21 May, 2009

Spain’s Franco ‘Had One Testicle’

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Yeah, suuure. Anything to discredit “fascism.” Newbies, unlike democracy, fascism can actually preserve culture and can stop the Jews, hence the fear of it. Trivia: the top Soviet officials who were based in Spain in order to fight Franco and communize that country were Jews, e.g., Grigori Stern, Emilio Kleber, Yakov Smushkevich, Vladimir Antonov-Ovseenko and Ernest Gero:


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    1. Parsifal Says:

      That “one testicle” stuff sounds like some Bolshevik propaganda designed to make anti-Communist leaders like Franco and Hitler seem less than real men.

    2. predator Says:

      Yeah, the jews and their white shills say the same about Hitler. Look at Eva Braun compared to Elenor Roosevelt…Go on the offensive when these degenerates talk shite like this. They are always trying to make healthy white leaders out to be what they themselves are. Look at the shill churchill who served them so well; look at what kind of weak vice-ridden creatures serve them. They have more ugly in the closet than we can keep up with…

    3. Hoff Says:

      -Hitler was gay. – Hitler had one ball. blablababla = Braindead jewish propaganda. lf l was going to write a book about Hitler the title would be: Hitler’s jewish mistress.

      THAT would truly hit the thrill nervs of the jews and l would be known world wide. ls it true?Who cares as long as it defames the name of good white people.

      100+ books online in full text about the lying jews.


    4. Andrei's Ghost (A. Yustschinsky, 1898-1911) Says:

      Didn’t i hear some where that the Jewess actress?-actor? Jamie Lee Curtis was born a hermaphrodite (cock & cunt)?

    5. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      The only thing any state has to offer is force- nothing more or less. The question is- when should force be used?

    6. Hoff Says:

      Hello, l get a lot of traffic from here.

      My own writing: The 30 seccret weapons of the jews


    7. Hoff Says:

      Why us??? What have we done?

      PERSECUTION Federal prosecutors filed a new 142-count criminal indictment against former managers of Agriprocessors.


    8. Hoff Says:

      The destruction of lraq lies lies lies lies lies lies lies … upon lies …

      “How to create an Angry American”


    9. CW-2 Says:

      Franco had more balls than a 100 weak as piss liberals put together!

      White people in Spain need to remember that Franco saved Spain from communism.

    10. Vaultner Says:

      Could explain why he didn’t get into the war, as good as Prince Edward.

    11. 2050 Says:

      And then the dumb ass ‘last king’s grandson’ who he tried to put back on his family’s throne, pisses it away to Democracy ™ .

    12. RichardFeverel Says:

      Franco may in the long run have been a force for the good, but he used north africans to invade his homeland.

      This is not the action of a white patriot.

    13. CW-2 Says:

      Agreed, big mistake putting Juan Carlos on the throne. I guess he thought Carlos will be a good figurehead and Spanish people had been sufficiently ‘educated’ to see the dangers in democracy. He didn’t realise jews NEVER give up at perversion and subversion.

      He probably made the correct decision to keep Spain out of WWjew, but who knows, had he committed forces to Rommel’s North Africa campaign events could have gone very well indeed.

    14. Brian Stone Says:

      wow, all those rightwingers only had ONE ball! Just think what they could have done if they had more balls!


    15. Truthteller Says:

      I went to Spain a few times when Franco was in power. A crime free society and the Spanish people were not infected with judeo-materialism. Spain now is a shadow of it’s former self. Thanks to the traitor Juan Carlos Spain is now a hunting ground for Jews

    16. Parsifal Says:

      If only Il Duce had taken Franco’s cue and remained neutral, then maybe the Reich could have focused on what needed to be done without having to bail out the Italians at every turn.

    17. Angryyoungman Says:

      Big deal. I suppose that FDR was a freak because he could barely walk? Oh wait, I forgot, he wasn’t less of a man because of polio, he was a freak because he was a Zionist-Bolshevik sympathizer, and was married to a bisexual nigger-lover, who he HAPPENED TO BE COUSINS WITH.

    18. Hoff Says:

      Jews loooooove “democracy” and that is because “democracy” is not about the majority rule over the minority. “Democracy” is all about how a small minority can rule over the majority. The more “democracy” a country is the more control the jews are,

      Once you understand how jewish power works and how jews think everything that happends and happend in history becomes transparent. Why was Spain boycotted for many years? Because Franco kicked out the jews. Remember the global smear-slander about ldi Amin? We were told he ate newborn babie for breakfast? Guess what, he kicked out the jews and told the truth about the jews. Same thing with Franco. A global smear-slander and lies stockpiled.

      50 sec video and you will understand why the jews hate ldl Amin.

      “General Idi Amin Dada – An Autoportrait part5/17”


      Americas is a “democracy” so guess who runs America. The foreigne politic of America is sooooo predictable once you understand that jews run America.

      1 Is it good for Jewistan?

      2 ls it good for the jews?

