18 May, 2009

Neoconservatism: As Powerful As Ever

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There’s no slowing the Jewish tikkun olam machine as it tries to remake Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan – and who knows where else next – for the benefit of world Jewry. (Isn’t it interesting which countries the Jews select for remodeling? For example, they ignore the Asian/Oriental countries, unless you want to count the installation of Chairman Mao via Jewish sabotage):


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    6. 2 Responses to “Neoconservatism: As Powerful As Ever”

      1. chubby Says:

        Linking to a Black nationalist website?

      2. Parsifal Says:

        “The only way the neo-cons can succeed in steering American foreign policy towards their world view is to control the thinking of a gullible chief executive, along with key members of his administration; but with proper guidance, wisdom, and fortitude, maybe our new President can avoid their influence and forge a just and independent path.”
        Only a Negro would be foolish enough to believe the chief executive and key members of his administration are “gullible”. You’re the one who’s gullible, Mustafa X.

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