10 April, 2009

The Criminal State

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by Arch Stanton.

Mr. Glenn makes the same point in the following article I have made previously, namely the concept and structure of the mafia is thoroughly jewish in its foundation. Hollywood portrays the mafia as an Italian invention, but this is just another lie; the credit for the design of this criminal organization must be assigned to jews. The structure of the modern mafia is a direct derivation of the Old Testament’s sacrificial priesthood system. Like the ancient high priesthood, identified as ‘God the father’ in the O.T., the head of this criminal organization holds the title ‘Godfather’. However, the mafia portrayed by Hollywood is but a toy Leggo representation of the real power of the Rothschilds who control most of the world through their massive economic power. While the mafias have their neighborhood ‘godfathers,’ it is a Rothschild that plays ‘God the father’ to the world. The modern, small-scale mafia began in the jewish ghettos. Of course it should be remembered that the ‘Russian’ mafia is likewise thoroughly jewish in its racial makeup. It is a rather chilling thought to realize the mafioso portrayed by Hollywood are like small children bullying other kids in the schoolyard compared to the economic ‘God’ of Rothschild presently running our world. It is unthinkable to most that the rulers of this world employ the same criminal techniques to control white countries that the mafia uses to control their neighborhood domains, e.g., violence, blackmail/extortion, counterfeiting and vice. This goes all the way back to the Old Testament where characters like Sarah, Ruth and Esther use sex and feminine guile to blackmail heads of state. Name a criminal activity and you can find its fully-legalized counterpart in the corrupted, God-the-fathered state. In fact what makes these activities criminal to lesser men is that they are to be the sole purview of the state. Counterfeiting is a classic example of this: what the Federal Reserve does openly is considered criminal under any other circumstance.

It’s odd how frequently those who are first on the phony ‘law and order’ and ‘love it or leave it’ bandwagon are the very last to notice the criminality of the state. One might take a moment to consider the following facts. The first action jewish communists took after solidifying their power over Russia was to totally disarm the general population (something Hitler did NOT do, by the way). After the revolution, only Russian police and military were allowed weapons and the jews held the power of the Russian state in their iron grip of Talmudic totalitarianism. Disarmament immediately led to the jews’ mass extermination of the Russian population. Now jews want the Middle East totally disarmed of nuclear weapons with the exception of the nuclear arsenal that they alone control. These same jews want the American people totally disarmed – excepting the state police and military powers which they likewise control. We find jews repeatedly setting up and running criminal states while demanding everyone but themselves or their useful idiots be disarmed. Considering the psychotic nature of the jews, can anyone doubt the outcome for those states that follow their dictates?

Netanyahu To The West–Destroy Iran Before Israel Destroys You

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