22 April, 2009

Jew-Dyke Playing to a Packed House of Goy Women

Posted by Socrates in Brutus, Socrates at 1:23 am | Permanent Link

jew dyke

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  7. 51 Responses to “Jew-Dyke Playing to a Packed House of Goy Women”

    1. Old_Dutch Says:

      The jew mob is going all out to get a casino issue on the ballot in Ohio. There also, is what appears to be, an Irish-Italian catholic mob pushing for casinos in Ohio too. Sometimes you gotta wonder who is greasier the catholics or the jews. LOL.

    2. 2050 Says:

      ‘Cept those ‘Italians’ probably have some pretty big schnauzes. You know Sicily was a major haven for jews who fled the Romans in the 1st century. Most Italians have normal noses, except for Hollywood Italians and Mob Italians.

      But that has nothing to do with the Cartoon we should be commenting on here. Which btw, is spot on.

    3. Old_Dutch Says:

      Nancy Pelosi is about as greasy as they get, a “goooda” Italian catholic girl. LOL.

    4. Marwinsing Says:

      BRUTUS you’re on it mate I know those pieces of shit.

    5. Andrei's Ghost Says:

      Ms California Sparks Furor With Human-Animal Marriage Comments on Ms USA Telecast

      Monday , April 21, 2036

      by Rev Andrei Yustschinsky, Horse “Trainer” & New Age Pastor

      Ms North Carolina Kristen Dalton was crowned Ms USA on Sunday, but the big story to come out of the normally politics-free telecast was Ms California’s comments regarding animal-human (beastiality) marriage.

      When asked by judge Perez Hilton, who is openly married to a very large grayhound dog and a gossip blogger, whether she believed in human-animal marriage, Ms California, Gary Prejeans, said “We live in a land where you can choose human-human marriage or human-animal. And you know what, I think in my country, in my family, I think that I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a man or a woman and a woman and not a human and some big ol’ horny donkey. No offense to anybody out there, but that’s how I was raised.”

      Keith Lewis, who runs the Ms California competition, tells FUXNews.com that he was “saddened” by Prejeans’s statement.

      “As co-director of the Ms California USA, I am personally saddened and hurt that Ms California believes marriage rights belong only to a human and a human,” said Lewis in a statement. “I believe all religions should be able to ordain what ever unions they see fit, whether it be Adam and Steve or Eve and Rover. I do not believe our government should be able to discriminate against anyone and religious beliefs have no politics in the Ms California family and you have to remember too that were not living in 2009.”

      Rev Andrei Yustschinsky reporting from “on the spot & in the parking lot” of the Saint Sanchez Episcopal Church-Barn in KENNEBUNKPORT, Maine, 04046

    6. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      Music break. Marty Robbins, Big Iron and Ghost Riders in the Sky:



    7. zoomcopter Says:

      Exception to the above rule, always carry to full term any mulatto and expend all your resources upon it, in the hopes that it will grow up to become the next Marionette-in-Chief.

    8. J Booth Says:

      There are Catholics, jews, and then irrelevant, imbicilic pieces of maggot-infused garbage like you, old_dutch.

      I thought I already asked you nicely to kill yourself?

    9. Old_Dutch Says:

      Oh, the poor little papist got his feelings hurt. Or maybe the poor little jewboy? Which is it? Or is it booth? LOL. Be sure and say a Holy Mary for your rabbi to bless his casino in Rome.

    10. One of 55 million Says:

      I think that’ll do, Old_Dutch. I have the good fortune to live in one of the wealthiest and safest counties in California and I am here to tell you that the largest ethnicity by far are Italian Catholics. Your remarks remind me of the crap I had to deal with when I went to spend a summer with my paternal grandmother in Wyoming. I was a Catholic kid from San Francisco-those Heartland squareheads never missed an opportunity to make me feel uncomfortable. My Catholicsm suggested to them that I must be one of those EYE-talian types. Stupid of them, since they knew my GERMAN grandmother. I kept mum, but I longed to stick it right in their faces about how yes, my granfather-by-marriage was a Genovese…I never knew my maternal grandfather..an Oxford-educated Dutchman who abandoned my grandmother and mother to pursue whatever it was that made him come to America- he died under mysterious circumstances sometime later.

