30 May, 2009

Gods-in-Human-Form Will Build Wherever They Want To

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Jews don’t take orders from lowly gentiles, who are like dogs [1]. (In fact, it says in the Talmud that Jews should avoid any position/vocation in which they must take orders from non-Jews – in other words, it’s a very old mandate):


[1] “Thus an Orthodox Jew learns from his earliest youth, as part of his sacred studies, that Gentiles are compared to dogs…” [More here]

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  7. 13 Responses to “Gods-in-Human-Form Will Build Wherever They Want To”

    1. gollywog Says:

      And this is how it will end……………….
      Now that the Jews have one of their own ( a Jew by birth, married to a Jew or belonging to a political party controlled by Jews ) in control of all Western Governments their grip on the life of THE GENTILES will tighten.
      This current situation has been planned and sucessfully implemented by the Jew whilst the rest have been sunning themselves with distractions of endless mortgage debt, trying to keep a job, the crippling debt of health and education, lost retirement funds, dragged into wars for the betterment of the high priest corporations, etc.. etc…. etc.
      Now there will be an attack on North Korea not for any real threat on mainland USA but as a distraction for the Jew to take out the last major chess piece in their board game….Iran.
      The Jew is not worried about Russia or China because this is all about them being the chosen people and their GOD is with them.
      No I am not a scholar in any political studies and do not have any real authority in stating this belief. However if you simply look at the condition the world is in right now it is worse than any of the situations that triggered the last of our world wars.
      For the USA at present the only productivity in our economy is the war machine, entertainment industry (including sports), and pharmaceutical. Road building, cable laying and school building are finite. The car industry is near dead and other than boutique trinkets we are no longer major producers. Even our farmers are held together with tax dollars to combat cheap imports. In fact if the USA was not the largest exporter of FOOD AID (which is paid for in the first instance by tax dollars) many farmers would not have a market for their produce.

      I hope the bombs start to land and kaos erupts. The dog needs to shake the fleas from it’s back so that the true colours of the people posting on these webs sites is known.
      It is one thing to quote and requote. But it is a hell of a lot more fruitful to take a wack to the side head to effect change than it is posting while scratching your nuts.
      Light up the night with shock and awe then blacken out your house lights for they will serve one back at ya.

    2. zoomcopter Says:

      A bit of an embarassment for Hillary, but then she’s been there and done that, many times with Billy. Israel stopped building settlements only while Condolezza Rice was on the ground in Israel. The moment she boarded the plane, the building resumed. Hillary will fare no better. What remains to be seen is how many media types will defend Israel’s actions, rather than defend America efforts to broker a peace. By the way, great post, Gollywog. The sky IS falling and the emperor has no clothes, made of the finest silk…

    3. Howdy Doody Says:


      If I am correct right now every high ranking military officer of quality is gone. The air force top brass was forced out and a Cargo pilot was made itz leader.

      Admiral Fallon was forced out and the regime said nothing, and IMO Fallon would have nothing to to say to the scum in the regime media, and most likely the media would not print it.

      The eternal enemy aliens of Western man are so giddy right now over their complete central regime rule of all Western Nations filled with hostile invaders that perhaps now their insanity will fully blosson in ways that that in the ole USSR they were restrained as they did not have the control they do now on the World stage.

      Savages imported have helped the enemy aliens divert our peoples attention from their actions and crimes, such as all the media talk about abortion, same sex marriage, along with called terror with US bending over at airports for savages, with their instigated open border invasion of hostile non Whites which the enemy alien regime bastards call Migrants infesting every part of CANADA and US for years now.

      I read four years ago about a Messycan that made it to Quebec in a box car and raped a White women.

    4. 2050 Says:

      good post zoom, huh, and even on topic.
      i guess those other two posts were made just to express thoughts and feelings on the general problems we face.
      So tired of reading posts where we’re called cowards for posting and not ???? taking action????
      Communicating is enough right now or the jew would not oppose us so much having and using this freedom.

      Back to the Obongo administration’s opposition to settlement expansion in Palestine, I think that one possible outcome will be more identifying opposition to Israel as left wing. This will cause right wingers to rally even more to Israel. Of course there really is no true opposition to Israel by Obama, so what the true intentions are I’m not really sure.
      Maybe just a bone tossed to the left-wing anti-Israel crowd.

    5. zoomcopter Says:

      Gates ousted the last Gentile Secretary of the USAF. He appointed “Nortie” Schwartz, a Jewish grad of the Air Force Academy. Do you think Schwartz will give any critical thought to, or hesitate a nanosecond, if Rahm Emmanuel advises Obama to nuke Tehran?

    6. zoomcopter Says:

      “If I am correct right now every high ranking military officer of quality is gone. The air force top brass was forced out and a Cargo pilot was made itz leader.”

      Having Jewish blood places aspiring military officers smack dab in the fast lane to promotion. Exactly the same prinicple why Collin Powell was put in the fast lane. Once a person of color was allowed to order lesser White Generals into battle, the ground became fertile for installing Jewish generals and Secretaries in the highest echelons of American power. It’s simply no longer American, though.

    7. Ein Says:

      Great posts, zoom. As per usual. Amazing about Schwartz & Emanuel. Thank you very much. However, I am surprised at the penultimate comment in your first post. That’s probably the first time I have ever disagreed with you. Ah, well, no one is perfect all the time! :)

    8. Tom McReen Says:

      Talmud exposed for newbies:


    9. Shylock Says:

      Salon.com asks:
      Are Six Catholics Too Many for SCOTUS?

      Should I hold my breath waing for Salon to ask if there are too many Jews in:
      – investment banking
      – Hollywood
      – Harvard
      – Salon.com

    10. Tina Carter Says:

      now now you know we’re suppose to love and admire circumcise master. It’s nto for nothing our government has given them over 1.7 trillion dollars of loan while our people in America are striving, and out of jobs, while their children are dying in foreign wars.

    11. Emily Says:

      Conniving Abbas was chosen because he is a Chosen one. His grandfather came from Iran & was Jewish. Like Brits chose Arrafat, the Palestinians never knew where he came from; only that his mother was a Jewish whore (sister-in-law of ?Israeli politician). How deep is cesspool? Armaggedon is Islam’s point of no return or wipeout. Who do you know will be leading their battle, but Christ! He who has faith will be saved. No matter how hard or treacherous the way. Believe in life and you shall have it. Believe in death, and you shall have that, also. LTA.

    12. Parsifal Says:

      The graveyards are full of “saved” Christians.

    13. Tom McReen Says:

      “The graveyards are full of “saved” Christians.”

      Eastern Europe is full of them, thanks to jewish communists.