29 May, 2009

Zionism Grows With Help from France

Posted by Socrates in France, jewed culture, jewed foreign policy, Socrates, War On Israel's Enemies, Zionism at 7:11 pm | Permanent Link

Jewish neoconservative Nicolas Sarkozy inserts France further into the war against Israel’s enemies. (Did Sarkozy ask the French people if they wanted to fund/advance Zionism?):


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  7. 61 Responses to “Zionism Grows With Help from France”

    1. Tom McReen Says:

      Time for Ein and Parsfial to be banned?

      Still disrupting and the ‘syphilitic madmen’ remark was aimed at ALL VNNers because he used it to ridicule anyone who names the jew. Go back and read the posts. He is trying to rewrite history by reposting and claiming it was aimed at me alone. Very clever.

      Ein may not be an ‘anti’ (to begin with) but anyone who takes a sulky dislike to a fellow WN then joins up with proven anti disrupters isn’t mature or Aryan enough for White nationalism.

      I find it interesting that ‘Parsifal’ knows the exact price of whores in Saigon!

    2. Parsifal Says:

      Herr Ein, I’m sorry to say that you have failed to learn how important it is to take off the gloves when dealing with the likes of Tom. He is obviously trying to discourage worthwhile people like you from posting here anymore. And he will continue to try and get me banned. If all that happens, I can almost guarantee that he will start slipping in very subtle pro-System messages here, like “Hey, guys, did you see LeBron James in action last night?” or “You know, Senator Joe Lieberman is an all right guy, he’s a red-blooded American conservative like all of us.”

      I’m telling you, Tom McReen is bad medicine.

    3. Ein Says:

      “Would that mean no more Corsicans could be Emperor of France?”

      Gotta keep the system open to diversity! Some people might be shurt out otherwise. (guess who?)

      Napoleon is a hot potato topic. I once knew a very well educated “French” woman, a university professor (herself of somewhat questionable origin, in my view). I mentioned that Napoleon was not really French at all, by blood. That observation absolutely enraged her. What difference did it make, she demanded? It was the permanent end of our friendly relationship and she was extremely hostile after that. I have to wonder why she was so touchy? Did it hit a raw nerve?

      I think France, not the US, was the original “proposition nation.” There’s an awful lot of alien blood in France, passing for French.

    4. Tom McReen Says:

      “I can almost guarantee that he will start slipping in very subtle pro-System messages here, like “Hey, guys, did you see LeBron James in action last night?” or “You know, Senator Joe Lieberman is an all right guy, he’s a red-blooded American conservative like all of us.”

      This is proof that this this jewish red troll is here to consciously disrupt as he knows as I would never and have never posted such rubbish. It’s starting to show through clearly now.

      That post was designed to get me to bite which I am if only to highlight again that this anti is deliberately posting garbage to provoke a response but the price of doing so is self-exposure as a professional disrupter. This troll knows his time is nearly up here as ‘Parsifal/Blackshirt’ and so is making more ridiculous posts to get regular contributors to bite and get banned along with him.

      I don’t support jewish politicans. The disrupter has no proof of what he lied about so he had to make it up. Mike Jahn did the same on the forum before his banning.

      On a later discussion page Parsifal/Blackshirt posted that they believe that Saudis perpetrated 9/11 and the Holocaust may have happened. So that’s game over for them both.

    5. Hoff Says:

      France and the jews. Napoleon tried to take Jerusal and give it to the jews 200+ years ago. lt diden’t work out so he then wanted all the jews to move to France an make Paris the New Jerusalem. France is heavaly infest with jews. l believe France have the biggest jew pop in Europe. The number some 600.000 comes to mind, not sure its right! Which country is promoting homosex the most? France. Jews love homosex. You understand.

      This chapter is not very long but very telling. Must read.



    6. Hoff Says:

      Ein Says:
      31 May, 2009 at 3:52 pm
      “Only the French would name a Metro station ‘Stalingrad’!
      So true again. I don’t think there’s a city in France that doesn’t have an Ave. Stalingrad. But I’ve never seen a metro station or avenue named Omaha Beach or Normandy. That tells you who they think won the war for them, and “saved” them. And where their gratitude lies. Since WW2 the Left has been triumphant and in the driver’s seat, and things like street names reveal this.

