21 April, 2009

New Holocaust Museum in Illinois

Posted by Socrates in Holocaust, holocaust racket, Holocaustianity, Jewish arrogance, Jewish Tyranny, Socrates at 2:54 am | Permanent Link

Big Jew: “You will have a Holocaust museum in every city and town. Understand?”

America: “Yes, master.”


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  7. 14 Responses to “New Holocaust Museum in Illinois”

    1. Parsifal Says:

      Is there a sleazier piece of sh*t than Slick Willie? I wonder how much his Jew bosses paid him to open his lying mouth at that Holohoax amusement park?

    2. Mark Says:

      They’re erecting more and more churches for their new Holocaust religion.

      Christians should really think about it. Anyone can denounce Christ, their savior, in any manner they wish. But to even question the so-called Holocaust is met with incredible hostility and imprisonment and/or fines. So Jews are not only put above everyone else in importance, they are put above God. It’s pathetic and absurd.

    3. old_dutch Says:

      Jews make Demjanjuk #1 wanted war criminal:

    4. Doug Says:

      This is another issue that wakes people up. Ask them why, if the supposed holocaust happened exclusively in Europe, do we have literally dozens of holocaust museums scattered around the USA. That gets people thinking.

    5. sgruber Says:

      The reason is that every city and town has jews. They usually have a lock on the main banks, most legal offices, and most key government positions as well as the most influential jobs in the local media. They don’t have to be numerous, just as numerous as key positions are.

      They control the choke points everywhere. I have yet to be informed of any Personnel or Human Resources Department not run by a jew, for example.

      And what a great job they’re doing, eh?

      There is local demand for these Hoax Centers. It’s half-a-dozen jew lawyers or doctors sitting in their underwear at home making dozens of networking phone calls to connections in DC and the state capitol, AJC, ACLU, trade orgs, committees of institutes and institutes of committees, etc., etc. Sooner or later a macher “gets it done” and Slick Willie shows up to cut the ribbon. A mitzvah!

      The time has come to get rid of all the jews.

    6. old_dutch Says:

      The jews are deicidal, and proud of it.

    7. ein Says:

      Gruber says:“They control the choke points everywhere. All the key positions. I have yet to be informed of any Personnel or Human Resources Department not run by a jew, for example.”

      You are EXACTLY right! I too, personally, have never known of any exceptions.

      “The reason is that every city and town has jews.”

      They do, however tiny the town. Every place has some.

      But I think the real reason is that every city and town has gentiles. The Jews don’t need to be convinced, propagandized and brainwashed about their holy victim status, nor about all that the world owes them. They already believe that. It’s the goys who need the lesson. The museums are for us goys, to get us “educated” about our guilt.

      One could say that “goy guilt” (and perpetual indebtedness) is becoming the new Original Sin, in our newly evolving state religion of Holocaustianity.

    8. Howdy Doody Says:

      Jackson Mississippi, and Boise Idaho, along with a Congoid history museum!????

    9. Terrorsaurus Says:

      They also have numerous synagogues and jewish community centers in all the bigger cities. They’re like friggin’ hive creatures. They grow up amongst themselves constantly meeting at these places of jewish self-worship and each jew will be accorded a proper position (career) in the overall jewish framework which completely dominates every facet this country. Like the communists they are, every stage of the individual jew’s life is planned out by the rabbis. Truly, they’re a hive creature and their collective operates as a hive mind.

      Some will go into the medical fields – particularly the “psychotherapy” fields. Some will become lawyers. Some will become doctors. Others governmental workers. Others will become administrators of jewish organizations – and I assure you these are legion. Some will go into academia. You get the idea? They plan their lives out, stick together, stay away from drugs and alcohol, and practice extreme racial nepotism and ethnocentrism.

      The jews are the penultimate model of a racial supremacist state. And every jew on the planet is a node on this giant invisible hive that exists around us of organized jewish supremacists. They believe the world is destined to be theirs and they live by that code – always working to be that one generation which all future jews will look back and give praise to.

      What if white people acted like this and lived like them? The world would be ours in generation. That is why they constantly strive to tear whites down and bring ruin and misery to our countries – because we’re the only possible competition in their game of world rule. They’ve also been at this game for a long, long time.

    10. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      Penultimate means second from the bottom.

    11. sgruber Says:

      Terrorsaurus is right in his analysis. And penultimate also means the one before last.

    12. Justin Huber Says:

      Take heart everyone I did hear that the exhibit regarding Adolf Hitler at the New York Holocaust Museum is consistently packed in contrast all the other areas of the museum.

    13. David Foster Says:

      The question to ask, as all know, is what about the other holocaust?(lower case). I think i understand that the Russian Forest # is twice ect. ect. ect

    14. Brian Gareth Says:

      !!!New Holocaust Museum in Illinois!!!

      ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =) =) =) =) =) =)

      How much does one have to pay to get his Hollow Hoax on?