4 April, 2009

NY Hedge-Fund Manager Accused of Operating Ponzi Scheme

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“Stein,” huh? Is that an Irish name?


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    1. gollywog Says:

      WHAT? No Way!!!!
      How the hell did that happen?

    2. smittystein Says:

      Someone with real computer skill should make a video called:

    3. Coup d'Etat Says:

      “Stein” like in stein mug? Is that a German name or item?

      Names like Herman, Schuman, Goldman, Glidderstein, or Springsteen (stein) have got to be German names or German people all the time, right? At least for the naive who don’t know much about jews will think names like these are German names or Germans behind much of the chaos/theft/crime jews create. Convenient for the jews, but also typical.

      I like to rename all jews with the last name “Jewstein.” Then, 100% of the population will know it’s a jew and the agendas/criminal acts they create and the frequency.

    4. Ein Says:

      I prefer at least an open and obvious Jew.

      What is more troublesome is those who do NOT have obvious Jewish names, or faces. These cryptos can infiltrate gentile society the easiest and create the most problems. They can pass among you, blend in, and you would never know it, while they work against you. They are the very WORST, the most dangerous of Jews.

      As for re-naming Jews, they do too much of that already. Name-changing should be strictly outlawed, except in the most unusual of cases.

    5. Tina carter Says:

      there’s nothing wrong with changing name. My grand father had one of those insane spanish name 2 surname of his mom & pa family.

      However, he changed it to a more normal name.

      Problem with Jews is that they abuse things & disrespect society & facilities it provides to the citizen.

      When gentile created internet, we used it for communication & networking, however, when jews got in they feared it b/c was taking over and replacing TVSTEIN, so they put lots of porn & viruses, and then crated anti porn organization to saved children & and anti-virus companies.

    6. Ein Says:

      Tina carter Says:
      “there‚Äôs nothing wrong with changing name. My grand father had one of those insane spanish name 2 surname of his mom & pa family.”

      I provided for that by saying except in unusual cases. There will always be exceptions. I have a cousin who married a man with a Dutch or German name that sounds obscene in English. She consented to marry him only if he altered the spelling of his name. He did. That’s understandable.

      I once had a professor with a Greek name that was so long it was unpronouncable. He (wisely) went by just the two first syllables: Prof. Constant. I also knew a doctor from Yugoslavia which a similarly long name; he just called himself simply Dr. Zika. I can’t remember the rest of the name. Nobody could. Zoukaketivitchsky or something.

      Nonetheless, that being said, I still stand by my statement that name-changing should not be so commonly available to just anyone who feels like it. If done for convenience of spelling or pronounceability, that’s one thing; but if it’s an attempt to hide one’s identity and pretend to be somebody else, that’s quite another.