue to hop around the kosher playpen in a state of perpetual naivete.

    6. Ein Says:

      “the clueless white bunnies will continue to hop around the kosher playpen in a state of perpetual naivete.”

      No matter WHAT pen those silly bunnies happen to be in, the Juuz will determine what is kosher and will set the parameters.
      The Juuz will always be the playpen monitors. They will SEE to that!
      You can hop about all you want, within the pen, but THEY will set the limits.

    7. smas Says:

      I like how the chart sez 74% genetic and points to the brain… lulz

      It’s all genetic nimrods!

    8. Mark Says:

      Why wouldn’t nature hardcode for behavior and intelligence? If living things had to relearn everything everytime, they would have a low fitness.

    9. sgruber Says:

      Why wouldn’t nature hardcode for behavior and intelligence?

      Because John Locke said it doesn’t! He claimed that freedom from royalty depends on free will, meaning no inherited ideas.

      The thinking behind the “brain is a blank slate” theory is disgracefully bitty and conjectural. Here is a good short summary of the entire history behind the theory.

      Dig this little gem: “[According to Locke] each individual was free to define the content of his or her character – but his or her basic identity as a member of the human species cannot be so altered. It is from this presumption of a free, self-authored mind combined with an immutable human nature that the Lockean doctrine of ‘natural’ rights derives.”

      We have a free mind caged in an unfree body, presumably. This is scientific, anti-Platonic thinking? It is to laugh.

      Evolution doesn’t stop at the neck.

    10. Zarathustra Says:

      Isn’t Locke the guy who originally said that all men are created equal? Determinsm is responsible for most of who a person is or will ever be.

    11. gw Says:

      “All men are created equal.”

      The words were apparently first expressed by an Italian physician named Anthony Mazzei, then living in Virginia, a close friend of Jefferson’s. Jefferson evidently got the expression from him, not Locke. Mazzei later joined Jefferson in Paris, then served as the Polish consul in Paris, and later as privy councilor to the King of Poland who admired his service to the American revolution. After Poland’s absorbtion by Russia, he retired to Italy to live on a Pension from the Czar. After his death, his family returned to America. One of his daughters married the nephew of John Adams.

    12. SAGE Says:

      Ashkenazi Jews do well on IQ tests, both in visio spatial and cognitive reasoning. In other words they are G loaded for verbal acumen and also have good mathematical reasoning. Generally, the three dimensional reasoning(folding boxes) falls below that of Asians. The Ashkenazis were formed during their years in Europe. Remember, Israel was blown up by the Romans and Muslim hoardes, and hence caused the Jewish diaspora. The Ashkenazi became traders and bankers, often because they had to by way of legal restrictions in their host countries. These are high cognition professions and survival of the fittest insured the high intelligence Jews survived to pass on their genes. In other words, whites helped form the Ashkenazi tribe.

      Jewish religion is passed on by the wife. While in Europe, jewesses would select genetically fit white men, hence the blonde hair and blue eyes of many of today’s Ashkenazi. The matriarch would insure the Jewish religion was passed on to her progeny.

      Today, the Ashkenazi is segregated from his lower IQ palestinian brother Jew in Israel. Many of the settlers in the outer territories are the “darker palestinian semitic” type Jews. The European Ashkenazi tend to be the ruling class and reside in the cities and seats of power.

      In America, the Jewesses still out-marry into the white population, further changing the Genetic stock.

      Holding power and money is a function of Jewish history (traders and bankers and merchants) as well as being an outcast in their host countries. The religion (being god’s chosen people) allow them to stay psychologically separate from their host country.

      The relgion teaches separtism and superiority, much like Islam. Ties to the synagogue insures access to business savvy and capital. Additionally, money can circulate within and among Jewish businessmen, thus perpetuating the business class.

      White Christians would do well to emulate some of the practices of the Ashkenazi. The Church should have capital formation to enable business development and look out for the interest of fellow Christians.

      Jewish machinations on the world scene are backfiring in their face. South Africa is imploding and Liberal Jews are having to leave with the white flight. Central bankers are under the microscope and many are becoming aware. In America, the Jewish religion is being subsumed under multiculturalism and materialism. The same forces are also consuming Western Christianity.