7 May, 2009

Free Talk Live Thursday May 7th With Mark Faust

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Lots to talk about…swine flu, jews, niggers, spics, etc. I will be going over some of the finer points of my new favorite book: The “White Resistance Manual.”

That’s right, more talk about guns, knives, weapons and other useful topics. Music starts at 8:30pm truth talk starts at 9:30.

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    6. 7 Responses to “Free Talk Live Thursday May 7th With Mark Faust”

      1. Varg Says:

        Archive up.

      2. exalted grand-master oberf├╝hrer double diamond jim! Says:

        nice 1, m8!

      3. Truthteller Says:

        Great show Mark! ….. And the truth shall set us all free!

      4. Parsifal Says:

        Yes, human beings are unreliable things. That was a great song you played during the break. Who’s the band?

      5. Dawn Landry Says:

        Hi Mark Faust-Great shows-keep them coming. I love the last show
        and your description of living in the ghetto. Great black woman imitation-everthing you said is 100% accurate. I’ve had the same
        type of experiance-from the late night loud TNB(even gun shots).
        I always carried a blade myself-everywhere,even my backyard. That
        was a crash course in in racialism,reality,and survivalism. My God-
        I’m from upper middle class and was shocked after I got married and moved into town. When I lived in California-I had a illegal try to
        follow me and had to outwit him and drive like hell. Thanks for standing up for white women.

      6. Reck Says:

        # 10. Don’t whine when your not invited/notified via skype show chat.
        Notice: I am not fuckin “A New America” ! Ass Ho’s!…..
        And you know who you are.

      7. Reck Says:

        IMO: A Top Notch, A-1 Show. Great work Mark !

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