2 April, 2009

A Tale of Two Disasters (in Black and White): New Orleans vs. Fargo

Posted by Socrates in black behavior, black culture, blacks, Hurricane Katrina, race, racial differences, Socrates at 12:17 am | Permanent Link

by Kevin Lamb: [Here].

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  7. 8 Responses to “A Tale of Two Disasters (in Black and White): New Orleans vs. Fargo”

    1. Vaultner Says:

      I can’t get the page to work, it freezes up. But from what I can read it wouldn’t surprise me if some liberal lackey computer geek doesn’t want the comparison to get out.

    2. Susan Says:

      Worked fine for me. Of course, this is yet another fine example of the difference between niggers and Whites. We couldn’t be more different in almost every way of any significance. We simply are not the same species–pure and simple.

      My big question after each of these fine examples of how different Whites are from niggers is THIS: How many MORE examples does White America need to be shown???

      Let’s see, from recent memory we have the riots from the Rodney King police trial, OJ Simpson, Brian Nichols-the Atlanta Courthouse shooter, Katrina niggerspectacle, the Wichita Massacre, The Knoxville Horror, all the unnamed unknown White females raped and/or killed by niggers every year, and I know I’m forgetting many other instances of nigger violence and savagery. I mean, it just gets mindnumbing after a while to remember it all. And, of course, the everyday crime committed by niggers everywhere in this country.

      How much more must happen before White America en masse stands up and says ENOUGH!!!!

      White America wakes up after each event, but the jew has so beaten down and intimidated Whitey that White America tries to respond appropriately and is immediately told to shut up racist!!!! And so Whitey does just that. End of story.

      We can’t seem to get beyond this point. We’ve got to get beyond this point for anything to happen.

      And tea parties or the Fair Tax isn’t going to solve our problems.

    3. Vaultner Says:

      “Worked fine for me. Of course, this is yet another fine example of the difference between niggers and Whites.”

      Hey you’re not calling me a nigger now are ya? LOL

    4. Susan Says:

      Oh…..hahahaha…..of course not!!! I just realized how that must have sounded when you read it. Didn’t mean for it to read QUITE that way.

      Sorry ’bout that Vaultner.

    5. sgruber Says:

      Blacks and Whites need to live in separate nations. Period.

      Who’s stopping this from happening? The jews and their toadies. Period.

      The time has come to get rid of all the jews.

    6. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      A video of niggers rioting in Fargo:


    7. Vaultner Says:


      Nope no niggers there to riot, no niggers = no problems. God bless the freezin frickin cold I guess.

    8. Ein Says:

      No, it wasn’t the cold that explains it. Guess again.