6 June, 2009

More ‘Greatest Generation’ Crapola: D-Day Remembrances

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American war veteran: “You mean, we fought Nazism to make the West safe for communism?”

Jew: “Exactly!”

The TV news was full of D-Day recollections today. Just think: if Europe wasn’t “liberated” by the “allies,” the Pakistanis in Paris couldn’t vote today. And the communists couldn’t hold seats in the French parliament. Thank God for democrazy!

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  7. 73 Responses to “More ‘Greatest Generation’ Crapola: D-Day Remembrances”

    1. Mega Therion Says:

      The Gaelic named jackasses are making me embarrassed of my Irish heritage. Total jerkoffs…”O’Brian” is a manic depressive whacko.

      Shouldn’t it be…O’Brien?

      I mean, if you’e going to fake a name…SPELL IT CORRECTLY!

    2. Ein Says:

      Shouldn’t it be…O’Brien?
      I mean, if you’e going to fake a name…SPELL IT CORRECTLY!

      Ha, ha. Good catch there, Mega.
      Well, I suppose they’re not too familiar with Irish names in Tel Aviv, but they thought it sounded pretty good. They’ll know next time.

      And McReen is another phony name too. No such thing. If his name is McReen, my name must be Moscowitz! I name-searched the two most populous states, New York and California, and there were NO McReens to be found. None! Zero! Both of them (probably the same) are complete phonies. That is, he is a complete phony.

      But there they/he goes — accomplishing his task: ie. diverting the discussion. So enough of that.

      Now, what was the topic again? Oh, yes — D-Day.

    3. Mega Therion Says:

      Yes…back on topic!

      Wishing those old fuck D Day assholes would see the error of their ways and APOLOGIZE. Or just die…the youngest ones would be eighty fuckin three!

    4. Howdy Doody Says:

      That is a Jewish professor. And it is playing mind games like only a Jew can man. Mind game a go go.


      Curt O’brian Says:

      8 June, 2009 at 11:47 pm

      Those who got US murdered and murdering in the so called WW 1
      who got US F.D.R. the mega criminalgovenor of NY State who went on to give US Dec. 7, 1941 100%.

      FDR’s Cabal IMO knocked off Patton then five years later gave US the Korean War just so MacArthur would not resign the Army in 1950 to prepare to win the presidents office to then clean out the criminal CABAL Whorehouse, but now we got June 8, 1967 http://www.ussliberty.org instead which lead US to the insane crime in NYC 7 years ago.

    5. Howdy Doody Says:

      Who ever would give US the wars of the last 100 years, crimes, open borders, P.C. and spying on US would likely do anything.

      So trolling/posting on the very few W.N. forums would be nothing for so many of them to mess with what TINY oppostion there is.

    6. exalted grand-master oberführer double diamond jim! Says:

      “Parsifal”…….If only Germany could have put a few hundred more Me-262s in the air and launched a few hundred more V-2 rockets at London and Paris, then the Jews and Globalist scum would be rotting away on some little island in the southern Indian Ocean right now, fit only to be consumed as carrion by scavenger birds. If only !!!

      once upon a time, i used to think so too!

      but, on more sober reflection, the Reich was doomed the moment the UK/US declared war!

      (i actually omit the USSR because it was simply a Wall Street “proxy”….financed & maintained by Wall Street jew-gelt…..it’s economy & military were kept going by constant injections of huge wads of $$$ from the usual suspects!)

      the huge natural resources and man-power of the British Empire & the US would have, ultimately, worn down German resistance…even if they had to have had their “super-weapons” from the get-go!

      the “Allies” could easily afford a 10-to1 attrition rate in men & màterial…..and still emerge victorious….in fact: they could probably have sustained a 20-to-1 dis-advantage, if necessary!

      there are only two ways that Germany could have won:

      (a)if fascist/’nazi’-type candidates like Oswald Mosley in the UK & Charles Lindberg in the US had to have been elected to office! and/or:
      (b)large fascist/’nazi’-type organisations emerged in both the UK & the US…..the beginnings of such groups did, indeed, exist but, un-fortunately, they never really “got off the ground” because the Führer refused to fund them or lend them any significant “moral support”….one of his few mistakes!

      (good StormFront ‘thread’ on this whole “question” ….not too bad….for SF! :( )

    7. Mega Therion Says:

      Go away Patriotard flag waving hick. Die you fuckin’ worm.

