14 April, 2009

Free Talk Live Tuesday April 7th with Mark Faust

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Federal Reserve Bank Chairman Ben Shalom Bernanke prays to Yahweh for salvation from VNN’s Free Talk Live radio show; fears of Jewish money-fraud exposure remain high.

Comcast, the internet provider for the anti-Semitic, neo-Nazi, grand dragon of the United States Ku Klux Klan, hate-speech internet radio show host Mark Faust remains under scrutiny for its role in the promotion of hate by agreeing to send a technician out to repair the anti Semitic high speed internet connection needed for Mark Faust to broadcast his hate to the world via the world wide web. Advertisers have been dropping Comcast amid pressure from the Jewish lobby of the United States and others from around the world. Abe Foxman of the Anti Defamation League remarked “Companies like Comcast will not go unnoticed OR unpunished for their disregard of the feelings of the noble Jews around the world”.

Researchers for the ADL discovered that tonight’s Free Talk Live episode was scheduled to be an anti-Semitic think tank of gentiles discussing ways to possibly circumvent the Fed’s fraudulent money scam currently used by the United States and Europe. In the wake of this news Federal Reserve chairman Ben Shalom Bernake scheduled an emergency press conference to help keep any anti Semitic backlash from reaching the Jewish community. “we print the United States money supply and charge interest on it for the good of the people” said Bernake “Without Jewish bankers providing this service, poor, helpless minorities would never be able to buy homes and cars that they cannot afford”.

“VNN must be stopped!”
Former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan
makes an emotional plea.

Special Guests: Bud White, Mishko Novosel, VNNF pet Negro DeShawn Williams

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    6. 21 Responses to “Free Talk Live Tuesday April 7th with Mark Faust”

      1. confederate Says:

        the “anti-defamation league” is mis-identified. it should read the “american (israeli)-defamation league”

      2. DataMiner Says:

        “Companies like Comcast will not go unnoticed OR unpunished for their disregard of the feelings of the noble Jews around the world”

        Let us know when you find a noble jew and we’ll kiss your ass.

        GO MIKE!

        “doooooooooooooot cooooooooooooooom”

      3. DataMiner Says:

        er….. i mean mark… god damn it! I fucked that up. Sorry.

      4. Varg Says:

        Archive posted. I think i got a case of the black condition.. no wait If i did the archive wouldnt be posted till next week lol

      5. Stan Sikorski Says:

        Great work Mark. Keep it alive!

      6. Z.O.G. Says:

        ADL = Ashkenazi Defecation League


      7. sorin Says:

        Letting that nigger talk is such a waste. he is a low intelligence monkey who just repeats the same slogans used over and over again.
        a good example of a nigger fooled by the jew that he is human…as Linder says, I think.
        I think that,s what you should have lead the conversation with him
        toward. Letting him rant is just a waste.

      8. John Says:

        Is the pet Negro DeShawn Williams going to be a regular from now on? Hopefully he goes and studies up on the Jews.
        I would also like to see the guys get some Jew aware nigger from the Nation Of Islam on the air and discuss how we can work together to defeat the Jew and create a living space for blacks where they can live and control their own destiny, far away from whites.

      9. DataMiner Says:

        Well, let’s recap. Here is the show summarized.

        1. Educated Nigger guest.
        2. Educated Nigger guest confirms that he doesn’t know the difference in kikes and whites.
        3. Educated Nigger refuses to answer the question of whether or not he wants to fuck a white girl.
        4. Educated Nigger spouts typical Jew cliches, and of course, taking it all the way back to “the slave days”. (No, none of us saw that coming. )
        5. Educated Nigger explains that Egyptians were actually Niggers? This begs the question… Why have niggers in Africa not built a pyramid, or really, anything other than a hut made from cow shit?
        No, say that shit in Egypt and see what happens. You won’t have the kikes to defend you there. You’ll just get your ass shot off. I’ll buy the plane ticket. Go over there and call them niggers.
        6. Educated Nigger explains that the pirates from somalia are not niggers, but actually arabs / persians? Jesus Christ!
        7. And I’ve saved the best for last here… Educated Nigger spouts the “we all came from Africa” theory. If we all came from Africa… why have you not yet evolved? You’re still in a nigger state and we are now whites? Is it that you didn’t evolve… or is it that we are not even the same creature.




