1 June, 2009

No State? Then It’s Terrorism

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If the men gave money to Israel, there wouldn’t be a problem. This is one example of why the Jews don’t want the Palestinians to have their own state. Jewish terrorism is frequently seen as “legitimate” since a Jewish state commits it using military helicopters or tanks. Similarly, the existence of a Palestinian state would “legitimize” Palestinian violence against Jews:


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  7. 16 Responses to “No State? Then It’s Terrorism”

    1. Parsifal Says:

      ZOG says it’s terrorism if armed resistance is carried out by “stateless” people or groups. Yet ZOG also says that Iran and Syria are “terrorist” states. Isn’t that a contradiction? If, using ZOG’s own definition, terrorism means deliberately inflicting terror or violence on innocent people for political or military gain, then the USA and Israel are the two largest terrorist organizations in the world.

    2. Junghans Says:

      Purely and simply, ‘Israel’ and the US are the two primary perpetrators of state sponsored terrorism in the world today. This is obvious to many people throughout the world, however, Zog does an effective job of camouflaging it from the white milk herd in the occupied Anglo world.

    3. Tom McReen Says:

      Israel and the ‘US’ are not two separate entities in perpetrating terror as the jews control both. Jews are the world’s biggest perpetrators of state terror using any state they control.

      Funny how the two posters above both make the same ‘mistake’.

    4. Parsifal Says:

      The only mistake being made here is if someone thinks you are actually some kind of pro-White patriot, you FBI/SPLC/ZOG agent provacateur.

    5. 2050 Says:

      All three posters above are correct.

      From the article:
      lawyers for the men are expected to challenge testimony given by an anonymous Israeli government agent, whose evidence was kept secret from the defense.

      Interesting how the country that claims to be protectors of rights and fairness, the US, allows an Israeli agent, meaning a jew, to give testimony anonymously and to present ‘evidence’ that is kept secret.

      It’s all in place to start hauling in WNs on secret testimony and secret evidence.

    6. Curt O'brian Says:

      It isn’t a heavy professional jew because that woman or man is making real money and cheating on their spouse. So that’s out.

      It’s either :
      1 One of these overeducated Jewish ESL instructors who has to prove his homosexuality is the original sexual orientation for Mankind.

      2 A husband and wife or two lesbians or two gay men at something like the Southern Poverty Center or maybe two dike radical Woman’s studies professors at UC Santa Cruz. One plays the heavy, that would be Paraifel, Blackshirt and Z. The other is the feminine which is Susan and others…

      Maybe they are writing a book on their “experiences” educating the strong backed but dimwitted White Morons by slowly changing their rhetoric post by post to what probably they believe at that Jewish High school in Los Angeles that just made a queer their homecoming Queen. Fairfax high… Jewish district. Like training a dog.

      That’s what the Hollywood movies have been doing for the last thirty years and I guess it makes sense that out of 7 Billion people somebody or some couple in their bathrobes would do the same thing on public white nationalist sites like this. My… how SMART you are! Amoral as hell but SO SMART!!!! Why can’t I see that and do exactly what you want me to do?

    7. Arminius Says:

      Of all posts by the Siamese twins Curt&Tom- hundreds I suppose- I have seen only one (ONE!) dealing with the topic in question so far, and that was a dull collection of commonplaces.
      All others have been nefarious attacks on other commentators, insinuations, insults, assumptions, assertions without a shred of evidence, consequently thus even shooting into the own foot, arrogance and claims of intellectual superiority.
      It is, in a nutshell, O’Mac vs. the rest of VNN posters.
      May be it takes time, however slowly, but surely the unavoidable question surfaces:
      Which side are these two (?) gentlemen (?) on?
      What do they intend to achieve at VNN, if they find all of us so disagreeable?

    8. Socrates Says:

      Arminius, you make good points.

      Ok, all of the posters who are using the comment section simply to argue: stop it. Stay on topic.

    9. Ein Says:

      Arminius Says: “Of all posts by the Siamese twins Curt&Tom- hundreds I suppose- I have seen only one (ONE!) dealing with the topic in question …
      It is, in a nutshell, O’Mac vs. the rest of VNN posters.”

