27 April, 2009

White Art: Jean-Honoré Fragonard

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Blind Man's Bluff

Fragonard’s dreamy, idyllic paintings can be sort of useful right now due to the economic troubles we are in – you can forget almost anything while looking at his work. Trivia: Fragonard was nearly executed during the French Revolution for being on the “wrong” side of it. Another well-known French artist, J.L. David, stepped in and saved him from the guillotine.

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  7. 20 Responses to “White Art: Jean-Honoré Fragonard”

    1. Parsifal Says:

      Yes, this is a very good time to patronize great art museums and be reminded of how much beauty our Race is (or was) capable of making. Viewing such life-affiming works of art may make it easier to deal with all the vulgar Jewish trash-culture and Negro graffitti we’re bombarded with every day.

    2. exalted grand-master oberführer double diamond jim! Says:

      proves, once again, that whites are a different species to niggaz & jooz…..such art being the ultimate, sublime expression of the white, race “soul”, while shit & filth are the hallmarks of the hebe’!

    3. Justin Huber Says:

      I wonder how much space is wasted in art musems on the display of modern and African art. The closest art museum to me is the Detroit Institute of Art, which does have some famous paintings on display. Unfortunately, due to its locale, the museum now has a section for African “art”.

    4. olde_dutch Says:

      You can buy plastic planters in the decorative style of Fragonard & David. Once and awhile you will see one in concrete too. LOL.

      Google Claude Lorrain.

    5. Shamus Says:

      Is this the same artist that preserved anatomical specimens with a special solution and then posed them in various scenes? Not certain, but how many famous “Fragonards” can there possibly be? Anyway, there was an exhibition of these specimens in Germany I think, not many years ago. Real Mutter Museum-type stuff. Fairly disturbing, if not fascinating. So, if this is the same artist, apparently Idyllic landscapes were not the only form of artistic expression he indulged in. Also, if so, he was a bloody genius, because the specimens seem to have survived the ages through the thaumaturgical brilliance of this man.

    6. CW-2 Says:

      The terrible reverberations of the jew revolution in France starting 1789 have practically destroyed that great nation.

    7. Shamus Says:

      Ooops! My mistake. Here’s a Wikipedia entry for the OTHER famous Fragonard:


    8. Parsifal Says:

      Shamus, I thought you were referring to the “Body Worlds” exhibition, which features partially dissected Chinamen displayed in life-like poses. Pretty weird stuff, but something has to be done with the excess Chink population.

    9. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      See how mestizos have redecorated the shitty of angels:


    10. Truthteller Says:

      If you juxta this wonderful Aryan artwork alongside the madness of jewish “Modern Art” even your fat boon ball watching, beer swilling Kwan would ‘get it’ …. but then again – maybe not!

    11. Shamus Says:


      I did not know such an exhibit existed, but I agree, it seems perfectly consistant with the Chinese character. After all, these people eat aborted fetuses as an aphrodisiac, and kitty cat as a delicacy…

    12. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      “. . .kitty cat as a delicacy…”

      I can’t bring myself to do it. The pussy joke which I shall refrain from making.

    13. old_dutch Says:

      Claude Lorrain who Fragonard and David copied over 100 years after his death in 1682,


      Note the links to his paintings.

    14. Socrates Says:

      old_dutch: I must admit, Claude Lorrain was very talented.

    15. CW-2 Says:

      Shamus: Dr W L Pierce did a broadcast on the Chinese predilection for fetuses in their ‘cuisine’.

    16. Susan Says:

      I am always amazed how any White could be attracted to Folk Art either. It always reminds me of nigger and jew art: just ugly and childlike. Not innocent/childlike just undisciplined and chaotic. And ugly.

      The painting above is absolutely beautiful. I just love those deep rich colors and actually wouldn’t mind if I had that hanging above my fireplace. I may have to look into that painter and some day replace the painting I have over my fireplace now. I love the deep rich colors in my current painting but suspect it may have been done by some jew. haha

      It’s interesting and fun to purge your life of the jew–from literature, to music, to artwork. Kinda makes you feel good.

    17. Parsifal Says:

      Maybe I’m a Philistine, but I like that painting of the dogs playing poker.

    18. Truthteller Says:

      CW-2. We need Dr.P here and now… As our lack of leadership and a forthright plan for our people is lacking..to say the least!

      We need LEADERSHIP and a VISION … For our people…. Since Dr.P left us we have NOTHING!

    19. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      I Got Plenty O’ Nuttin

      I got plenty of nothing
      And nothing’s plenty for me
      I got no car – got no mule
      I got no misery

      Folks with plenty of plenty
      They’ve got a lock on the door
      Afraid somebody’s gonna rob ’em
      While there out (a) making more – what for

      I got no lock on the door – that’s no way to be
      They can steal the rug from the floor – that’s ok with me
      ’cause the things that I prize – like the stars in the skies – are all free

      I got plenty of nothing
      And nothing’s plenty for me
      I got my gal – got my song
      (I) got heaven the whole day long

      – got my gal – got my love – got my song

      (Porgy and Bess)

    20. Marwinsing Says:

      BRUTUS is better – and smarter – he got no brushes to wash afterwards clever clever…