1 May, 2009

The Folly of White-Sponsored Development

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by Alex Kurtagic.

“If these authors are correct, this would furnish a powerful argument against the effectiveness, and indeed the wisdom, of White-sponsored development programs in Sub-Saharan Africa and other developmentally “retarded” parts of the world. Indeed, decades after decolonization, and despite ever-growing mountains of aid money being thrown at the Dark Continent, violence, famine, disease, and economic failure — even in formerly prosperous colonies like Rhodesia and South Africa — have flourished and remained endemic.”


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  7. 33 Responses to “The Folly of White-Sponsored Development”

    1. Parsifal Says:

      It really burns me up to watch a TV report about some famine or civil war in Black Africa and then see some dick-headed White liberal doctor, Peace Corps volunteer or Christian missionary helping out all those dumb jungle bunnies with White Man’s food and medicine. Those same “compassionate” assholes wouldn’t lift a finger to help out some neglected or abused White kid in their community or a impoverished White family in Appalchia, but they’ll go to the other side of the world to save the Blacks from their own self-destructive stupidity.

    2. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      What is needed is a ratchet mechanism that would allow ingress, but not egress.

    3. The Red Skull Says:

      This was a great article,a little highbrow,but in a nutshell true.You can take the Bunny out of the Jungle,but you can’t take the Jungle out of the Bunny,as i’ve heard it put before.Mr Kurtagic just breaks it down in a nice scientific,analytical way.He also covers accurately,why Stupid White Liberals seem determined to go help “save some Niggers”,at the expense of their own racial kin in America and Europe.For instance, those French Toad Lovers who went to Chad recently to help “save some Niggers”.I have concluded that most liberals secretly yearn to be extinct.Their guilty hearts want to”make amends” and their actions aren’t helping the niggers down there overall,but they come home with less White Guilt and a Smile on their face ’cause they helped “save some Niggers”!Lets all sing “koombaya!”
      With our Declining Birthrate,Liberal Mental Disease,and a Hostile Enemy Tribe working overtime to wipe us out,is there hope for Aryan Man?We need help.Because when we are gone,what Race, other than our liberal dumbasses,is going to go help “save some Niggers”?I noticed how Tribal those monkeys were in the Military.Liberals can only be people who live in areas where they don’t have to live close to niggers and can worship them from afar.Because when you get that close to “them”,you understand why God created the Races Separately,because without the White man to show them the Fruits of “Civilization”,and Stay There and Maintain it,the monkeys revert back to their primitive tribal behaviors as exhibit A:Rhodesia/Chimpbabwe, and moving toward 3rd world status exhibit B:South Africa/Greater Obongoland.And don’t forget exhibit C:The JewSA,where many parts of entire cities are White No-Go Chimp territory,with a Communist Marxist Mulatto Jew Puppet Tele-Prompter Purple-Lipped Chimpanzee for “Yo Prez”.
      Also i’m glad whoever moderates decided to provide a link to Occidental Observer,as they do have some very good stuff.Our Movement needs an Intellectual basis as well as a Factual and Spritual one.Great comment Herr “Parsifal”,you summed up how i felt for years,but never articulated to myself as well,and Mr Kurtagic explained just WHY its so hopeless for anyone to try and go help “save some Niggers”.14 Words.

    4. Junghans Says:

      To use the Nigger vernacular/lingo, ‘right on brothers’!!

    5. Howdy Doody Says:

      Does Magoobby still have White POW”s in his Gulags?

    6. Wolfhart Hozzel Says:

      Yes this show might starkly portray to some that don’t get it yet that negroes are in fact stone-age savages incapable of advancement!

      Therefore watching this would be better then watching that ‘wings of the eagle’ fellow-ship of Christians and jews info-jew-mercial!!

    7. Ein Says:

      Parsifal Says:
      “It really burns me up to watch watch some White liberal doctor, Peace Corps volunteer or Christian missionary helping out all those dumb jungle bunnies with White Man’s food and medicine.”