      Last time I acknowledge you and your Gaelic named alter egos

    8. Parsifal Says:

      If McReen was a true pro-White indiviudal, then he would stop wasting so much time and effort accusing everyone here (but himself) of being “Mike Jahn” or a Kike or a troll or whatever. But since he is just a lowly agitator and NOTHING MORE, he will doubtless continue to stay off-topic and try to divert, distract and divide. But he’s an amateur and doesn’t know how to perform his assignment correctly. You see, McJerk, most of the posters here have the ability to intelligently discuss the topic at hand AND expose you for the obnoxious, troublemaking asshole you really, truly are.

    9. Justin Huber Says:

      I agree with Parsifal. I think McReen is either a plant or some other sort of reactionary.

    10. Howdy Doody Says:

      Lack of courage when facing the Israeli Lobby about USS Liberty


      I wrote the below in my book. I want to emphasize that those who have remained silent about the atrocity on the USS Liberty are not solely those on the left or Jews. Purported tough guys and those clamoring for action against Israel cringed and cowered when asked to come forth. I include among these Paul Findlay, Pat Buchanan and Jim Ennes, who values partial acceptance from the American literati more than truth about the astounding duplicity from the Israel lobby and their friends. The deaths of his shipmates has receded from memory.

      Many times previous I have written about the need for courage, moral, cultural, intellectual and yes, physical. Internet warriors and their postings will not suffice to confront and destroy the Israeli lobby.

      The Attack on the USS Liberty

      During the Middle Eastern war in 1967 the most under-reported and dishonestly reported event in American history since the end of the Second World War occurred. The American Navy ship, the USS Liberty, was attacked by the Israeli Air Force. The American Navy lost 34 men dead and had 171 wounded. What multiplied the disgrace and moral cowardice on the American side was the behavior of the United States Congress. A reading of the Congressional Record showed that not once in the year following the treacherous attack did any of the 535 senators and congressmen bring up the attack by Israel. The power of the Jewish lobby was never more convincingly displayed. The assault soon lost the interest of the American press. Not only did the mainstream press lose interest, the magazine of the Veterans of Foreign Wars refused to do a long article on the attack. They succumbed to financial pressure of cancellation of advertising pages and did not print the piece. The USS Liberty newsletter published by their crew claimed one of the goals of the Jewish War Veterans was to prevent hearings on the attack.

      In 1989 when the village of Grafton, Wisconsin accepted a donation of $400,000 to finance the construction of a local library with the condition it be named in memory of the USS Liberty, a clamor arose. Jewish organizations in Milwaukee protested the name as an insult to Israel, and the director of the Milwaukee Jewish Council argued the USS Liberty had become “a symbol of anti-Semitism”. As rather indicative of the attitudes of the established American press, the Milwaukee Journal chided the village elders for not seeing their errors and asked that the rest of the community “make the needed mid-course correction”. Affluent white America with no stake in placing themselves or their children in harm’s way had made their case very strongly.

      A year earlier in 1988 a writer challenged an assertion that Israel had made adequate restitution for killing American sailors and noted the number of wounded had been dramatically understated in a newspaper article. This letter provoked a response by Mr. Abraham Foxman, National Director of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, an organization for American Jewry anxious to protect their claim to righteousness and innocence. Mr. Foxman asserted Israel did not attack the Liberty deliberately, but rather it was all a mistake.

      On November 6, 1991 in the Washington Post newspaper columnists, Rowland Evans and Robert Novak, gave a much different version of this sordid affair. After 24 years of silence American Ambassador Dwight Porter unburdened himself and revealed the truth. Porter, who was in the US Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon, chose to make public the intercepts of radio communications between Israeli pilots circling the USS Liberty and Israeli Defense Force headquarters. The pilot of the Israeli Mirage fighter-bomber had radioed “It’s an American ship”. The reply from the Israeli headquarters told him to disregard the identification and attack the ship. Again the pilot pleaded, and again he was instructed to attack. He did so. The account of Ambassador Porter was substantiated by American-born Seth Mintz, who was a Major in the Israeli forces. Mintz, one of those who claim dual citizenship, was living in Houlton, Maine in 1991.