      Anyway, my entire life has been spent as part of the enormous Italian community in this part of Cal’ and I am eternally grateful for that. You won’t find another community more giving or that have such a great joy in the big and the small of everyday life. And I would tell you that they’re far prouder and much closer to their European roots than any other white group of my aquaintence.

      If I could remember how to say it in Italian-I’d tell ya’ to go sh*t in your hat.

      P.S. One of the few bright spots to be found on the phosphorescent Synagogue is the effervescent and drop-dead gorgeous Giada De Laurentiis. Viva Italia!

    11. Parsifal Says:

      “Feminist”…….What an ironic term that is. Those harpies, hags and gorgons are not the least bit feminine.

    12. Old_Dutch Says:

      You are in denial, and that’s not a river in Egypt. LOL.

      What will you do when Pelosi & her fellow Italian catholics give-a-way the rest of California to Mexico? Do what the estimable Joe Guzzardi did, and flee to Pennsylvania? LOL.

      I’ve read press reports that your leader, pro-abortion Nancy Pelosi is engineering the complete Mexican takeover of California in meetings held in catholic churches. Of course Nancy has plenty of help from the Irish catholic bishops & cardinals too. That maybe Pelosi’s fall back position if things go sour. The “mickies” made me do it. Or the jews forced me into it. LOL.

      Btw, are you related to Ms. Pelosi?

    13. Moron Removal Service Says:

      Heidi Hey, Heidi Ho!
      Old_Dutch has got to go!
      Heidi ho, Heidi Hey!
      Old_Dutch must go away!

      Dig it!

    14. Old_Dutch Says:

      Another papist, or is it a marrano in denial? You can’t deny the factual basis of what I’ve said, and you know it!

      And I could say a lot more. LOL.

    15. Moron Removal Service Says:

      I’m sure you could say a lot more, Old_Dutch, but somehow, you never say anything. So once more:

      Heidi Hey, Heidi Ho!
      Old_Dutch has got to go!
      Heidi Ho, Heidi Hey!
      Old_Dutch must go away!

      Sing it with me, my bothers!

    16. One of 55 million Says Says:

      Alter_Dutch..I tink you needs to schtop mit the Ketel ,alr-r-ready!

      Denial? I’ve lived in California my entire life..I KNOW what’s happening here and I’m a witness every day to the one-sided war for control of THIS state and the other 49. My affection for my extended Italian family quite obviously DOES NOT include those individuals who are part and parcel of the system. Do you think I should have more contempt for Italian-descended politicians than I do for those who share my German/Dutch heritage? Should racially-aware Irish-Americans have any less contempt for a certain politician that practiced Abortion-By-Oldsmobile and has been at the forefront of every anti-white, anti-American piece of legislation that has become law over the last 40 or so years? I would hope not. And why don’t you see that every institution in this country..Hell, the WORLD..is working for our destruction? Show me one christian denomination that ISN’T recruiting Caribs & mestizos as fast as they can get them here. Show me an advertisement from any major American corporation that doesn’t feature a stoopid helpless white fool being “helped” by a Kindly Magical Negro or “out-smarted” by a Strong,Independent Wymmyn. And what government agency be it state, local or federal isn’t an Affirmative Action no-go zone? Are you kidding..you are, aren’t you?

      Just so you know-not that I give a french-fuck-in-aspic whether you do or not..I am not a practicing Catholic and haven’t been since I was confirmed more years ago than I care to remember. I’m with the senior Gibson on that account. But I respect those of my kin that are-it would do me no good to upset them at this point. My politics leave me with very few people I care to associate with and some of the best of them (including the racially aware ones) are practicing “Catlicks” (g). It makes no more sense to me to offend them than it does to indulge in divisive and snarky flame wars with
      posters on forums. Infighting is wine to your enemies and makes you a laughing stock. I’m done with that.

      So go back to your Jesuit/Papal/Roman Kahnspiracy sites..they’re all the same anyway. If anyone’s living in a dreamworld, it’s you. Probably in some Anglo-Saxon-Protestant storybook berg that the local politicos & Crips-tians can’t wait to put the skids under.