      Do those supposedly “brainy” people have no sense of history, or of the future?

      Does it not occur to them that those Africans’ children and grandchildren – multiplied many times over – will someday be invading their own grandchildren’s white countries, pouring in by the millions, as in “Camp of the Saints”? Does it not occur to them that those black African grand children will be attacking, raping, and murdering their own (vastly outnumbered) white grandchildren?

      Do they really want to bring this calamity on their white descendents? Do they ever THINK beyond the present?

    8. CW-2 Says:

      White liberals don’t think, full stop. They are incapable of comprehending cause and effect.

    9. Waldo Starr Says:

      My Tampa morning paper had the smiling faces of 45 sixth-graders at St. Mary’s Episcopal Day School on page 8. Why were they smiling? Because the little dick-heads (thanks Parsifal) had just worked and collected $1,200 to go to develop projects that will ultimately lead to independence and self-sufficiency for the villages in Uganda and Haiti, two shit holes in the world. I have an idea. Why don’t these little dick-heads and their parents and teachers go to Detroit, Newark or Baltimore this summer and help the indigenous negro population gain independence and learn self –sufficiency, that would certainly be a worthwhile goal. I venture to say the smiles on those faces will certainly vanish with a dose of American negro reality. Those that survive being robbed, raped and beaten will certainly give up their grandiose schemes of changing savages into law abiding civil citizens. What stories they could tell if they were to survive.

    10. Stronza Says:

      Hey, Shabbos, do you mean the pawl ‘n’ ratchet system that they use in seatbelts? Just a bigger version, right? Ha, ha ha. You are so creative.

    11. Stronza Says:

      Shabbos, I didn’t mean just ANY pawl & ratchet. I meant the one invented by Lardelle Washington III.


    12. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      A ratchet is like a one-way valve. Once the do gooders enter Africa, they cannot leave. Then they could hep the niggers in perpetuity.

      Like the famous door of no return, but turned around one-hundred eighty degrees.


    13. Marwinsing Says:

      Go to Britain and Europe and everywhere… and I mean EVERYWHERE… on the streets, in the markets, on their tellies… you’ll see WHITE EUROPEAN PEOPLE fundraising money for stinking rotten Turd World countries whilst they simultaneously submit like genetically putrified weaklings to the Invading Noble Mud. And these European Useful Idiots do it quite happily. BUT if you’re someone of European blood or extract born (by fate) upon the soils of one of their former-colonies you’re persona non grata – not welcome; they don’t want you on their continent – so I say (and out of respect for VNN as an A-grade WN site I choose these words mildly) …bugger Europe. It deserves to be genocided and genocided in the bloodiest, goriest manner possible God be willing. Maybe the few remaining stragglers (like a couple of skins or neo-nazis or whatever) can then start breeding and slowly re-taking that continent back.

      Europe must die, even if only as recompense for the biological crime and supreme folly of race-traitorism, the European deserves EXACTLY what it’s getting.

      And I never said that. Mother Nature did.

    14. Ein Says:

      “Europe must die”

      Well, I can’t agree with that — even for one moment. Is America any different? Any better? We are all bent on the same insane program of self-destruction. We are all lemmings rushing toward the same cliff.

      But I certainly can agree that “Mother England” has been a very poor mother to her children, whom she’s scattered across the globe and then abandoned without a qualm. Shame!

      But maybe, at the least, Mother Europa must bleed and suffer a bit (but not die). Perhaps that’s what it will take to snap her awake from this drug-like trance that she’s been in. She’s been so stupified with subversion and propaganda that it will take a really harsh slap to make her open her eyes and see what’s happening to her. I guess they call it “tough love”. Sometimes it’s necessary.

    15. CW-2 Says:

      Marwin, check out iamanenglishman.com you will see that there are many racially aware Whites in the jewK.

      Most Brits know in their heart of hearts that a race war is raging right outside their front doors but they are so numbed by the horror that they willingly take refuge in the delusions thoughtfully provided by the jewtube.

