22 April, 2009

Jew-Dyke Playing to a Packed House of Goy Women

Posted by Socrates in Brutus, Socrates at 1:23 am | Permanent Link

jew dyke

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  7. 51 Responses to “Jew-Dyke Playing to a Packed House of Goy Women”

    1. One of 55 million Says:

      Kommrade M.R.S….in the shtetl the one who goes by Old_Dutch is to be called Alter_Cockers. Or “trouble-making Old Shit”. Unfortunately, I don’t know the Yiddish for “found unconcious wedged between the toilet bowl and the sink”.

      There I go, being a “flaming webdork” as someone on Jim Goad’s website once put it. If O_D (and I HAVE, on him) wishes to believe that all the Protestant sects in this country aren’t up to their earholes in the pro-immigrant-slash-sanctuary movement , or that Ted Haggard (gay escort sex, meth abuse), Jimmy Swaggart (fetishistic masturbation with Prot..errr.. I mean prostitutes) or Jim Bakker (affairs with young underlings, money games-books cooking) never existed, leave him to it.

      I abandoned my church at a young age because it abandoned me and mine. Perhaps OD doesn’t feel that way but since he’s offered up no reason for his adherence to his Protestantism or let us in on what his One True Church of God is-he should put up or shut up.

      C’mon Dutch..give us the skinny. I’ll swap ya’ for a graven image of the Blessed Virgin Mary (it’s Murano glass from Italy!) and a 4-pack of Boone’s Farm Apple Wine(saved since the Nixon era. You liked Tricky Dicky, didn’t ya’?)..c’mon…whad’ya say?

      I tried to bring up the tone a bit, Stronza. I failed. I owe you one.