2 May, 2009

Jewish Power Sinks Prosecution Plans Re: Spying Case

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At a time when a lot of people are asking questions about the Israel lobby, the Jews couldn’t afford to have two ex-AIPAC officials brought to trial. It wouldn’t look good:


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  7. 13 Responses to “Jewish Power Sinks Prosecution Plans Re: Spying Case”

    1. Jugurtha Says:

      The Jew spies are let off the hook.What a surprise!

    2. zoomcopter Says:

      Golly, do you think Rahm Emmanuel, son of a Mossad operative, had anything to do with it? Is this the same Justice Department that wants to deport that poor, drooling Ukrainian man, to Germany, on 27,000 counts of accessory to murder? Who’d thunk it.

    3. Blackshirt Says:

      Isn’t sad that this sort of thing doesn’t even shock us? Just another day in the Zionist Occupied USA.

    4. Tom McReen Says:

      It doesn’t look good that they have got away with it either at a time when more people are starting to name the jew.

    5. zoomcopter Says:

      “Starting to name the Jew” is a great place to begin, Tom, in the long process of connecting the dots. We don’t have to enlighten the masses, just the people that hold society together.

    6. Ein Says:

      Blackshirt Says: “Isn’t sad that this sort of thing doesn’t even shock us?”

      What’s shocking is that it doesn’t shock us!

    7. Old_Dutch Says:

      Here again Italian Roman Catholic political leader Nancy Pelosi was willing to make a deal to allow the jews to avoid prosecution.

      How much cash did the dago girl Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi take from Haim Saban to spring Ms. Harman & the other AIPAC jews? Mishko & Deitrich talked about Pelosi and Haim Saban the other night. What other jews were involved in the payoff? What other catholics got money or promises? The dago catholics and Irish catholics are as low as the jews—maybe lower?

    8. Old_Dutch Says:

      You dago and Irish pope suckers should check this out:

      Check the Harman link out too!

    9. Parsifal Says:

      I’m sure if someone who worked for the US government or had access to classified government documents was caught spying for Russia or Iran we’d never hear the end of it.

    10. New England Says:

      Old_Dutchy boy: I’m one of those mixed irish ginzo catholics from new england, but I’ll admit that you are right about catholic Italian/Irish politicians. But what the about wasp politicians, ‘Conservative’ ones, like Bush and McCain? They both advocated amnesty for illegals. McCain’s master, Joe Lieberman, never left his side during the election, and Bush, well he pretty much turned around, undid his pants, and bent over for them

    11. Old_Dutch Says:

      I’m sure you have seen numerous photos of both Bush & McCain taking part in jew cult rites—they are both practicing religious jews!

      If you wear a jew beanie, and take part in jew cult rites you are a jew.

    12. Jon Says:

      “The U.S. government on Friday said it would drop charges in an espionage case against two pro-Israel lobbyists because it was unlikely to win at trial and classified information would have to be disclosed.”

      Really? I don’t believe that for ONE SECOND! Who EXACTLY in the U.S. governement “said”?

      “Steven Rosen and Keith Weissman, former American Israel Public Affairs Committee officials,”

      They’re Irish, aren’t they?

      “A former Pentagon analyst, Lawrence Franklin, pleaded guilty to disclosing information to Rosen and Weissman from early 2002 through June 2004.”

      Ah, another “nice” Irish boy!

      “The defense for the lobbyists had argued that U.S. government officials regularly conveyed sensitive, nonpublic information to the defendants and others at AIPAC, with the expectation it would be disclosed to foreign government officials and the news media.”

      More Irishmen!!

      “Defense attorneys said the case had taken a toll on their clients who had lost their jobs and were “shunned by many in their community.””

      The Irish “community” no doubt. None is more closely-knit, well-financed, politically-minded and organized like these lads and lassies!

      “Abbe Lowell, one of the defense lawyers, said he believed the change in administration had an impact on the outcome because President Barack Obama has stressed greater openness and the government likely took a fresh look at the case.”

      Boy, these Irishmen are EVERYWHERE!! As far as the un-Constitutional man-in-lieu-of-president is concerned, if it weren’t for the Irishmen, he wouldn’t be where he is today! What else would you expect from him but to look the other way?

      “A Justice Department spokesman said:”

      Irish to the core!

      “”This was strictly a legal decision and nothing more.”””

      Yes, nothing more. Only an anti-Irishmen woould think it had anything to do with enormous Irish pressure and clout.

      (Editing by Alan Elsner and Eric Walsh)

      You’re kidding me! Another Irishman? Hey, wha’t’s going on here?


      P.S. NOT a laughing matter…

    13. Coup d'Etat Says:

      “provide defense information to foreign government officials, policy analysts and the media.”

      Discontinuing the trial based on sensitive information which may be leaked to the public is pure BULLSHIT.

      The trial can very well be moved to the military courts in a closed session since the information provided to foreign governments in the act of espionage had to do with military operations. Anything that has to do with “defense” falls under the jurisdiction of the military. The U.S. Government can very well deny the defendants’ attorney’s motion to discontinue the trial and instead move the trial to the military courts, briefing only the assigned military or non-military officials who have the capacity to prosecute and who have Top Secret clearance.

      To do otherwise is no different than allowing the espionage to continue and it will continue as long as we have AIPAC and jews in the U.S.