13 May, 2009

Money Talks

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“In medieval times, money and the merchant class were social outcasts solely needed to run the economy of a country. Yet today they have morphed into role models of the West represented by a slick and successful banker dressed in an Armani suit and sporting a broad smile on his face. What a change from traditional Europe in which an intelligent man was destined for priesthood, sainthood, or a military career!”


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  7. 14 Responses to “Money Talks”

    1. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      Execrable claptrap.

    2. Curt O'brian Says:

      Excellent and probably true. This reminds me of a professor I had once. He was an expert on Sweden. Before they had landed gentry give each villager a plot of land and then tax him for everything – the villagers lived in a communal setting. Everyone had strips of land that they plowed. The women in the town core looked after each other’s children and the elderly and weak. Life was supposed to be beautiful. Time was set by the rise and fall of the sun. Morning Noon and nightfall. They had three times. But once they had land reform the villagers lived apart and had to work harder and harder to pay for the lifestyle of the landowners and military adventures. They had to then worry about being on time for their jobs. Life was better before the rise of the commercial classes. Very nice article. Thank you!

    3. CW-2 Says:

      Intelligent men concentrating on careers in the priesthood, military, or ‘saintliness’ must have had a dysgenic effect on their communities. They were either forbidden to marry and raise families or died too young to do so.

    4. Mark Says:

      Sunic at his finest.

      The general state of affairs, that most of our people have lost ideals of virtue for avarice is true. Not just with the elites, but the I see this in the common man, the workers, who do shoddy work and overcharge. They couldn’t care less, they have no pride in their work, they don’t do any favor for kindness or good will, it’s all about money. They’re crooks and liars.

      The old fables about avarice eating away at the mind and heart are true.

      This is just another reason Jews are incompatible with our people. You cannot have a healthy community with vampires.

    5. Ein Says:

      CW-2 Says: “Intelligent men concentrating on careers in the priesthood, military, or ’saintliness’ must have had a dysgenic effect . They were either forbidden to marry and raise families or died too young to do so.”

      I’ve thought about that too. But it may have been mitigated by the fact that in the Middle Ages, with very large families being common, a family could afford to dedicate a son to the priesthood and a daughter to the nunnery. It was akin to a sacrifice to the gods in much earlier times.

      Also, another point is that what they preached and what they did were often two different things. Many priests and monks lived very well. They weren’t always that rigorous about celebacy and there were priests, bishops and even popes with children on the side. Some of them even had LARGE families! With royalty doing the same and setting the standard, who could object?

      Still, when society was rigidly stratified into nobles and commoners and there was virtually no social mobility, the Church was the one area where a talented individual could rise — even to the highest rank, even pope. It was like the corporate world of its time. The only game in town. Doubtless, many of the brightest and best young people were siphoned off and did not leave progeny behind, their genes being forever lost.

    6. Justin Huber Says:

      I kind of liked Sunic’s article. Someone (heh, heh) once said that Communism and Capitalism were two sides of the same coin. I think there’s some truth in that.

    7. Eman Says:

      Intelligent and accomplished White European men entering the Judaeo-Christian priesthood had a dysgenic effect over time because they did not have kids which over many centuries deprived the overall White gene pool of many good genes.

      Fuck celibacy.

    8. old_dutch Says:

      Money talks,
      And bullshit walks,

      The sooner more wannabe White nationalist politicians realize it, the better. Share a few dollars with all.

    9. CW-2 Says:

      Fortunately celibacy is not a hereditary condition :-)

    10. Parsifal Says:

      Why is it that so many WN right-wing reactionaries get upset when it’s pointed out that Capitalism and Communism were both created by the International Jew as a means of global exploitation and control? That’s usually their cue to start in with all the predicatable “Marxist” and “troll” accusations. Isn’t that right, “Tom McReen”?

    11. CW-2 Says:

      Probably because too many ‘conservatives’ get confused with free enterprise and capitalism. The two are quite different, free enterprise is productive while capitalism is simply the basest kind of manipulation.

    12. Howdy Doody Says:

      From the ever-inspiring Jim Willie, Honest Statistician (not Economist), at Golden Jackass: http://goldenjackass.com/main5.html



      Jim Willie CB May 7, 2009

      In a bizarre exercise intended to defend legitimacy, the bankers are engaged in a complex game of propaganda. They pressured the USCongress to relieve Wall Street from the chains of FASB Rule #157, and the senators & representatives obeyed their paying masters. The result has been a baseless stock rally led by insolvent banks that have lied desperately about their capital and earnings. The announced audited Citigroup profit of $1.6 billion in the first quarter was actually a deep $2.5 billion loss, provided the $4.1 billion in gimmickry was removed. The gimmicks pertained to toxic assets valued at fictitious model, shell games on loss reserves management, and illicit debt markdowns on the balance sheet. Thanks to Martin Weiss for the autopsy of Citigroup, the biggest zombie strutting in the global financial sector. Actually, that ignominy is a close race with Bank of America. The end result is the global financial markets are losing faith in the US$-based system, since the US is regressing in backward steps rather than working toward remedy. In my view, attempts at remedy would reveal a failed system that cannot be revived, broken irreparably since last autumn. The contradiction between the exposed US bankers and the Intl Monetary Fund projections of additional bank losses is another big billboard message, again ignored. Maybe somebody should reveal to US bankers and their investors what is happening in the mortgage market, with losses to come on a broad basis. Future bank losses will continue in a torrent!!!