      Ciao, Baby!

      P.S. Obsessing over Nancy Pelosi to the exclusion of all the other bastards is a very, very NeoCon thing to do. Are you really Michael Savage?

    17. Old_Dutch Says:

      Here’s Roman Catholic Nancy representing you Italian papists & marranos in Washington today:

    18. Ein Says:

      I don’t see what purpose is served by this divisive inter-Christian bickering. It’s just a waste. Yelling epithets at each other is childish. Insulting each other gets us nowhere. While I have my own religious views, I’ll keep them to myself. I take neither side.

      Well, on second thought, it DOES serve the purpose of those who would like to distract us from our common problems. Let’s drop it.

    19. Ein Says:

      Good picture there! But what does this Holycause stuff have to do with the US capitol? With Washington? With our politicians? You would think it happened here! It’s not OUR issue. Not our Holycause. Not our “guilt” that we’re atoning.

      Well, we know the answer.

    20. Moron Removal Service Says:

      Let’s not drop it, Ein. Sometimes, you have to fight fire with a blowtorch. That’s just the way it is.

      Old Dutch, you seem to be a person in the terminal phase of Alcoholism. You shouldn’t be here:


      You should be here:


      But in the meantime:

      Heidi Hey, Heidi Ho!
      Old_Dutch has got to go!
      Heidi Ho, Heidi Hey!
      Old_Dutch must go away!

    21. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      Ad hominems from OD:

      The jew mob
      an Irish-Italian catholic mob
      who is greasier the catholics or the jews.
      Nancy Pelosi is about as greasy as they get, a “goooda” Italian catholic girl. LOL.
      Oh, the poor little papist
      the poor little jewboy?
      You are in denial,
      her fellow Italian catholics
      pro-abortion Nancy Pelosi
      The “mickies”
      Another papist,
      a marrano in denial?
      Roman Catholic Nancy
      Italian papists & marranos

    22. Old_Dutch Says:

      There is nothing polite about politics & religion. After all, the VNN motto is “No Jews, Just Right”.

      Take for example this catholic/jew effort straight from the Pope of Rome:

      Notice the two Italian catholic priests speaking for the pope.

    23. Old_Dutch Says:

      Here’s an interesting story about an 89 year old man described by an Italian jopurnalist as walking “briskly”.


      An 89 year old man could be alive today, and dead tomorrow. Naturally, the Italian who wrote the story works for a jewess editor on a jew owned newspaper(Newhouse).

      As far as the Italian goes who wrote the story—he could be a papist, he could be a marrano? Or he could just be trying to please the jew.

    24. Moron Removal Service Says:

      Heidi Hey, Heidi Ho!
      Old_Dutch has got to go!
      Heidi Ho, Heidi Hey!
      Old_Dutch must go away!

    25. Old_Dutch Says:

      Moron the name suits you. LOL.

    26. Moron Removal Service Says:

      My “name” isn’t “Moron,” It’s “Moron Removal Service.” LOL! That’s why I’m targeting you, Old_Dutch. LOL! But, I imagine that after your third bottle of cheap whiskey today, words become a blur, eh? LOL!

      LOL! LOL! heres’ more forced hilarity: LOL LOL LOL!

      Heidi Hey, Heidi Ho!
      Old_Dutch has got to go!
      Heidi Ho, Heidi Hey!
      Old_Dutch must go away!

    27. Old_Dutch Says:

      To me your name is Moron.

      Going to comment on this Moron:

      Or are you just going to put your Italian Roman Catholic lips around the jews dick. LOL. Are you a dago newsboy?

    28. Moron Removal Service Says:

      LOL! To me, your name is: “My name is Old_Dutch, and I’m an Alcoholic.” LOL!

      You’re getting very angry and frustrated! I can tell, Alcoholic Old_Dutch! LOL! It’s ok, just have another shot of cheap whiskey, you’ll get that warm “safe” feeling back in no time!