      One of the attack dogs of the Israeli lobby, Abe Rosenthal of the New York Times, within two days had written a rebuttal. Mr. Rosenthal stated he had tried to get Ambassador Porter to give his version, but Porter did not return his call. However, the civilianized Mr. Mintz, a salesman of chemicals in the United States, did deny virtually everything attributed to him by Evans and Novak. Mr. Mintz denied stating the attack was “an outrage” and further stated: “I was misquoted, quoted out of context, used, abused and screwed”. Mr. Rosenthal, using Mr. Mintz’s testimony, then challenged the validity of the column by Evans and Novak. Some six months later it was revealed Ambassador Porter had not been home when the “one and only call” came from Mr. Rosenthal. Within three days of reading the column by Mr. Rosenthal Ambassador Porter had sent a letter confirming the essential facts as set down by Evans and Novak. Neither the New York Times nor Mr. Rosenthal in characteristic duplicity chose to publish the letter disputing Mr. Rosenthal’s wild and dishonest defense of Israel. This treacherous, cowardly and dishonest behavior long has been the norm for adverse reporting about Israel. What forced the public repudiation of Mr. Rosenthal’s accusation was that it was coupled with a charge by Evans and Novak that Israel was illegally selling American military technology to China.

      On November 9, 1991 the Washington Post published a letter by Mr. Mintz in which he denied corroborating any of the charges by the columnists Evans and Novak. That a letter could be published within three days of a published column clearly indicated the gravity and concern by the Washington Post about the charges made. This had to have been a decision made at a minimum the editor’s level and probably much higher, at the publisher’s level. Presidents of the United States and United States Senators would have great difficulty in having a letter published within three days rebutting a charge in a newspaper. Within two days on November 11, 1991 on what was once remembered as Veteran’s Day, Evans and Novak once again took the offensive and repeated the charge that the Israelis knew. They mentioned the news story dated November 7, 1991 in Ha’aretz, a prominent Israeli newspaper. This dispatch from Washington mentioned the grave concern Mr. Mintz had for all the media interest in him. Mr. Mintz told Ha’aretz he did not need the Mossad or Shin Bet, the Israeli intelligence services, knocking on his door.

      Three letters to the New York Times of November 20, 1991 shed more light on what could be considered news and what was not. Evans and Novak, who were not published in the New York Times, had a videotape of a June 1991 reunion of the survivors of the USS Liberty during which Mr. Mintz appeared and confessed to the men of the USS Liberty that the Israeli Self Defense Force knew it was an American ship. Later Mr. Mintz repeated his assertion that Israel knew. What was somewhat more curious was the letter immediately below was signed by Mr. Mintz in which he denied making these remarks and stated the real truth lay with his remarks to Mr. Rosenthal. The revelation was the third letter by a member of the crew of the USS Liberty. Mr. John Hrankowski told of how he and other crew members within two hours of the attack were forbidden to talk about it. Then he mentioned Mr. Mintz, whom he claimed he first met along with his wife in Washington in 1987, when 12 crew members including himself were invited by a film documentary company from London to comment on the attack. Mr. Hrankowski met Mr. Mintz again on June 8, 1991 at the USS Liberty reunion where Mr. Mintz confessed to the survivors the same tale he told Evans and Novak. The production company had Mr. Mintz’s story on film.

      What has been so obvious was the consideration given by the powers in the American press to minimize any story which would lessen the image of Israel in the American media, or failing that to give a more forgiving spin. One must not forget that Mr. Rosenthal, once editor of the New York Times, did that sort of thing on a daily basis. It must not be thought he was alone.

      Casually mentioned was Mr. Mintz’s entry into the Israeli Self-Defense Force in 1965. One should be allowed to ask why he did not join the American army which was then engaged in Vietnam. Dual-citizenship does not mean dual loyalty. Mr. James Ennes, retired from the US Navy after 27 years, has pointed out the attack followed nine hours of close surveillance by the Israelis during which Israeli pilots circled the ship 13 times on eight different occasions before attacking. Radio operators in Spain, Germany, Lebanon and aboard the Liberty heard the Israeli pilots describe the ship as American, but they attacked regardless. Some fifteen years later one of the Israeli pilots held extensive interviews with then Congressman Pete McCloskey about his role. This pilot refused to obey orders to attack, and after he returned to base, he was arrested. One of the more intriguing sub-plots of the entire affair was that when the Liberty radioed for help, US Navy planes were dispatched, but ordered to return by Robert McNamara. Years later when accounting for his behavior during the war in Vietnam, McNamara failed to mention the attack on the Liberty. Establishment reviewers did not notice. Thirty years later McNamara told the American Legion he had no recollection of recalling American aircraft. Yitzhak Rabin then commander of Israeli forces denied his planes knew the ship was American. When Rabin died, President Clinton ordered American flags to fly at half-mast. Aside from ex-chief of Naval Operations Thomas Moorer, Secretary of State Dean Rusk and precious few others, the Israelis and their bonded liars and spokesmen in the American media have gone unchallenged. The worst exhibition of American cowardice and duplicity has been in the American Congress where blood money of Jews has purchased allegiance to their cause and to the cause of Israel over concern for the lives of American servicemen.

