11 March, 2009

Victory for Israel Lobby: Charles Freeman Jr. Quits

Posted by Socrates in Israel, Israel - the facts, jewed foreign policy, Socrates, Zionism, Zionist lobby at 10:48 pm | Permanent Link

Jewish political pressure forced him to resign. Jews didn’t like his views on Israel and they accused him of being too pro-Arab:

[Article] and [Article].

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  7. 7 Responses to “Victory for Israel Lobby: Charles Freeman Jr. Quits”

    1. Santos Trafficante Jr. Says:

      And people claim the “jewish lobby” is nothing more than a myth. All the while we have the spokesholes for the lobby bragging about taking Freeman down.

      BTW – is someone going to fix the settings at the Forum to allow TOR users to access the site? If not, it’s off to other forums who kick out the dreck instead of punishing everyone.

    2. Howdy Doody Says:

      VNNF has taken great joy in allowing Communist MF er’s lunatics and ever type of SOB who sucks the energy right out of White WORKING MEN.

      Only after in most cases 10,000 or more post’s does do the fruits and NKVD types get booted.

      Yes I know some who are extreme have been booted in a few hundered.

      Just my 2 cents.

    3. "Use all your well-learned politesse ..." Says:

      ” … or I’ll lay your soul to waste!”

      See also: Charles Freeman fails the loyalty test: http://www.salon.com/opinion/greenwald/2009/03/10/freeman/index.html

      And this confession from the inner party, Learning From Freeman’s Fall: http://www.commentarymagazine.com/blogs/index.php/tobin/58061

      ” … It is this press, above all, which wages a positively fanatical and slanderous struggle, tearing down everything which can be regarded as a support of national independence, cultural elevation, and the economic independence of the nation.

      Above all, it hammers away at the characters of all those who will not bow down to the Jewish presumption to dominate, or whose ability and genius in themselves seem a danger to the Jew. For to be hated by the Jew it is not necessary to combat him; no, it suffices if he suspects that someone might even conceive the idea of combating him some time or that on the strength of his superior genius he is an augmenter of the power and greatness of a nationality hostile to the Jew.

      His unfailing instinct in such things scents the original soul in everyone, and his hostility is assured to anyone who is not spirit of his spirit. Since the Jew is not the attacked but the attacker, not only anyone who attacks passes as his enemy, but also anyone who resists him. But the means with which he seeks to break such reckless but upright souls is not honest warfare, but lies and slander.

      Here he stops at nothing, and in his vileness he becomes so gigantic that no one need be surprised if among our people the personification of the devil as the symbol of all evil assumes the living shape of the Jew.

      The ignorance of the broad masses about the inner nature of the Jew, the lack of instinct and narrow-mindedness of our upper classes, make the people an easy victim for this Jewish campaign of lies.

      While from innate cowardice the upper classes turn away from a man whom the Jew attacks with lies and slander, the broad masses from stupidity or simplicity believe everything. The state authorities either cloak themselves in silence or, what usually happens, in order to put an end to the Jewish press campaign, they persecute the unjustly attacked, which, in the eyes of such an official ass, passes as the preservation of state authority and the safeguarding of law and order.

      Slowly fear of the Marxist weapon of Jewry descends like a nightmare on the mind and soul of decent people.
      They begin to tremble before the terrible enemy and thus have become his final victim.”

      -Mein Kampf

      “… Tell me baby, what’s my name
      Tell me honey, baby guess my name
      Tell me baby, what’s my name”

    4. "Tell me baby, what’s my name ..." Says:

      The following post was no doubt deemed “offensive” and disappeared into the memory hole overnight. Found initially here: http://thecable.foreignpolicy.com/posts/2009/03/10/freeman_speaks_out_on_his_exit

      Jew Hatred – a moral Imperative
      by georgann marks on Tue, 03/10/2009 – 10:34pm
      I’ll say it upfront. I HATE Jews. I hate Israel – for the reasons outlined by the Ambassador. The only way America will ever be free of this treasonous, murderous cancer on our culture and country is if more good men and women stand up to the “LOBBY”.

      The upside of this kind of character assassination is the change on the victims of the Jewish boot. WE NEVER FORGET – and it narrows our vision – and gaze.

      Don’t anybody ask “Why are they so hated, by all people, in all times?” —

      Freeman thrown under a bus, is just another bump under the Jewish boot. But he’s still alive, and still vocal. Victims of Jews will be heard in my lifetime.

      80 years is the max for this cancer. Its’ comin… and this time, with the help of 1.6 billion other victims…. we will have a final solution.

    5. -jc Says:

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      al neuman 1 day ago 1 point

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      Ackerman, what exactly is your problem? Do you not like your Daddy? Are you embarrassed by your last name, wishing perhaps it was more congruent with your WASP-wannabe first name?

      You like all other relentless critics of Israel, are an anti-Semitic ass. And worse, most likely a self-hating Jew.

      Get a life.

    6. Zarathustra Says:

      That Ben Smith is a real cowardly, PC douchebag. He always puts quotation marks around the term “Israeli Lobby” as if there were really no such thing except in the heated imaginations of people who despise Zionism and Jews.

      And the US does not “stand beside Israel”, you a-hole. The Jews with their money, media control and voting bloc force the US to do their bidding. Shabbot goy stooge.

    7. Zarathustra Says:

      Jean Luc Godard made an interesting 1970 film that centered on the recording sessions for “Sympathy for the Devil” by the Rolling Stones.