      3 How much can we steal?

      Look at Serbia and Kosovo. Both are about nationalism. Serbia US bombed back to the stoneage, but US was the first to recognise Kosovo. Serbia = big time nationalism, might spread to Germany. Jews hate nationalism = BOMB BOMB BOMB Serbia.

      Kosovo = Small time nationalism = No threat to the jew mafia. Encourages othe small time nationalism like ETA = Divide and conquer = Good for the jews. Kosovo = Jewistan = Gangsterstate, smuggle, safe heaven for criminals etc

      There is only one good -ism and that is nationalism, hence the jews hate nationalism and do everything in their power to destroy any nationalism. Why the jews hate nationalism is because it’s excluding. Jews = Not so welcome.

      Once you understand how the jews think it’s very easy to see and explain everything that happends today and why. The jews diden’t start to destroy all nation in the whole world last week, they have been at for centuries (it goes way way back in time but let’s stick to the last 100 years).

      What did the jews do in Sovjet and in all jew controlled communist countries? They moved people around. Russians into Balticum. Chines into Tibet etc etc and these jew made conflicts still affects the world. The jews promotes free abortion and free 3 world immigration into all white countries in the world.

      The jews promotes egalitarianism = The dumbest sets the standard = Deliberate dumbing down in school. lf you want to rule the world what do you want: Clever well educated people or dumbed down (m)asses?

      What we must do is to study the jews, they have studied all us goyim all their history with one goal:How do we take control of the goyim?

      The jews are N-O-T like us in the head!

      Everything you ever read, heard or seen on TV have gone thru a jewish filter. You, me and everybody you know have been brainwashed to believe that the jews are just like us. The end result is that most people refuses to even think that the jews might be different. And what do you get? Stupidity and ignorance (m)asses.

      This is the key to wake people up. Everybody have … MUST understand that the jews are NOT like us in the head and that the jews are doing everything in their power to wipe the white race from the face of earth.

      Zionism and Communism are twins and they are both jewish frauds.

      The jews don’t believe in a life after this and this is how the jews think: What can we steal here and now and how can we take all goyim as slaves?

      The highest worldly power is to control the state, hence the jews are obsessed with how to control the state. Let’s scrutinize communism. What is communism really? Communism is about one thing and one thing ONLY – controlling the state.

      Once you control the state you can do anything you want. Think about it. What could you do if YOU was in total control of the state? Anything you damn please.

      This is what the jew Karl Marx told the other jews: We take over the state, steal everything and take all goyim as slaves.

      The very first point in communist manifesto is that everything belongs to the state, in essence Steal everything.

      To control the state you must control the secret police and that the jews did in Sovjet. “Stalin’s jews” by Sever Plocker in Ynet, both jewish. Copy and save!


      The jews TOTALLY controls America 2oo9.


      600 + videos about the global jew crime network.


    19. Hoff Says:

      Jewish zionism rules America. lf you call yourself A zionist or A communist dosen’t matter, anyway you are a Useful Idiot to the jews. Either way you help the jews to control the state.

      VP Joe “l’m a zionist” Biden

      “Sen. Joe Biden on Shalom TV”


      AIPAC = The Global Jew Mafia that controls the american state.


    20. Hoff Says:

      This is why the jews hate lran’s president.

      “Israelis Are Not Jews and American Leaders Are Not Christian”


      What do they all have in common with Hitler? They all tell the truth about the lying global criminal jew mafia and kicked them out of the country. The jews have been expelled more then 130 times during the las 2000 years. Wonder why? They must be doing something wrong wouldn’t you say?

      What you in America must do is to go to Washington DC and kick out the jews from controlling the state.

      “Jewish Americans for Obama”


      “Hillary Clinton – ‘Would Obliterate Iran'”


      This jew is in charge of the White House: ”Citizenship is not an entitlement program”

      “Obama’s Plan for The Draft- MANDATORY SERVICE everyone 18-25”


    21. Hoff Says:

      l have studied the criminal lying jews for three years full time now and then comes this jew and explains it all in 35 seconds. This is the best explanatin EVER of what jews are all about, what they do and why they do it.


      Jews are an artificial construction. Everything about Jewistan is a fake. Fake “jews”, ashkeNAZI – how fake can you get? As fake as a fake ashkeNAZI 2jew” can get.

    22. Angryyoungman Says:

      @ RichardFeverel

      I agree, friend. Every man has his flaws. I will never say Franco was great, for the fact that he ordered sand niggers to attack and rape leftist white Spanish families. If anything, he should have ordered Spaniards and Fascist Volunteers to do so. There were many.

      The last few generations were taught to praise Hemingway, the Bolshevist. If anyone reads my post, look up the name of a man named Roy Campbell. An Aryan, South African poet, friend of J.R.R. Tolkien who heard the great call early in life and joined the Fascist volunteers to whip the likes of Hemingway!

    23. Hoff Says:

      America today 2oo9


    24. Hoff Says:

      This is the most important docu ever made, a must see.

      “The Israel Lobby (Marije Meerman, VPRO Backlight 2007)”


      32:00 the mafia jew Richard Perle explains how they control America.
      lt’s very easy done once you understand how they do it.