      Remembering American Wars – Occidental Quarterly Summer 2002


      War, Money and American Memory: Myths of Virtue, Valor and Patriotism

    11. Howdy Doody Says:

      Years later when accounting for his behavior during the war in Vietnam, McNamara failed to mention the attack on the Liberty. Establishment reviewers did not notice. Thirty years later McNamara told the American Legion he had no recollection of recalling American aircraft.

    12. Ein Says:

      “once upon a time, i used to think so too!
      but, on more sober reflection, the Reich was doomed the moment the UK/US declared war!

      the huge natural resources and man-power of the British Empire & the US would have, ultimately, worn down German resistance…”
      Diamond Jim

      Excellent observations from Jim! I totally agree.

      Going to war with the combined USA/British Empire was a disastrous mistake. One has to realize (as Mr. H. pointed out himself in Mein Kampf ) that the British Emp. then controlled something like a quarter of the earth’s surface. And to take on two fronts all at once, with the Soviet empire on the east, was even worse. A colossal mistake.

      As I recall from reading Mein K., a long time ago, Mr. H. was caustic in criticizing the old German Reich for making that deadly mistake in the 1st WW. Then, H. went ahead and did it again in WW2!

      I realize he was enduring terrible provocation from the Roosevelt/Churchill gang who were baying or blood. But he should have just continued turning the other cheek. It was really all he could do, in the circumstances. Once he took up the challenge and declared war — on two fronts no less — his fate was sealed.

    13. Justin Huber Says:

      Maybe Hitler Should have waited and let the Soviet Union attack Germany, which they appeared to be preparing for anyway. Then, the US and Britain would have had a hard time siding with the Soviet “aggressors”. At the very least, they would have had to have stayed neutral. If the Germans could have withstood the Soviet onslaught and counter attacked they may have had a shot at winning the war and their “living space”. Hard to tell.

    14. Blackshirt Says:

      “McReen” is like a bad case of hemorrhoids. Nobody likes him or wants him here, but he is a persistent pain in the ass.

    15. Ein Says:

      That’s an intriguing thought, Justin. That would seem to have been a much better course.

      Instead, Roosevelt and Churchill were looking for a fight; so they baited a trap, and Herr H. fell right into it.

      It’s a characteristic trait: Jews are always looking to provoke a fight. But they like to set OTHERS to fighting, not them.

    16. Parsifal Says:

      The British Empire took a beating in WWI and might have collapsed if it weren’t for Wilson’s “Arsenal of Jewocracy”. So, Hitler’s forces could have defeated England in WWII, I believe. But allowing Mussolini to get into the War complicated things, as did the disastarous decision to attack the USSR. Letting the British safely retreat from Dunkirk was also a serious blunder. A Nazi victory was possible, even as late as the fall of 1944, if the Fuhrer had respected his generals more and deferred to them instead of antagonizing them most of the time.

    17. Parsifal Says:

      “A Nazi victory was possible, even as late as the fall of 1944, if the Fuhrer had respected his generals….”

      I should have written that a Nazi victory was STILL possible, even as late as the fall of 1944……

    18. Sharon Says:

      Reference one Shlomo Lipshits, aka “Tom McReen”, he ‘joined’ VNN in Feb, 2009, and has been on a disruptive rampage ever since. Check out his posts, especially ‘VNN’s#1 Male Rep Whore’ on the VNN Forum, where Karl Radl, E.G., Bev and others ripped him apart.

    19. Parsifal Says:

      Thank you for that info, Sharon. Shlomo Lipshitz. Obnoxious Kike.

    20. Mega Therion Says:

      Awesome. “Shlomo Lipshits”(too funny) appears to be eradicated….somebody finally flushed!

      I noticed that this character started appearing on Stormfront in Feb 09 as well….