      Heidi Hey, Heidi Ho!
      Old_Dutch has got to go!
      Heidi Ho, Heidi Hey!
      Old_Dutch must go a

    29. Moron Removal Service Says:



    30. Old_Dutch Says:

      Moron, except for a Heinken when I have steak on the grill, I don’t drink.

      If you are the Italian newsie who used the word “briskly” to describe the movement of an 89 year old man you really are greasy Italian catholic asshole. (unless you are a marrano). Btw, you do debate like an internet jew.

    31. Moron Removal Service Says:

      You’ve lost your temper, Alcoholic Old_Dutch! LOL! Just look at you go! LOL! Hey, Old_Dutch, next rounds on me! LOL!

      Heidi Hey, Heidi Ho!
      Old_Dutch has got to go!
      Heidi Ho, Heidi Hey!
      Old_Dutch must go away!

    32. One of 55 million Says:

      Dearest Alter_Cockers (I used the Yiddish..SO SUE ME!)

      Why don’t you tell us where you live..a state would suffice. And what religious tradition (if any) you were brought up with. Because as M.R.S. pegged it-you really don’t say anything at all. As a matter of fact, you sound just like the Lutheran tight-asses that made my stay in my father’s home town all those years ago so hellish. Now the Catholic church may have (grudgingly) put forth Vatican II. But the Lutherans flat-out excommunicated their church’s founder. At the behest of the Chosen Ones! And why? Because like Hitler with the Brownshirts..Luther realized that he was sticking the wrong pig. And he WROTE about it. And all those “good” anti-Catholic Lutherans rolled over and dropped ’em. Not a religion I’d want to invest any faith in.

      But I digress…I have no need for Middle-Eastern superstitions of any stripe. As I stated previously, I am no longer a practicing Catholic. But it galls me to see someone take cheap shots at one group and leave go all the others that are just as demented or worse. And I believe that you belong to one of those other “institutions” or you wouldn’t thump the tub like you do.

      So… Dutch…what be ye’?

      Buona Note!

      P.S. (there’s always one..) So there are “whore” Italian journalists..Oh Gosh All Hemlock! Really? Just like anywhere else, you say? I would tell tell you that it was an Italian team of journalists who some years ago broke the story about the Israeli/U.S. kiddie-porn snuff film ring on Italian television…when no one else would touch it…at great cost to themselves both personally and professionally. But I’m sure that small factoid won’t budge you an inch. You’re just an unbelievably depressing and repellent individual..and I’m not investing one more second in trying to make you see sense. I’ve already been too long at this. Time better spent over good bourbon with my Italian neighbors netted me this:

      Nell’italiano : Va il sale dello sfregamento nel vostro asino!

      And may I add..twice on Sundays!

    33. Parsifal Says:

      Hey, Brutus should be getting more compliments here for his caricature of an ugly lesbian Jewess trying to brainwash young shiksas into killing their unborn White babies. That illustration describes what feminism is really all about in a nutshell. All this back and forth about Lutherans and Papists is distracting and counter-productive.

    34. zoomcopter Says:

      Shiksa is yiddish for “unclean meat” which the cartoon clearly portrays.

    35. old_dutch Says:

      In practical real world politics the Italian Roman Catholic politicians, and to a slightly lesser extent the Irish Roman Catholic politicians, Ted Kennedy for example, support the jews agenda! That’s obvious. Maybe, it is Catholic vs. Protestant. One reason given for the catholic politicians supporting open borders, and the Mexican invasion is that the Protestant majority of the US will be destroyed forever, and the tan catholic everyman will rule! Like amnesty for illegal aliens & open borders—abortion as Brutus has pointed out is part of the jew agenda. The agenda your catholic politicians support.

    36. Moron Removal Service Says:

      You’re babbling again, Old_Dutch. LOL. I know lots of Catholics who are against open borders. Is that what you’re babbling? Watchu’ sayin’ Willis? LOL.

      What’s wrong? Social Security check gone, and no more money for booze? uh oh! Any money left from your disability check for your “bad back?” LOL. Without booze, the “black pope” is going to get you for sure. LOL!

      Take the first step, OLD_Dutch. Just admit that you’re powerless over alcohol and that you’re life has become unmanageable. It’s all downhill from there! LOL!