        We don’t want to hear jew theories spouted by parroting niggers who don’t even know the origin of the arguments they make.

        We don’t want to hear niggers making excuses for the fucked up-ness of other niggers.


        I’m with Soren, it is a waste to entertain niggers. (This one, I suspect, is a mulatto, but still) While some may enjoy listening to whites destroy niggers in a debate, for the rest of us it’s just beating a dead horse.

        My point: Can we not even have a racist talkshow without the nigger invading it. Can we have nothing exclusively to ourselves? Even here, EVEN HERE GOD DAMN IT, I HAVE TO LISTEN TO A NIGGER SPOUT JEW LIES? SHIT!

        Special thanks to Mishko… (Sorry, I know I’m no doubt spelling your name wrong) because Mishko came with a set of balls.

        Anyway, it was a good show and entertaining, but the reason I tune in is to hear what Mark, Bud, and Alex… I want to hear what you have to say as the economy. The show was billed as honest talk about the kikery and the economy. That’s why we tuned in. Incidentally, we had a “tea bag” party and invited our lemmings from work, but when they got here, it went straight to VNN and the show. I know Mark doesn’t do his show for the lemming. That point he has made clear. However, from Alex’s last show in the media link,— we took those arguments, erased the words like kike, nigger, and such— and it was applauded in an office presentation. Everyone knows what’s going on, but they refuse to accuse the source of it. See that? So anyway, it was a good show, but we wanted another show like Alex did about the economy. Mark talked about bundled toxic assets in a previous show and explained it beautifully. It was all about how the same nigger with the home loan is the same nigger with the car loan, is the same nigger trying to sell kike art (abstract) with a kike financier approving the loan. That was the shit we wanted to hear. Go back to that and hit us with the topic you billed in the preview. We know Mark is sharp, we know Alex is sharp, we know Bud is smart… Mishko and all the rest. We want a god damn show about the economy, we want to use these arguments and filter them to reach our office lemmings so that they know why we don’t do business with the kikes. If they don’t understand it after that, we’re going to fire their fucking asses. So see… when I saw this preview, I was balls to the wall rounding up the guys for an impromptu after hours working lunch. (Which really just turns into a working drunk) Anyway, we respect you guys, but we are requesting, not demanding a goddamn sharp as a razor show about the kikery and the economy.



      10. DataMiner Says:

        just a little more about something irrelevant to the pod cast… in case some of you are Alex Jones fans … he stole the design from William Campbell who was assassinated by the U.S. government. If you google “William Campbell , Mystery Babylon” you will see the truth about the origin of man in general, but more specifically, the kike. It’s not a pretty truth, but an ugly one. You will question your own religion after hearing this series. He was a decorated AF man from the vietnam era who held the first of the awakening type broadcasts. He didn’t blame the jews, but the power elites. He was a cowan. (if you know what that means) And it got him killed. Anyway, if you want the true origin of the kike… listen to this series and you will understand the myth that is kike supremacy.

        The one trinity that they understand is merely this:

        ISIS RA EL

        These are cananite gods that they stole from various places. You will understand where yahweh and all that comes from. You will understand the blended idea of American Christmas. I know a lot of people will break my face for telling you this, but this guy, while he was a conspiracy type, did offer much to reveal to you the things that have been, and the things to come. He saw all this coming.

        Kikes are not actually descendants of Judea. They are fucked out bastard diaspora of cananites and slaves from egypt. This is the origin of kikery. They have NO RIGHT to call themselves jews. Actual jews are people that are nearly extinct. These kikes are bastards claiming a heritage that they were dispossessed of long ago.

        R.I.P. Bill Campbell

        He loved the truth.

      11. DataMiner Says:

        last post:

        simply this:

        ISIS , RA, EL = ISRAEL

        How in the fuck can anyone miss that origin? Find that origin and you will truly understand the kike. HEY NIGGER DESHAWN, GOOGLE DAT SHIT YOU EDUCATED NIGGER. Then you will know that niggers are nothing more than pawns for the kike. Ask Farakahn, ask that new york city nigger with the hair, al sharpton. THEY KNOW SOMETHING YOU DON’T YOU NIGGER. WAKE UP. LEAD YOUR PEOPLE OUT OF THE LIES OF THE KIKE. That is the duty of a mulatto, which you most certainly are… which Obama positively is…. you like him? realize that he is not a standard nigger, but a mulatto. Don’t be a nigger, be a mulatto. Claim your fucking white-ness. I would.