      What the jews do isthe select who willl NOT be elected into office. There are 100 in Senate, seven years, and 435 in congress. two years. Congress are also called the house or House of representative. The jew mafia ALWAYS get at least 80 percent in senate and congress. That plus they select who will be “president” of USA.

      All the democrats get half of the campaign money from jews and republicans 35 percent from jews. The jews brags about it and the law says you must sign a name to bigger money donations.

      This is how they select who will be in office. Lets say you and l run for dem. You are 100% pro-Jewistan and say that palestinians are people too.

      l’m also 100% pro-jewistan but don’t care or totally ignorant about the whole issue and just couldn’t care less about the palestinians.

      Your money is down 50% and l get all the money. Who do you think have the upper hand? You?

      This is only for starter. Next thing is that l will be frontpage in all the jew owned MSM, mainstreamedia, what people call “media” is nothing but the jews owned jewish propaganda machine. l will be frontpage, always in a good context. This is propaganda disguised as “news”.

      You will be page 12. This is how they always do it, first they trie to silence by not talk about you in public. lf that don’t work, lets say you are to well known and people want to vote for you anyway. Now comes the next step, now you’r frontpage – and ALWAYS in a bad context. Now the smear-slander starts.

      And if that don’t do the trick the jews start lying about you, character assassination. The jew mafia know everything there is to know about character assassination. As the mafia jew Richard Perles says in the docu, they don’t always get who they want in office but they get at least 80 percent in congress and senate and then they rule America.

      The “president” is a joke. None get voted “president” if they don’t go down on their knee to the jew mafia.

    25. -jc Says:

      By now, everyone should have seen the old Army manual on democracy– the one that describes it disparagingly as mobocracy.

      How many of you have seen the obverse (tails side) of a Mercury dime?

      “The original symbol of fascism in Italy, under Benito Mussolini, was the fasces. This is an ancient Roman symbol of power carried by lictors in front of magistrates; a bundle of sticks featuring an axe, indicating the power over life and death. The fasces also appears on the obverse side of the United States Mercury dime, first issued in 1916… “

    26. Hoff Says:

      PC, Political Correctness is judaism!

      What do PC do? PC shut up people who got the “wrong” idea. What do the jews do with the Hate Law’s they write? Shut people up who got the “wrong” idea. Just look at the similarities.

      Communism is judaism. That is why like 99 percent of all jews are communists. Compare the communist agenda and the PC agenda. Tell me what differs between PC and communism. You can’t and thats because they are both the same, just different name for the same thing.


      shabbos s shabazz Says:
      21 May, 2009 at 8:56 am
      The only thing any state has to offer is force- nothing more or less. The question is- when should force be used?

      Hoff: That is total BS. If you control the state you can do anything you want. You can tell people any lie you want. That is beyond brute force. But to implement the lies you must use force to stifle the opposition. When the jews control the state they use the secret police, when they are in total control as in Sovjet.

      In the western world they use another strategi, they write the Hate Law’s and then turn the whole judicial against its own people. The jews do it in EU and they are doing it in America with Hate Law’s.

      ”ADL Hails House Approval Of Hate Crime Legislation”


      When the jew mafia hails something you can only be sure of one thing, it’s BAD for goyim. To the jew mafia it’s not a Q if they shall use force but HOW they can get the power to use force. Do you think for a sec that this mafia jew would hesitate to use the full force to shut up any criticism of him and all the other jews?

      “BREAKING NEWS Rahm Emmanuel Disarms America with MOSSAD computer” @ YouTube.

      “Maybe a possible terrorist.” “There is no right for you if you are on that terrorist list. You are not a member of the american family. You don’t deserve that right.”


      Do you think that this mafia jew would heitate one sec to send in ten SWAT teams to take out YOU if this jew say you’r a “Possible terrorist”? To the mafia jew it’s not a Q if, but how much force they can get and use. What the mafia jews are doing isthat they write the Hate Law’s and then turn the whole judicial against it’s own people. Point? Shut up people that sees what the criminal jews are doing and tell other people what the jews are doing.

      PC = Shut people up. Zionism = Shut people up. Communism = Shut people up. Judaism = Shut people up. What it’s all about is to shut up people who resist the jews taking over and controlling the state.

    27. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      H. I said when SHOULD force be used. When it IS used is a different matter.

    28. predator Says:

      Most whites love jews because they love power. As Uncle Adolf said “we must not only remove the jew from Germany but the jew inside the German”, paraphrased but very wise words. If this shift in attention occurs it’ll be only a matter of time…

    29. ein Says:

      CW-2: ” big mistake putting Juan Carlos on the throne. I guess he thought Carlos will be a good figurehead and Spanish people had been sufficiently ‘educated’ to see the dangers in democracy. He didn’t realise jews NEVER give up at perversion and subversion. ”

      And now they are back in Spain again. Doing their thing. It took them 500 years to make it, but they are finally back.
      Queen Isabella most be turning in her grave!