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13 April, 2009

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The Obama administration is going to address (i.e., push) the issue of amnesty for 12 million illegal aliens beginning next month. But, thanks to America’s chain immigration law, that “12 million” number will end up being closer to 25 million. Those brown-skinned invaders will play a big role in ruining what is left of our […]

12 April, 2009

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by Dr. Kevin MacDonald: [Here].

12 April, 2009

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11 April, 2009

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Seen on the TV news: a mention of the income tax (Tax Day is, of course, April 15). The late Dr. Revilo Oliver called the 1913 income tax law the “White Slave Act,” and he also called it a “Marxist device.” Did you know that many wealthy or semi-wealthy gentile families lost their power due […]

11 April, 2009

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The Roundtable includes: Alex Linder, Agis and Craig Cobb

11 April, 2009

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Have you attended a Jewniversity lately? You have? That’s so sad. Well, maybe you can get your money back if you write enough letters to the dean. Left-wing ideology is so fake. It doesn’t seek to understand or to explain. It seeks only to tear down the opposition, usually by employing fancy new-speak invented by […]

10 April, 2009

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by Arch Stanton. Mr. Glenn makes the same point in the following article I have made previously, namely the concept and structure of the mafia is thoroughly jewish in its foundation. Hollywood portrays the mafia as an Italian invention, but this is just another lie; the credit for the design of this criminal organization must […]

10 April, 2009

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Of course, if she was connected to a Marxist organization, no one would have said a word about it: [Article].

9 April, 2009

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Who invented global government? Was it: A. Chinese pastry chefs? B. mongoloid midgets from Mars? C. Jews? If you guessed B, you’re…really close. Anyway, if they can’t drag the Serbs into the New World Order (yet), then they can at least surround them and intimidate them, right? NATO: an instrument for tikkun olam: [Article].

8 April, 2009

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by F. William Engdahl: [Article].