20 April, 2009

A Comment on Paul Gottfried’s Review of Cultural Insurrections

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by Dr. Kevin MacDonald: [Article].

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  7. 22 Responses to “A Comment on Paul Gottfried’s Review of Cultural Insurrections

    1. Antagonistes Says:

      Kevin MacDonald is so right on.

      Although I admire many of Gottfried’s writings, I am still somewhat wary of him, and his compatriots.

      The way MacDonald feels and writes is part of what I call the Vast, Silent Understanding. And I saw it in Germany.

      I was recently in Germany. On the train to Moseltern, my family and I started talking to a German woman. She brought Hitler up first, saying that Germans must be wary of following anyone because of the Hitler affair. I replied that I thought that Hitler was a reaction to communism, and that the U.S. should have stayed the hell out of it. I said this quite loudly, and my family started shussing me. The German woman did not say anything, but her eyes misted over.

      She also stated that the Germans she knows are appalled that Obama got elected president, although they like Arnold. She said that many Germans thought Bush was a complete dumbass, with which I heartily agreed.

      Germany is a great land! The face of Hermann de Cheruscer is on the covers of many magazines, which I take to be a good sign. And the German people themselves are top-notch. Do not believe any of the garbage you read about them, such as how German fathers are counseled to sexually stimulate their own daughters. Pure balderdash! I was going to ask them about this, but when I saw what decent people they were, I was ashamed that I had even thought about doing such a thing.

      Germany is a great country. I think, I really think, that, like Kevin MacDonald, they KNOW.

    2. zoomcopter Says:

      We have squandered a trillion dollars in Iraq and sacrificed nearly 5000 soldiers, in that war, not to find WMD, but to crush one of the many enemies of Israel. Saddam was paying the famiiles of suicide bombers 25,000 dollars for every bomber blowing themselves up in Israel. No cafe, bus or public gathering site was immune from suicide bombers in Israel. Saddam, and his support of suicide bombers, had to be stopped and Israel got us to do the dirty work. Anyone with half a brain can see that the war in Iraq, and the coming one with Iran, are Jewish motivated. That fact, in combination with, the collapse of the Wall Street banking system, should lead most any rational thinking person to the conclusion that, Jews have recently done great irreparable harm to the White Gentiles of America. That said, is there any widespaed discussion of how the Jews have led us to the brink of national ruin? None, that I can see or hear. Which leads me to the conclusion that our government, our economic system, and more importantly, the collective mindset of our professional/ruling class, has given up the ghost to the Jews. The Jews have won the Cultural War, and we are just now, getting word from the battlefield, that our leaders have surrendered. They signed a treaty with the Jews, which holds our children in perpetual servitude. Our children, their children, are now, and will be, indentured servants, servicing multi-trillion dollars debts, for all eternity. Our children also will fill the ranks of foot soldiers, for every present, and future war that Israel deems necessary. I think the battle is over. I think Kevin Mcdonald is putting the pieces of the puzzle together, disecting the methods and means, of how we were defeated, but the guns on the cultural battlefield, are silent, now. The American people have been conquered by a very clever and self-serving tribe of people, the eternal Jews.

    3. Junghans Says:

      And, a Mega-Bingo on that assessment, Zoom!
      White Americans are an occupied nation, a de-facto Jewish colony, so to speak. MacDonald’s writings are essentially a scholarly post-mortem of the perpetrators and their victims. The pathetic commentary on this biological travesty, is, that the clueless white bunnies are merely a gob of silly putty in the hands of the mind altering parasites.

    4. zoomcopter Says:

      Well, Junghans, at least there’s some consolation in knowing that there exist, a few rogue cattle, in this vast herd, that are immune to the psychological cattle prods of our tormentors. Cheers!

    5. Captainchaos Says:

      Gottfried is clearly covering for the Jews. His first loyalty is to the Jews.

    6. gw Says:

      Zoom says: “I think the battle is over. I think Kevin Mcdonald is putting the pieces of the puzzle together [after the fact], disecting the methods and means, of how we were defeated; but the guns on the cultural battlefield, are silent, now. The American people have been conquered by a very clever and self-serving tribe.”

      For once, I would like to disagree with Zoom. I certainly hope the battle is not “over”. It’s never over till it’s over. While there’s life, there’s hope. I think people, at least some, are waking up. Nor do agree that the Jews are so clever as many think they are. They’re devious and intensely ethno-centric and well organized, yes! But their intelligence is greatly over-estimated, if you’ve ever known many of them personally. And they’re a really screwed up people too, psychologically and mentally. Many of them are walking mental wrecks, no matter how much money, or degrees and possessions they have. (Look at Phil Spector for an outstanding example of this.)