      Heidi Hey, Heidi Ho!
      Old_Dutch has got to go!
      Heidi Ho, Heidi Hey!
      Old_Dutch must go away!

    37. Moron Removal Service Says:

      I wouldn’t mention bourbon to Old_Dutch, if I were you, “One of 55 million.” You’ll have a new “permanent house guest.”

      Heidi Hey, Heidi Ho!
      Old_Dutch has got to go!
      Heidi Ho, Heidi Hey!
      Old_Dutch must go away!

    38. sgruber Says:

      That drawing is a dead-on depiction of the last two employers I interviewed with. Needless to say, as a smart, clean-cut, soft-spoken young White man with a degree, I didn’t get those jobs.

      Feminist gashes don’t hire men. Gashes de jew don’t hire goyim of either sex.

      The time has come to get rid of the jews. All of them.

    39. old_dutch Says:

      Moron your mommy is going to catch you playing with her computer again. Btw, I don’t need liquor to tell you, or your mommy the truth right to your puss. LOL.

      Btw, if Nancy Pelosi is your mommy, you can tell her, that her cunt smells so bad, you can smell it across the country. It smells like three month old dago cheese. ROTFLMAO

    40. Stronza Says:

      Not since Colonel Kurtz vs Sean “Doc” Martin (how I miss those days!) have I clapped my eyes on such high-level debate…Good work, boys!

    41. Howdy Doody Says:

      Old Dutch POS use to defend FDR on the treason Murder crime of Dec. 7 1941 all the time.

      As for the Poloussy she is not Catholic if what I have read is true about her Argentine origins. The Catholic church of 2009 is nothing but a Shadow of anything Close to Christian or a defender of the West. Many of men who Worked so hard from over a 100 years ago to build Churches and make the communites strong in health and morality would would go for ropes if they could see today.

      The Catholic Church along with the Lutherans and others are only shells/trademarks, as our men left these churches long ago. Many White Catholics who have left the church have families lines going back hundreds of years.

      Thank you enemy aliens who own our regime and media, along with their NKVD out fits.

      Old Dutch never gave me the feeling of being White.

    42. Eman Says:

      We should be glad abortion is legal in America and elsewhere, otherwise there would be about 100 million more Blacks in America than there currently are.

      You all do know that Black women are about 1,000 times more likely to abort their unborn fetuses than White women are, right?

      So what’s the problem with abortion? It’s helping to prevent Blacks, Hispanics, and other non-White groups from expanding their numbers here in the USA too much.

    43. Parsifal Says:

      1000 times more likely? Isn’t that a bit of hyberbole? After all, getting an abortion requires some thought, planning and taking responsibility for one’s actions, cognitive skills that are profoundly lacking in the darker-skinned races. Maybe it’s just a “stereotype”, but I thought most abortions in Western countries were performed on young, White, middle and upper-class women like college co-eds or career girls for whom having a baby would interefere with their social life or career goals. Many such young American women went to Havana to get their abortions in the 1940s and 50s.

      However, it is true that China’s one Chink policy has prevented about 200-300 million additional Chinks from swarming all over the earth, so that’s definately good news.

    44. Moron Removal Service Says:

      ROTFLMAO You must be pretty drunk, Old_Dutch, if you think a message on an internet message board is telling me “right to my puss.” LOL. It’s pretty telling that you need “liquid courage” just to “tell someone off” – on an anonymous message board. LOL

      You’re just an old drunk, Old_Dutch. It’s not funny, really.

      Heidi Hey, Heidi Ho!
      Old_Dutch has got to go!
      Heidi Ho, Heidi Hey!
      Old_Dutch must go away!

    45. One of 55 Million Says:

      No worries ,Mo’..I keep the Knob Creek & Maker’s Mark well-hidden..in a secret tabernacle deep in the Redwood Empire, for when I hold my anti-Vatican II Jesuit secret brotherhood meeting
      to elect a “true” pope. But thanks for the “heads up” .

      “Not since Colonel Kurtz vs Sean “Doc” Martin (how I miss those days!) have I clapped my eyes on such high-level debate…Good work, boys!”

