14 June, 2009

Montana Rejects Goy Control

Posted by Socrates in federal power, guns & goy controllers, Socrates, states' rights at 10:40 pm | Permanent Link

Jew #1: “Oy veh! Gentiles are beginning to question the federal government’s authority.”

Jew #2: “This isn’t good. Without the federal government, we have little power over the goyim.”


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  7. 8 Responses to “Montana Rejects Goy Control”

    1. Parsifal Says:

      The problem is that all those states that want more independence from Washington are the same states that depend the most on the Federal Government. Western states like Nevada, Alaska, Wyoming and Montana may not like being bossed around by the bureaucrats in Washington, but most of ZOG’s National Parks and other Federally-managed lands, military bases, Federal prisons, research labs and Indian reservations are located out there. Without those ZOG-run facilities, the economies of many Western and Southern states would dry up and blow away. And those states do not produce much of the revenue that is consumed by the Federal Government. That revenue comes mostly from commie-pinko fag states like New Jersey and Massachusetts.

    2. OldRight Says:

      It wouldn’t take a breakaway state more than five minutes to realize that they could become a tax haven and attract all the business they could ever want. In addition the prospect of being free of zionist law would attract thousands of whites. Where whites go, jobs follow.

    3. Rikert Says:

      Parsifal, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Nevada’s economy depends on VEGAS, not the shithole Tonopah bombing range or the tiny number of Paiutes on their reservation. Nevada could probably even maintain their own transportation infrastructure if push came to shove due to climate (not a lot of freezing and heaving action wearing on roads in a desert climate). Vegas aside, Nevada is also a pretty big beef and alfalfa producer.

    4. Parsifal Says:

      Aside from the Government and military, Nevada mostly depends on gambling and real estate, both of which are currently in the shitter. And where would all the water come from for those millions of thirsty Whites who supposedly will flock to the Western states once they seceed?

    5. Rikert Says:

      Parsifal: no, don’t change your argument now. You said Nevada depends on government handouts, now you admit it gaming is a significant source of revenue. This irrelevant business about water for millions of settlers is a seperate issue. We don’t want people flocking here. Most of the rural acreage is zoned to DISCOURAGE people from settling there (mostly done by Good Old Boys that are forward thinking enough to prevent unwanted Kalifornian resettlement).

      Anyway, it’s not like there’s a water shortage here – remember Nevada controls a huge portion of the water supply to Kalifornia – the Lake Mead water system! I know it would take an extreme situation, but that would be reapportioned to local use in the extreme event of your secession and settlement example.

    6. Parsifal Says:

      Most of Nevada is Federally-owned and operated land. Without that huge Federal presence, Western states like Nevada, Alaska and New Mexico wouldn’t have very much at all in the way of jobs or revenue. Not that there’s an abundance of either right now.

      Actually, I think it would be a good idea (after the Revolution) to simply turn some entire Western states and Canadian provinces into giant National Parks and Wildlife Refuges for buffalo and wolves. The Whites from those areas could be re-settled in the crumbling, formerly Black urban and industrial areas of the Northeast and upper Midwest. White re-settlement in those areas would restore our industrial infrastructure, provide lots of jobs and bring America’s formerly great older cities back to life.

    7. Rikert Says:

      “Most of Nevada is Federally-owned and operated land.”

      Just because much of the basin and range is “federally owned” doesn’t mean it is generating any revenue. It’s mostly high desert that gets what little use it is good for by ranchers due to open range laws. If it weren’t Federally owned it would still be open to these ranchers (you must FENCE your property if you don’t want animals on it). The reason it’s BLM land really goes back to the early politics of the state when the mining companies lobbied hard to KEEP that land Federally owned due to their fear of settlement and loss of control. If “federal ownership” disappeared on that land tomorrow I don’t think much would change – you’d have a few hardy pioneering souls that might homestead on it.

      You little Judaic mastrubatory fantasy of seizing people’s property and forcing them into nigger areas is a JOKE. I’d think you’d be hard pressed to muster up enough like minded fools to try out your weird fantasy which would in all likelihood only result in your team’s death from thirst due to your complete lack of logistical capability or if you are lucky, a sniper’s bullet some merciful soul might put through your forehead.

    8. Parsifal Says:

      Rikert, I would forcibly re-locate your hillbilly ass to the Congo, just to spite you. Masturbatory fantasy indeed. You probably live off of some Government disability check, so of course you’re going to defend The System, you parasite.