      Yes, we are indeed an “occupied nation”, a huge colony at the service of its tiny master. But colonies can get free. And I would hope that McDonald’s masterful analyses are not merely a “post mortem” on the late victim.

      Whatsmore, it isn’t even really necessary to dissect the “puzzle” and analyze it. Most of it isn’t any great mystery at all. What’s truly amazing is that it has all been, pretty much, going on quite openly for all these many years, right out in broad daylight — for anyone with the interest to see it and take note. What most impresses me is not the cleverness of the Jews, but rather the bovine density of so many of our own! And yes, also the selfish venality and opportunism of our “leaders” who have been quite willing to sell their own kind out and make a strategic accommodation with our new set of rulers, just so long as their own positions of wealth and power will be untouched.

      But this doesn’t have to be. They are still walking on eggshells. And they know it! That is why they are determined to use their chance, while they’ve got it, to replace us or at least reduce us to a powerless, insignificant “minority”.

    7. old_dutch Says:

      There is no right or left, liberal or conservative. There are corporations & jews, and the White Americans who serve them.

      Gottfried is just a jew trying to get his nose under the tent.

    8. old_dutch Says:

      Btw, some of the wealthy supporters of Dr. MacDonald should consider sending the VNN newspaper project a few dollars.


    9. CW-2 Says:

      It’s only over to the extent that a sizeable proportion of the White population is in thrall to the media machine.
      Most people simply can’t break away from the 24/7 torrent of lies and half-truths pouring out of the jew tube. Break that power and people will recover their critical faculties.

      It isn’t over until WE win!

    10. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      Quite true. We hear continually about various White weaknesses. The thought control is damn near 100%. Half of Whites are on prozac or equivalent- a matter seldom discussed here. The prime directive must be breaking up the information monopoly.

      I’ve been radical since the sixties and only found about the hard core truth about hebrews this century.

      I found out about Butz’z book from an ad in the Spotlight. I found out about AMREN from an ad in Whorowitz’z Heterodoxy. (around 2000).
      Real liberation came from learning that JEWS TAKE ALL SIDES OF ALL ISSUES.

    11. Junghans Says:

      Well said too, GW. Your comment about the “bovine density” of our people is, of course, the gist of the problem. No, the racial war ain’t over yet, but the biological Rubicon is fast approaching, and it’s going to be an ugly, bloody, and brutal fight to the finish; as that’s the nature of the law of ‘the survival of the fittest’. As you allude, our ethnic opponents may be crafty, but hardly ‘fit’.

    12. Justin Huber Says:

      Good post Shabbos, the Jews do take all sides on all issues in order to always be on the winning side, no matter what it is. In this way, they’ve been able to get any administration in the White House to tow the line for them for a long time now. Just today, Obama, the poster child for cultural Marxism, said the US wouldn’t attend a UN conference on racism because the other nations in attendence would likely be critical of Israel. Reminds me of that famous lyric, “meet the new boss, same as the old boss”.

    13. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      I was thinking along the lines of fake opposition, like fox jews.

      “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”
      – Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

    14. gw Says:

      Justin said: “The Jews take all sides on all issues in order to be always on the winning side, no matter what it is.”

      The Jews do indeed play all sides. And not just play all sides, but CONTROL all sides.

      Despite such self-flattering claims as being “the conscience of the Senate” and other self-congratulatory nonsense, they have no loyalty to any fixed principles. Nothing beyond personal advantage.

      Their only loyalty is to victory. To “what’s good for the Jews.”

    15. Parsifal Says:

      Maybe the reason why most Whites aren’t too concerned with Jewish control of their society is because they are simply unaware of it most of the time. After all, most Jews reside in very expensive and exclusive neighborhoods that most Whites cannot afford to live in, attend elite private schools and have cushy, parasitic jobs that aren’t available to Whites.

      While the White Man works as a plumber or an electrician or a small business owner (useful, honest labor) and sends his kids to a state college or vocational school, the Jew “works” as an economic advisor at some big-deal policy institute or think tank, or he is an entertainment industry mogul, an international financier or a high-profile New York lawyer who sends his Semitic spawn to Harvard and Georgetown. The Jew travels in a higher realm from most Whites, but not because he is superior to the White, only more cunning, pushy and devious.

    16. Ein Says:

      “The Jew travels in a higher realm from most Whites, but not because he is superior to the White, only more cunning, pushy and devious.”

      And to that, you can add “clannish”.

      Yes, Jews (the great champions of integration!) practice a sort of self-segregation. It is largely economic segregation, but also cultural and religious. They pass in their own world. (Whites are not allowed to have our own world.)