      I apologize, Stronza…but sometimes a low-brow approach is what’s called for. Dispassionate, intellectual debate is exactly that. I can’t keep still when one white ethnicity goads another over trivialities like national origin or which ChristOnaCross religion one or the other adheres to. I almost never reveal my national origin to anyone I don’t know well who asks-if they press it I’ll tell them that I’m a White Europid and leave it at that. And we’re all known for being a restless lot-whites of every variation can be found amongst the so-called “ethnicities”. I’ve known Scots and Irish that were dark enough to frighten the neighbors, and Italians or Portuguese that were blonde or even ginger. All this white nationalist infighting will have us squabbling over scraps when the enemy’s sword comes down. I can’t believe that I even have to say any of this. Maybe there is no saving us after all.

    46. Howdy Doody Says:

      Hollywood Enemy Aliens for decades have made so called Italian Mafia movies/stories which are projections of them selves. In 1981, they finally came out with {Once Upon A Time In America} about Jooo mobsters in a nice way, ha.

      Almost if not all of any so called Italians in Hollywood are Half Joooo!

      Poloussy Is not.

      The Anti Italian crap since the internet came out is by Sophists and joos.

      Thank you

    47. Ein Says:

      “Almost if not all of any so called Italians in Hollywood are Half Joooo!”

      I recall seeing it mentioned in the newspaper, some years ago, that John Gotti’s mother was Jewish! That astonished me even then. So that made him officially kosher! — (although the Mafia probably did not realize that).

    48. Ein Says:

      It’s just like Geraldo Rivera passes as Puerto Rican and is assumed to be some kind of spokesman for Hispanics. But in reality, his mother is Jewish (Lillian Friedman), thus he is considered a Jew. What else?

      Oh, btw, I see that the actress “Bea Arthur” just died. Birth name: Bernice Frankel. It came out in the obituary. Another one!
      And she was promoted to stardom by the producer, Norman Lear. Surprising?

    49. Moron Removal Service Says:

      Old_Dutch, or “olde_dutch,” is just an alcoholic anti-white – when he’s not railing against Catholics, Italians, the Irish, he’s railing against the “WASPS” who “created” the federal reserve bank. He’s probably part of the same group of “people,” consisting of “anti,” “aryan crack smoker,” blightbling,” etc, who’ve done nothing but shit-stir since he’s/they’ve been here. At least, that what he seems to be doing, if you can make any sense of his drunken ravings.

      I’m surprised he hasn’t been banned by now.

      Heidi Hey, Heidi Ho!
      Old_Dutch has got to go!
      Heidi Ho, Heidi Hey!
      Old_Dutch must go away!

    50. Stronza Says:

      Hey, “One of 55 Million”, I LIKE lowbrow debate. I am a lowbrow, also, but a polite one, is all.

    51. One of 55 million Says:

      Kommrade M.R.S….in the shtetl the one who goes by Old_Dutch is to be called Alter_Cockers. Or “trouble-making Old Shit”. Unfortunately, I don’t know the Yiddish for “found unconcious wedged between the toilet bowl and the sink”.

      There I go, being a “flaming webdork” as someone on Jim Goad’s website once put it. If O_D (and I HAVE, on him) wishes to believe that all the Protestant sects in this country aren’t up to their earholes in the pro-immigrant-slash-sanctuary movement , or that Ted Haggard (gay escort sex, meth abuse), Jimmy Swaggart (fetishistic masturbation with Prot..errr.. I mean prostitutes) or Jim Bakker (affairs with young underlings, money games-books cooking) never existed, leave him to it.

      I abandoned my church at a young age because it abandoned me and mine. Perhaps OD doesn’t feel that way but since he’s offered up no reason for his adherence to his Protestantism or let us in on what his One True Church of God is-he should put up or shut up.

      C’mon Dutch..give us the skinny. I’ll swap ya’ for a graven image of the Blessed Virgin Mary (it’s Murano glass from Italy!) and a 4-pack of Boone’s Farm Apple Wine(saved since the Nixon era. You liked Tricky Dicky, didn’t ya’?)..c’mon…whad’ya say?

      I tried to bring up the tone a bit, Stronza. I failed. I owe you one.