      Hoff: Most interesting and solved another puzzle.


      The partisans of Poland and east of Poland and in France has always been portrayed as heroes. And guess what, they were mostly jewish. An army can be in to mode: Attack or Defence. According to the book ”Icebreaker” the jews who run Sovjet had the army in Attack mode. And most important, the had an armada of tanks, some 5.000.

      The special thing about these tanks is that they could not run on dirt roads, Sovjet only had dirtroads. The tanks was made to run on tar roads and only western Europe had highways from concrete and tar roads. These tanks is proof that the jews was going to invade Europe. lf they run over the germans there would be nothing to stop them before they reached the Atlantic Wall.

      The jewish partisans in Poland was clearing the way for Sovjet to run over Poland and the jewish partisans in France was clearing the way for the Sovjet ”liberater”.

      Icebreaker, the book in full text online – pdF 35 MB.


      The jews propaganda-machine has always portrayed France as a ”culturel” model for all of Europe to follow. Now l know why. France is heavy infested with jewish communists. Motto: Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité, straight out of Marxism.

    7. Hoff Says:

      “Enemy Number One (A DHS Inspired Song)”


    8. Hoff Says:

      “French culture”


    9. Ein Says:

      Thank you for those links. Very interesting.
      Especially amazing: “Jewish partisans were active in all the Resistance groups and many held leadership roles. Jews made up 90% of the First Detachment of the Communist FTP, and 100% of the Second Detachment. France had many all-Jewish partisan units as well. The “Jewish Army” attacked German military trucks and trains, and carried out missions of sabotage.”
      I had not realized the Resistance was THAT Jewish! But I thought I smelled something strongly kosher. I didn’t realize just how kosher. Today they try to make it appear a “French” movement and there’s never a mention of Jews. You have to read between the lines.

      I had not known anything about Na[poleon’s plans for Jerusalem, but he did all of a sudden, with Europe in turmoil, leave Europe with an army and sail for the Middle East. Very curious! As if he had nothing better to occupy him at home?

      The French army invaded Egypt just as we invaded Iraq. They went there as “liberators” and bringers of enlightenment and democracy. They were going to modernize the country. Just as we went to Iraq. And very soon the French were getting murdered in ambushes and guerilla warfare, just as we are in Iraq. I see the parallels.

      And it’s true, Napoleon was driving toward Jerusalem, until he was thwarted by the British, who destroyed his navy, which ended his middle Eastern plans. Who was behind all of this? Very interesting.

      I did know that Napoleon was initally sympathetic to the Jews, wanted to uplift them, and tried everything he could to win their favor; but the rabbis in the East resisted him at every step because they feared the loss of control over their flocks. By the end, Napoleon had grown thrououghly disgusted with the Jews.

    10. Parsifal Says:

      But The Code Napoleon did liberate the Jews from the medieval Ghettoes of Europe. I also believe the House of Rothschild financed his Wars of Liberation. But they probably financed the Allied nations against him, too. With the Jews, it’s always win-win.

    11. Ein Says:

      Code Napoleon did liberate the Jews from the medieval Ghettoes of Europe. I also believe the House of Rothschild financed his Wars of Liberation. – Parsifal

      Yes, that’s what I meant about him wanting to uplift and emancipate them. But their rabbis resisted that. The rabbis didn’t want that.

      And I don’t know about on the continent (the Rothschilds probably backed both sides, as Jews will customarily do) but they had traditionally been financiers for the princes. I do know that the House of Rothschild in London backed Britain AGAINST Napoleon and made a vast fortune off the panic (from fear of invasion) and then from the victory at Waterloo. That basically put Britain in their pocket. From then on, Britain was theirs. And, of course, its world empire along with it.

      There’s a lot of mystery surrounding the Rothschilds. I was in Frankfurt recently (now headquarters of the European Central Bank and the German Federal Bank! Coincidence? Also the main German stock exchange.) I inquired about the Rothschilds and their history. Nobody wanted to talk about that. Friendly people froze up. I was told, “That is a very controversial subject! You must understand, there are some things we don’t talk about here.” When I persisted in wanting to know at least where the Rothschilds lived… where was their palace or estate? I got the hushed answer, “No one knows.” It was weird!