      12. shabbos s shabazz Says:

        I presume you mean William Cooper (Navy, not AF):


        Maybe he didn’t blame jews, but he was constantly ragging on the ADL.

      13. shabbos s shabazz Says:

        Here, on 6/28/2001 Cooper predicts a major event, to scare the sheeple into supporting the establishment:


      14. James Hawthorne Says:

        Mark – Great show – VNNB is back!

        I could feel Stan Sikorski saying “is it true”..

      15. Howdy Doody Says:

        If you do simple searches on “Bank of America was founded,” you get anything but that Hamilton had anything to do with it. If you dig, you find that the Bank of America was wholly funded by The Bank of England. It may have even been founded in England as “The Bank of North America”. I’m not real sure, but filtering all the web reading I’ve done, this seems to be the case.

        As for The Chase Manhattan Bank, it looks the same, though it’s predecessor was “The Bank of the Manhattan Company”. Still if you dig, it seems that it too was wholly funded, chartered (whatever) by The Bank of England.

        I don’t think the banks like for us peasants to know this.


      16. James Hawthorne Says:

        Great show Mark

        Showing the difference between the races is indeed a Nobel effort.

        Can we have a thread for people to post comments and copy n paste.. But not on the main page.

        Main page should be 130 only

      17. sky writer Says:

        Painful to listen to that negro talk. I didn’t hear one thing that he was willing to do to help whites out with, yet he was admonishing us for talking and thinking the way we do about blacks. But I think the interview was useful anyways.

        Every time you talk about groups of people, they say, “I don’t like to generalize,” or “I’m not like that.” This still doesn’t address the issue and is a cop out.

        And they can’t stop talking about slavery. If they’re still pissed about slavery, we’ll be more than happy to send them back. That’s one government program I’d be more than happy to be taxed the shit out of.

        We need to get off the idea of having to explain ourselves to the blacks, kikes, women, or whoever. We are not going to convince them of anything. Why do you think they joined forces with the jew in the first place?

        We don’t need them, they need us! They are panicking because they see their gravy train pulling away. They know who pays the bills in a modern culture. Don’t be fooled by their supposed sympathy with our cause. We owe no one an explanation for how we want to run our society.

        Thank God that Mishko came in and laid it down. Still, it’s all about the Jew really.

      18. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

        I thought we had some sort of consensus that congoids are not human.

        Yet, talking to them implies that they are human. This is the schizophrenic view that got us here!

        Timothy Treadwell thought that bears, and teddy bears, were the same. That view cost him his life.


      19. Ein Says:

        “We need to get off the idea of having to explain ourselves to the blacks, kikes, women, or whomever. We are not going to convince them of anything. Why do you think they joined forces with the jew in the first place? “- Skywriter

        That’s a good question. I think that one of the main reasons is because we all seek to be on the winning team. It’s a natural desire to be counted among the winners. Nobody loves a loser. Nobody wants to be on the losing team.

        When they saw, after 1945 — and even more so after 1965 — that being a “minority” was the way to go, everyone wanted to jump on the minority bandwagon and share in the spoils being wrung out of the rest of society. Led by the Jews, minorities (of any kind) were placed on a pedestal. Minorities became sacred cows who not be criticized. All because of the manipulations of the “Major Minority” (I’m not talking actual numbers here; real numbers have nothing to do with it).

        And, I must say, it’s been paying off very handsomely for the Minority Coalition ever since. They have won all their wars (against the rest of us). If you could have bought stock in it, you’d be rich! But they’ve become over-confident. They may just over-reach themselves.

      20. dataminer Says:


        You’re right, it is William Cooper. Thanks for the correction. Anyway, the mystery babylon series was really interesting for me.

      21. Dawn Landry Says:

        Great show-@ first I couldn’t listen to your guest and turned it off
        several times and listened to it much later(now). I get sick of evrything being afro-centric. Mark in Cali is my hero-Let ‘em have it
        Mark (Mishko). This is better than a prize fight.

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