      It’s not over until WE win!

    16. GR Says:

      For every racially aware white in the UK, there are thousands of blue eyed blonds gleefully shacking up with muds at a rate which would shock American and European white nationalists. And that in a white population smaller than either. For all the Jews have done to wreck culture, the rest was done by England and Englishmen — vegetarians, celebrity mongering, homosexuality, colonial rights, womens’ rights, institutionalized timidity, “eccentric”characters, the whole cult of being “nice” and mincing words, list goes on & on.

      Bugger Europe? Fuck you. Even in France one can live better than in that rotten cow-sink across the channel. I’d sooner live in the scummiest Neapolitan ghetto, the crookedest Balkan backwater, the most desolate, corrupt, ball-chilling Russian oblast than submit myself to the mind-numbing, dignity-sapping micromanagement of modern Britain, or old Britain, or any Britain since the introduction of Norman rule. Yea, there are some good people in Britain — that and its countryside are its only redeeming features; but to oppose it to Europe is shameless ignorance. Why do you think all your bourgeoisie retire to Spain, Italy and Provence?

    17. GR Says:

      Another thing — Britain’s also responsible for the rise in popularity of “football” in Europe, a surrogate for real patriotism and nationalism among Europeans (not too far from ghettoized American youths identifying with their area codes), not to speak of culture.

      I bet if one could somehow eliminate soccer from the Continent, we’d see European youths in just about every country turning more of that aggression on muds.

    18. gw Says:

      “Britain’s also responsible for the rise in popularity of “football” in Europe.
      I bet if one could somehow eliminate soccer from the Continent, we’d see European youths in just about every country turning more of that aggression on muds.”

      A very, very interesting thought! I don’t know much about football in Europe, but I do know there’s an organisation called “Football Against Racism.” It’s very active in a number of countries.
      I remember passing their office in Bern (Switzerland)… it was filled with Negroes.

    19. gw Says:

      Let me add that I had not been aware of any tiniest hint of “racism” in Switzerland. But, even so, they still had an office in Bern (the Swiss capital) dedicated to fighting “racism”!

    20. Junghans Says:

      White liberalism is a form of racial madness, or as someone once said of democratic liberalism, ‘a racial suicide pact’. This mental sickness originated in the English speaking world, and is spreading like a plague throughout the rest of the white world, due primarily, to the mind altering influence of the Jewish media. Until enough whites get slapped “upside their silly ass-ed heads” by the Niggers and the other bestial hordes of Judah moving in for the kill, the racial lunacy will continue to run its ugly historical course.
      At some point a world shattering event, whether financial, political, military or social will snap them back from la-la land to reality. Then, as Dr. Goebbels so quaintly described it, ‘wird ein Sturm los brechen’, or ‘Sturm brech los!’ (a storm will break loose). Pray for bad weather racial compatriots, to awaken the sleeping white giant.

    21. Ein Says:

      gw Says: “Let me add that I had not been aware of any tiniest hint of “racism” in Switzerland. “

      That doesn’t matter! Racism is wherever any black sees it.

    22. CW-2 Says:

      Good points GR and Junghans, but as a sage once said; ‘all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing’. So let’s not sit on our asses doing nothing waiting for the storm to break.

      Posting on vnn isn’t enough, every day we must do something to help our racial brothers see sense. Very difficult at times!

    23. Junghans Says:

      That’s right, CW-2, keep racially motivated, keep the racial radar activated, and keep sowing seeds of doubt – all of the time. In the face of the racial and political disaster that we are mired in, it’s hard to keep from being cynical and sarcastic, as I well know. The racial and financial chaos is approaching critical mass, so we all have a job to do, and a racial duty, as guardians of our racial heritage. Let people know that we are suffering from the “best democracy that money can buy”, and that the current inter-racial slobber fest is pure, ugly, unadulterated madness. Participate in the “tea parties’, and network the racial truth.
      It appears hopeless at times, but one of these sparks may eventually give birth to a man of the hour, who will ignite the prairie fire. The emerging, awakened, white cognoscenti must build the cadre that will be essential for leadership, when the white bunnies are forced into economic desperation, and finally, against the racial wall.