      For this reason, many whites are barely aware of them. Their only contact is when the plumber goes to fix Mrs. Goldfarb’s sink, or the pool boy goes to clean her pool.

    17. Adam Says:

      It’s no accident that whites aren’t very aware of the role Jews have played and are playing in their destruction. They have been subjected to more than half a century of intense and unrelenting psychological warfare, blared out at them continuously and with monotonous uniformity from every arm of mass media and every “educational” establishment. No group in history has had to face this kind of force. As a consequence of the psychological control mechanisms that have been put in place, undue curiousity about who’s a Jew and who isn’t is strongly discouraged. Official statistics are not kept, ostensibly because noticing the outrageous disproportion of Jews in high places in government, mass media, and academia might be a source of “anti-Semitism”, and also because the official line is that Judaism is “only a religion”, and that shouldn’t matter, or so the story goes. Yet if any other religion had such disproportionate representation at such key cultural choke points, there would be screams of outrage.

      Gottfried is right about one thing: Whites were screwed the moment they accepted the idea that the USA should be a multicultural, multiracial country – a proposition nation – while Israel must be protected and encouraged to be a specifically Jewish state. Whether we need to go along with MacDonald in saying that Jewish actions were a “necessary but not a sufficient condition” for this to happen, or that “white guilt” is a complete explanation for it, is a separate issue. Both of these ideas are suggested, but not exactly proved by him. Strictly speaking, the first claim is obviously false, since there might have been some other group instead of Jews who became our adversaries, and they might have used similar techniques to obtain the same result. I also doubt the second claim. Real guilt, as a motivating factor in human relations, seems to me to be a rare thing. Injecting guilt as an explanation here also is an abuse of the concept, for how can one honestly feel guilty for someone else’s actions? I question the sincerity, and perhaps the sanity, of any contemporary white who claims to feel guilty about slavery, or the Holocaust. Unquestionably such people exist, but they are being controlled by an intricate series of cultural factors, chiefly coordinated by the educational/mass media/government complex I mention above. Conditioned guilt is wholly inadequate as an explanation, and makes the mass psychosis that has infected our people seem far too voluntary. Lemming psychology and a carefully calculated estimation of individual benefit provides a better explanation.

    18. Antagonistes Says:

      WHERE ….. IS ….. “NEW AMERICA”???!

    19. Howdy Doody Says:

      The title is a little misleading here – it is not ‘may be’ but ‘will be’. The New Zealand Geographic Board moreover is not some neutral board – but one dominated by minorities and their pc lapdogs.

      New Zealand main islands may be given Maori names

      * April 23, 2009

      AFTER more than 200 years, New Zealand’s North and South Islands may soon be known by Maori names.

      After officials found that the existing names had never been adopted in law, pressure has increased from Maori nationalists for them to be replaced. But opponents called the idea “political correctness of the worst kind”.

      The New Zealand Geographic Board, the statutory body responsible for gazetting place names, said it stumbled on the anomaly after a member of the public proposed changing the name of South Island to Te Wai Pounamu.

      The Maori name means “place of greenstone” after the island’s jade outcrops. Maori know North Island as Te Ika a Maui or “the fish of Maui”, after a legend that the god Maui hauled the island up from the sea while fishing.

      Don Grant, the chairman of the geographic board, said they would consult Maori tribes in the next few weeks then put suggestions to the wider public next year. He said the Maori names might run in tandem, or replace the current names altogether.

      Hone Harawhira, a Maori Party MP, said it was time to drop the North and South island names, which had no connotations.

      “We think it’s a great idea,” said Paul Yeo, of the Travel Agents Association.

      But Michael Laws, the mayor of Wanganui, said: “It is political correctness of the worst kind.”


    20. Howdy Doody Says:

      Mickey snake Savage, second hour and about twenty minutes to the the April 22 show.

      Blondes, blues eyes, WASPS, bush etc.

      Many WN’s wrote over the last five years that bushy and other Whites be held up as cause and reason for the mess we are in. I do not listen to nor like talk radio at all.

      Though if you listen now and then while driving like I did earlier you can hear the total boloney and misleading non sense that is hurled on US!

    21. Parsifal Says:

      And then what happens after New Zealand gets re-named Ooga-Booga Land? Does anyone think it will stop there? No, the next thing Whites in NZ will be expected to do is to get down on their knees and allow their cowardly throats to be cut open by the aboriginal savages while profusely appologizing to their executioners for being White.

    22. Truthteller Says:

      White’s don’t understand that we have a biological problem. That 2050 looms as the headstone for our race. You can’t change a problem, until you understand that you have a problem. Years of agiprop and demoralization has taken it’s toll.