      The President has uttered a total absurdity, that the USGovt will pay as you go, despite the fact that the PayGo has been violated if not trampled in the last few years, and foreign creditors have stepped back from USTreasury Bond sales. It should be called PrintGo, since the monetization card has already been put on the table. A very dangerous precedent has been initiated. Obama has led the charge against senior bondholders of corporate debt. Their right to be first in line during any bankruptcy process has been discarded carelessly, a legal contract violation, with certain unintended consequences in the corporate bond market issuance arena. See the General Motors and Chrysler dictated conversion to stock, which favors the Wall Street firms in possession of vast amounts of unsecured debt. That puts the screws to hedge funds that hold vast amounts of secured debt (deserving senior positions). This war against hedge funds is more a defense of a syndicate in charge, and a gross betrayal of securities rules. Once again, the financial bosses in the USDept Treasury write the policies that favor themselves. Foreigners are watching; confidence in the US$-based credit markets will suffer blows. The impact on the USDollar and gold, if not the USTreasurys, will be vivid.

      The bank sector Stress Tests clearly are a sham designed to restore confidence after accounting rules were eliminated. USFed Chairman Bernanke continues to make inept comments about the problems centering upon bank liquidity, when solvency remains their plague issue, and will continue to be the main flaw. He claims the Stress Tests were extraordinarily detailed, yet they relied on ridiculously soft economic stress factors from months ago. My stance is clear, that the Stress Tests will eventually be used as weapons to force stronger regional banks to merge with dead ones lodged on Wall Street, with the FDIC holding the legal hammer. The cancer of Lower Manhattan most assuredly will force its metastasis across the nation and into its banks.

      Financial market anchors and analysts debate whether the 30% stock rally qualifies as the new bull market, as nutty green shoots are identified. The supposed green shoots are nothing more than elaborate moss on exposed decaying roots of dead standing trees. These are sprawling sequoias with hollow trunks and decayed roots. Those sell-side optimists ignore that a 30% stock market rise after a 50% decline since October 2007 is a typical bear market correction. The green shoots cannot possibly be new attempts at legitimate growth when jobs are being destroyed on a massive scale, home foreclosures continue to rage, home values continue to decline closer to 20% than 10%, corporations are guiding lower on profits and investments, and the states are cratering financially. Besides, the S&P500 Price Earnings Ratios are at historic highs, not lows. Worse, the earnings are mostly fictions. Votes are being registered in the gold & silver markets, and in the USDollar and USTreasury Bond markets.


      Silver has made an initial move over the 14 level, to challenge the March highs. The gold price has rebounded, but not enough to cause as much enthusiasm. The reliable respected Adrian Douglas has spread the word that both Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase have been building option call positions on both gold & silver futures contracts. Normally, options are the contrary indicator of naïve money piling on, after a segment of the game has concluded. Not so with option futures, which is the province of insider trading. Both GSax and JPMorgan have been accused for years of suspicious trading history, the sure benefit of carrying out USGovt policy. The other inside story comes from overseas. The Germans have demanded the return of all their gold bullion held by US bankers in custodial accounts. The Arabs are accumulating gold, platinum, and silver. The Chinese admitted their gold accumulation. The Russians have not permitted any gold mining output to enter the markets in three years. Precious metals are being looked upon very favorably as the US$-based financial structures continue to dissolve.

      Bolding as in the original — but not bad choices.

      ADDED: The analysis of Citigroup’s long-term position is scary, btw. It is far worse off than the random hard-up big bank. I assume it is the planned victim in the planned drama. Either that or it will be be the cornerstone of the mother of all bailout/mergers. But I doubt it. I stand by my now three year old prediction that *one* of JP Morgan and Citi are not going to survive this ordeal, and that *one* of the MasterCard or VISA networks, will eventually go away, a victim of the other [ok I backed the wrong horse in my predictions, but I’m confident of the race to the finish line exists!].

    13. Parsifal Says:

      You are right, CW-2, there is a difference between Free Enterprise and Capitalism, just like there is a difference between so-called Free Trade and Fair Trade.

    14. Tom McReen Says:

      “Why is it that so many WN right-wing reactionaries get upset when it’s pointed out that Capitalism and Communism were both created by the International Jew as a means of global exploitation and control?”

      Wow, you just lied again you sneaky marxist troll. I have never denied that capitalism and Conservative ‘free trade’ is jewish.

      “That’s usually their cue to start in with all the predicatable “Marxist” and “troll” accusations. Isn’t that right, “Tom McReen”?”

      Jahn doesn’t want us highlighting that he is a marxist, isn’t that right Jahn?

      Now show me where you criticise communism as much as you do ‘Conservatives’, big boy.

      “so many WN right-wing reactionaries”

      If it quacks like a duck….