    24. Zoroastro Says:

      Yes, they’ve hijacked the “football” too with their nigger agenda and made it virtually unwatchable for some years now. They relentlessly promote their baboons in manpants, just as they do the basketball nigga in the amerikan Zoo. Soccer as such should be banned or limited only to the area of the worst mental contagion -that is the UK. Now, some ill-mannered gentleman might even suggest something more radical, like nuking the whole shitty BBC-infested hell-hole and getting rid of it all, but that would best remain in the realm of wishful thinking. ;0

    25. Parsifal Says:

      Zoro, good point about the BBC (Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation). They are so blatantly anti-British, anti-White and pro-Globalist. And the White British taxpayer has to foot the bill for all that snooty pinko propaganda. NPR serves as the BBC’s equivalent on this side of The Pond.

    26. CW-2 Says:

      There is a way to deal with the commie and jew infested BBC, don’t pay the ‘licence’ fee. The propaganda fee charged is about $280 a year!

      Hit the assholes where it hurts, in the wallet.

    27. Ein Says:

      Don’t pay the ‘licence’ fee?

      Do you have the choice? I don’t understand how that works.

    28. CW-2 Says:

      In the jewK there is a legal requirement for owners of televisions, VCR / DVD equipment to pay a yearly fee of about $280 for the previlege of watching the jewtube. The fee is reduced to $80 if the person is blind, go figure.

      How is this jew tax collected? Mostly by relying on the sheeple being good citizens and telling the tv tax people that they have moved house or bought a new set!! The system also relied on the electrical goods retailer passing on the customer’s name and address to the burocrats. However, with the growth of out-of-town warehouse stores many customers simply pay cash load up and drive off.

      The system also had the elderly frightened by BS such as “tv-detector vans are operating in your area”. Real Big Brother stuff, but lots of people fell for it.

      If you had just moved house and the previous occupier had a tv, you generally received a letter saying the licence fee is now due. Don’t reply to the demand. Over the months you will get various threatening letters, you may even receive phone calls asking the name of the resident and if a television is in the property.

      The only thing to be wary of is if the licence people send an ‘inspector’ to your house. No, I’m not joking. They generally come about 7pm and ask to see if a tv is in use. The important thing to remember is that these people have NO legal right of entry to your house. Politely reply that an inspection at this time is inconvenient.

      This is just one example of how the British people are cowed into submission.

    29. ein Says:


    30. Parsifal Says:

      Why do British meter-readers have to go inside someone’s house to read the meter? Or is that something they just do on old Monty Python sketches?

    31. CW-2 Says:

      Good question Parsifal, the reason is most houses built before about 1960 have the electricity and gas meters inside, often near the front door. Modern properties have the meters outside.

      Why were the meters placed inside at all? I’m only guessing but probably because the meters were originally coin operated and it was more convenient for the consumer to have the meter inside and also the meter wouldn’t be subject to vandal attention.

    32. Jon Says:

      “That doesn’t matter! Racism is wherever any black sees it.”

      And just the same as far as anti-semitism goes…it’s wherever and whatever and any Jew sees it!

      Oiy vey!!


    33. Jon Says:

      “I venture to say the smiles on those faces will certainly vanish with a dose of American negro reality.”

      I received my dose very early on in life (can you say 4 years old)?

      “Those who know them best, hate them the most.”

      Even still, I have a few black acquaintences I grew up with and/or went to school with, I run into occasionally; like I’m sure, more than a few of us here. I would never do them any harm. That might seem surprising to folks who monitor sites like this. That’s right, folks of our persuasion are NOT driven by blind hatred but by a very accurate, clearly-focused contempt for our “tormenters”!