    21. exalted grand-master oberführer double diamond jim! Says:

      The British Empire took a beating in WWI and might have collapsed if it weren’t for Wilson’s “Arsenal of Jewocracy”. So, Hitler’s forces could have defeated England in WWII, I believe…

      “the British Empire” didn’t really take “a beating” in WWI….it lost a lot of alpha, white, males but they had been pretty much replaced by the time WWII began….if not in quality then certainly in quantity….whether England it-self fell or not would have been pretty much immaterial….get hold of a book by Len Deighton called “SS-GB”…..it presents a fictional, although credible, account of what it would have been like if the Reich had successfully invaded England….and……how, ultimately, they would have lost any-way……the vast man-power, natural resources & industrial capacity of Canada, Australia & Sth Africa would have sustained British resistance until the US formally entered the war (which they probably would have done any-way…..if not because of Pearl Harbour, then, because of some other “cooked up” pre-text ….perhaps even a 9/11-style “false-flag” attack on a major US city!)

      Australia, then a country of only a few million people, was stil able, in its Pacific War against the Japanese, to manufacture its own tanks, ‘planes, ships & small arms and, along with Canada, also more or less feed & clothe the entire population of the UK!…and, even then, was operating at less than ¼ of its total industrial capacity & capabilities!

      But allowing Mussolini to get into the War complicated things, as did the disastarous decision to attack the USSR….

      the USSR was, if you believe Sukhorov’s thesis, poised to invade Germany any-way; admittedly, a more appropriate time could have been chosen for the invasion….or, better yet, it could have been postponed until the UK/US were well & truly out of the war!….and/or a separate peace treaty might have been brokered with Stalin allowing Germany to occupy most of European Russia/Belorussia and have un-restricted access to the oil fields of south-Eastern Russia….ultimately, it was poor general-ship that khyboshed Operation Barbarossa…..the original plan, for instance, was not to attempt an attack on Leningrad/Moscow at all but to head straight for the oil fields of the Caucausus….un-fortunately, the Führer was gravely ill (poisoned?) for several days following the initial invasion and some of his more vain-glorious generals stuffed up a well-thought-out & workable military strategy!

      Letting the British safely retreat from Dunkirk was also a serious blunder

      ultimately, wouldn’t have made any difference!

      A Nazi victory was possible, even as late as the fall of 1944, if the Fuhrer had respected his generals more and deferred to them instead of antagonizing them most of the time

      not really……it was Hitler’s generals who pretty much stuffed every-thing up!…..there were only a small handful who were worth a damn!….like, for instance, Erwin Rommel……it was only after the Führer “cleaned house” following the attempted assasination in July 1944, that Germany started having some real victories….un-fortunately, by then, it was too late…..the Reich was simply over-whelmed by the vast invasion force of D-Day & after!

      it’s almost beyond distpute that Hitler was, apart from, maybe, Napoleon Bonaparte and Alexander the Great, one of the greatest military minds who ever existed……. (another) Storm Front ‘thread’ on this!; in addition to this, of course, he was a consummate politican, reformer & innovator as well as an accomplished artist and architect! who, basically, saved Western Christian civilisation from the ravages of judæo-bolshevism & gave our Race “a breathing space” of some sixty-yrs to fight the jew!

      he was, indeed, “the man of the millenium” gone!

    22. skywriter Says:

      ‘“Tom McReen” “Curt O’Brian” “Jack O’Toole” … anyone notice a pattern here? What is it with Jewish infiltrators trying to sound like guys with likable Irish names?’

      Yes, I notice a pattern…Jewish infiltrators hurling the epithet “Jewish infiltrators.” The shrillness in your voices expose you clearly.

      Clever, but not enough. Anyone who calls for going after other whites is a fool. We were all in the dark at some point. If mercy will be shown to anyone, it will be to fellow whites and fellow whites alone. Only those whites not willing to change will be treated harshly. Game over for everybody else.

    23. John Says:

      Ha,and I thought I was the only one who recognized the term “The Greatest Generation” as the greatest Jewish joke on the White race!

      All those damn fools who bought that pimp talk!Then they send their sons off to war and their sons off to war..never having a clue and refusing to get one..

      All I can see when they start with the ego stroking of the WWII (or any war) vet is some kike whispering in a blonde girls ear before he sends her out on the street saying “You know you’re my no.1 sweetheart.Now get out there and shake that money maker!”)