9 June, 2009

“I am Not Racist, But…”

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by Alex Kurtagic.


“Yet, the fact is that Whites still possess a considerable demographic advantage, they still concentrate an enormous amount of talent, and they still control most of the wealth within their own traditional homelands: Enough opportunities exist within alternative networks, therefore, to remain economically active, and even enjoy material security, without subservience to the present political, academic, and media establishment.”


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  7. 3 Responses to ““I am Not Racist, But…””

    1. Tina Carter Says:

      As long as there are races, there will be racism. Therefore, all white people are racist. It is as natural to us, as breathing an air. Our desire to discriminate African, Jews, etc is based upon our previous experience. Let me give you an example, according to wsws.org “The 600,000 jobs President Obama pledged to “create or save” over the next 100 days is far less than the number of jobs lost—1.6 million” This doesn’t add all the jobs will be host due to GM, and other auto industry. While, our great Caesar has promised to create more jobs, he will be sending vast majority of young white people (men & women) in Afghanistan, and upcoming wars like Iran. And guess what most of the jobs he promised to create in & around black infested area, and minority majority states (sates where whites are minority).

      I would love to see him try to defeat North Korea, they armed to the teeth, and they will kill any Black Solider they see on their soil. Koreans don’t like Blacks, and the last time I check their government doesn’t promote multi-culture, or tolerance for homosexual.

    2. The Red Skull Says:

      The Author urges us to not overlook “style” in our presentation of our case to our racial peers.We not only have to sound sharp,we need to look sharp.The SS always looked good,their uniforms were meant to inspire a sense of superiority.Actually,all the nazi uniforms looked good.Anything helps in fostering racial cohesion,however,its also a red flag to any of the opposition too.

    3. Adam Says:

      The end product to aim for is a parallel universe, comprised of alternative institutions, media, and markets, that legitimates Whiteness and is poised for a cultural reconquista once the present establishment is sufficiently weakened by its own cultural bankruptcy and corruption.

      So long as we persist in relying solely on logical argument and in dismissing style as a superficial pursuit, however, we will remain a clique of middle aged, angry White men, slanderously cartoonified by our enemies in the derisory manner that best suits their purpose. Our enemies became masters of the discourse by first being masters of style; they understood that humans would rather look good and feel good and be accepted in a social context than maintain a factually correct position. So long as we fail to match our enemy’s astute understanding of the irrational urges that motivate human behaviour, we will remain on course to be remembered in future histories as the extinct human race that always apologized for itself with the timid preface, “I am not racist, but…”

      And that, in a very few words, is why all the well-researched, carefully-footnoted, impeccably-reasoned arguments of the racist will always fall on deaf lemming ears.

      As to establishing a “parallel universe” of white style, although I would wish such a project well, I’m skeptical of its current feasiblity. There may have been a select group of whites who were capable of doing it at one time, but they were all dead by 1945.