8 April, 2009

Geithner’s Dirty Little Secret

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by F. William Engdahl: [Article].

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  7. 12 Responses to “Geithner’s Dirty Little Secret”

    1. confederate Says:

      not surprizing.

    2. Old_Dutch Says:

      Hiding out in the open as usual:

    3. Fenrir Says:

      The American people have only just gotten used to hearing about Billions of dollars, and now reading this article and learning about the Fed’s recent infusion of $1 trillion into the economy (money from nowhere), it appears the American sheeple will soon be hearing about Trillions.

      JP Morgan Chase holds $88 trillion in derivatives? Are these numbers accurate? These figures dwarf the amount of money in circulation by over a hundred fold. What happens when some of the castle in the sky money the Jewish bankers have created spills over into the real economy? Massive inflation and complete devaluation of the dollar, is what.

      America is on the fast track to ruin, thanks to the Jewish spirit that has infected this nation in every way.

    4. Old_Dutch Says:

      Btw, there is no proof what-so-ever that Geithner is of jewish ancestry. Matter of fact, Geithner reminds me of a thin version of a fellow who owns a chain of fairly famous German restaurants!

      I am persoanlly acquainted with this German restauranteur, and I am not one of his fans. I have always thought the guy was somewhat of a know it all self-absorbed a$$hole. But, I assure you that he is a German know it all self-absorbed a$$hole. LOL.

      Now if the retauranteur were proved to be of jewish ancestry, or a secret member of the jew cult, that would explain it. LOL.

      So, I’m writing Geithner off as a German a$$hole. LOL. Don’t make the mistake of listing Geithner as a jew in the VNN newpaper.

    5. Voir Dire Says:

      “So, I’m writing Geithner off as a German a$$hole.”
      — Old Dutch

      I’m not so sure about that. Before Geithner was “selected” by Obama’s handlers as Chief Vampire guarding the bloodbanksters’ misdeeds and all the feigned outrage by our Plutocracy about his not being “fast-tracked” due to being a tax cheat emerged, I looked him up on Wikipedia to learn more about his background. It was then posted on Wikipedia (which carefully censors incriminating details about their brethren), that Geithner’s mother or father (I no longer recall which) was prominent in the (subversive organization aimed at curtailing WHITE births) “Planned Parenthood.” It is now visibly missing. This clued me in that he is very likely at least part Jewish.

      The Jew Mafia/Banking Cartel seldom let anyone (recall Boosh Jr’s Treasury Secretary O’ Neal resigned under pressure and proceeded to spill the beans about Bush & his real Masters’ plan to wage war on Iraq just days into his administration and well before the Bush/Mossad 9/11 conspiracy) into the inner sanctum of the Vampires Club that’s not a fellow tribal member. Geithner was carefully groomed (just like Jew Lawrence Summers) for key positions (note as usual the common denominator, one of the biggest enemies of Whites to ever inhabit our nation, Henry Kissinger) in the Federal Reserve Banks, and criminal extraordinaire Lawrence Summers and Geithner both made huge piles of money from this incredible theft of the American people, and Summers’ played a huge role in helping dismantle the Glass Steagall regulations for the final epic ongoing pillaging.

      And lo and behold, we now learn that Jew financial whiz/guru who has used his enviable wisdom to bankroll himself into one of the richest men on the planet (recall who he donated his “entire fortune” to: fellow Jew Bill Gates foundation who funds every subversive cause imaginable – 20 million alone to La Raza and openly lobbies for no limits on H1B visas), but Whites’ still think he’s an admirable, swell guy) Warren Buffet is one of the biggest beneficiaries of all from this unbelievable shakedown of a rotting hulk of a once great nation (see: Buffett, champion of bailout, is also leading beneficiaryhttp://www.mcclatchydc.com/homepage/story/65496.html). Our gentile reporters who still work for the deservedly failing Jews’ news have connected-the-dots and can no longer stomach this blatant thievery by these gloating, financial pirates.

    6. Voir Dire Says:

      I caught part of a VERY good documentary last night (sometimes the Jews’ news lets the mask slip) on MSNBC entitled “House of Cards” regarding the sub-prime mortgage fiasco and the banksters’ repackaging those fraudulently obtained loans into CDO’s and passing them off as triple A rated investments to unsuspecting buyers. That completely evil, hook-nosed, beady-eyed
      vampire who followed his marching orders from the Jews’ Federal Reserve and engineered his brethren’s artificial housing bubble, Alan Greenspan, closed with some very telling words after being asked by the host if it was all just unfathomable greed to which he replied “yes” whilst nodding in agreement and stated (I paraphrase as best I can) that “this species” (code word for his fellow robber barons) “will many, many years down the road be engaged in fomenting this same kind of financial shenanigans” (code for financially wrecking/fleecing the Gentiles). If you get the chance to see this most revealing documentary (likely will air again), I highly recommend it.
      Of course it is now well known that what
      the banksters’ did is they got our bought-and-paid-for Congress (best Congress money can buy!) and puppet Bush to advocate home ownership (under the usual auspices of benevolent intentions -social justice) for the (Gag… Dare I say it?”) disadvantaged minorities” as they KNEW down the road after they’d made oceans of money off of the loan processing and then boucou bucks off all the suckers that bought their garbage “restructured products” that there would be MASSIVE defaults. But they PLANNED all along to stick this mess on the backs of the sinking cash-cow American taxpayers’ (socialized the risks; privatized the profits straight into their own tax-sheltered bank accounts – see: Rich Americans Sue UBS to Keep Names Secret –

      We are truly a nation of willfully ignorant dumb-asses.

    7. sgruber Says:

      Olde Dutch says:

      “There is no proof what-so-ever that Geithner is of jewish ancestry.[…] I’m writing Geithner off as a German a$$hole.”

      According to the Jewish Chronicle, Geithner is a jew. (Thanks KraftArt.)

      Jews always lie to non-jews, but lie to each other only 50% of the time. So take this with a grain of salt.

      Keep after those German assholes, Olde Dutch.

    8. Ein Says:

      Speaking of Geithner, that was discussed here several months ago. I was initially hesitant about jumping to conclusions without better proof, but in time I became convinced.

      And also, almost anyone having something to do with Federal Reserve, Treasury, etc. — anything at all to do with money — is practically guaranteed to be a Jew.

      If I recall (and speaking from memory) I think his father-in law had said he was a Presbyterian or Episcopalian…(?) Something not uncommon for rich Jews. But of course, that’s just a deception. We’re not talking about religion here! We’re talking about tribal loyalties.

    9. Voir Dire Says:


      A HUGE thank you!!! I have been looking for bona fide proof; YOU, Sir, provided it.

    10. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      Creepy Google Search Trends: Is Geithner Jewish?

      I don’t know whether Tim Giethner, President Obama’s Treasury Secretary, is Jewish, and I certainly don’t care. Which is why I was surprised, and pretty creeped out, to see that the search query “geithner jewish” is one of Google’s top phrases surrounding his name. Here’s a screenshot from Google Insights for Search, which uses Google’s search data to show trends:

      Data like this are triggering a ’spidey sense’ among Jews about rising anti-semitism. (One blog doesn’t even seem to think it’s outrageous to ask: “Are we seeing the collapse of the Jewish Empires that control much of the Financial resources on Wall Street?“) Last year at Rosh Hashanah service, my rabbi actually came right out and discussed openly the prominence of Jewish names in the financial world – many contributors to our financial debacle last fall. And there was much debate and discussion in the Jewish community regarding Bernie Madoff: was it appropriate that he was often identified as being Jewish in the press? Considering that his victims included Yeshiva University and many Jewish charities, we must acknowledge that his Jewishness is relevant to the story.

      Back to Tim Geithner. The prominence of “jewish” searches relating to his name might reveal a paranoia or anti-semitism, or (and I hope this is true!), it might just be other Jewish people wondering if he’s one of the tribe. (He’s not). The irony here is that the Jew-haters and many Jews alike will claim that a disproportionate number of prominent, successful people are Jewish. It’s one thing, I suppose, on which they can both agree.
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    11. Ein Says:

      The prominence of “jewish” searches relating to his name might reveal a paranoia or anti-semitism

      Or maybe just a healthy and growing awareness?
      And why would that “creep you out”?

    12. Ein Says:

      According to Tzvee’s Talmudic Blog:


      No, Timothy Geithner, Barack Obama’s secretary of the treasury, is not a Jew.

      On 11/22/2008 I received an email reply from Geithner’s father-in-law, Prof. Albert Sonnenfeld, confirming that, “Geithner (is) not Jewish, (he was) raised Episcopalian, but (is) hardly religious now…. ”

      The reference in Wikipedia that previously (up to 11/2008) said he is a Jew – was removed.

      Geithner was president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. Geithner of Larchmont, N.Y.
      ….he is married to Carole M. Sonnenfeld .

      He was “raised” Episcopalian. That’s the give-away. I don’t care what his religion is (and he’s not a good Episcopalian now, anyway.) And this according to his father-in-law, Prof. Sonnenfeld (a very Jewish name, I note).

      And maybe the orthodox Jews don’t consider him a religious Jew. But we’re not talking about religious Jews either.

      Sorry, I’m not convinced, Prof. Sonnenfeld. You’ll have to do better than that.