      Thank you. They/He are are like two pit bulls that have gotten loose in the neighborhood. They rush in growling, ready to attack the first poster they see.
      Yes, one one does have to wonder what is their purpose here?
      It’s certainly not been constructive.

    10. Tom McReen Says:

      Fair enough Socrates, though I did post regarding the topic.

      One last point: I pay no heed to the biased and misrepresentative contribution from yet another new poster called ‘Arminius’, who just happens to type phrases and questions exactly like Parsifal/Blackshirt, proving my point.

      I am also disappointed by ‘Ein’ selling out/siding with another obvious sock puppet and repeating the feeble lie that I am Curt O’Brian. I don’t need sock puppets and it has already been clearly demonstrated who uses them here, on this very page.

      “It is, in a nutshell, O’Mac vs. the rest of VNN posters.”

      This is also a lie.

    11. Ein Says:

      I am also disappointed by ‘Ein’ selling out/siding with another obvious sock puppet and repeating the feeble lie that I am Curt O’Brian. I don’t need sock puppets…

      Yes, you do! There is no one supporrting you except your alter-ego, Curt.

      And PS, Arminius is not new. I have seen him here before. Good to see him again!

    12. Parsifal Says:

      Arminius and Ein have written some of the most intelligent and thought-provoking comments I’ve yet read online. They are a credit to The White Struggle. Anyone who disparages them or impugns their motives is not to be trusted. Sorry for not staying on topic, but I have already posted my comments on state vs. stateless terrorism. Thank you.

    13. Tom McReen Says:

      “Yes, you do!”

      Prove it.

      “There is no one supporting you except your alter-ego, Curt.”

      That’s not proof and ZOG and Shabbos see your support for Parsifal’s sock puppets and disruption too. No use hiding it behind phony moral outrage.

    14. Tom McReen Says:

      Found this:

      Ten Reasons American Jews Should Support a Palestinian State.

      1: It is simply wrong to disenfranchise an entire people. The Palestinians, like all human beings, have a right to control their lives and destiny – individually, and as a nation. No interest of ours – not even Israel’s security – can justify maintaining them in what is essentially a condition of bondage without rights, freedom or territorial sovereignty.

      2: Jews have been in the forefront of the international human rights movement. We ought to understand that human rights cannot be adequately safeguarded in a situation where one party has total power over another for a prolonged period. The facts of the occupation have borne this out.

      3: The moral integrity of Judaism itself is threatened by our behavior toward the Palestinians. Can we continue to think of ourselves as a just and righteous people while holding others in bondage, under deplorable conditions?

      4: Our treatment of the Palestinians violates our own history and religious traditions. Our Torah tells us we were, ourselves, slaves in the land of Egypt. Redemption – freedom – is at the center of our religion. We were herded into ghettos and camps. We swore it would never happen again. Did we mean, only to the Jews? Our rabbis tell us that while any human being is in bondage, no Jew can be free. How can we repeat these words without a pang, thinking of Palestinian villages walled in on all sides and surrounded by gun towers?

      5: We have dreamed of Israel as a representative of all that is best in Judaism – a light onto the nations. Because of the occupation, and all that must be done to maintain it, respect for Israel in the international community is fast eroding.

      6: The injustice of the occupation, and the daily wrongs against individual Palestinians that are well covered in the Arab media, fuel radical anti-Western sentiment throughout the Arab world. This sentiment poses a threat to both Israel and the United States.

      7: We envision a future of peace and prosperity for Israel. Israel cannot attain this goal without finding a just settlement to the problems of the Palestinians and the occupied territories.

      8: Conversely, Israel’s best guarantee of a peaceful future would be a stable, democratic Palestinian state on friendly terms with the Jewish state. Among other things, the process of state-building and the hope it would bring to the Palestinian population would strengthen the Palestinian civil society movement and weaken the attraction of radical anti-Israel parties.

      9: The occupation is sapping the morale of Israel’s youth and of the armed forces. Conscripted to defend the state, they find themselves party to oppression, sometimes atrocities, in the territories. Read, for example, the accounts collected by the veteran’s group Shovrim Shtika. At one time, to be a pilot or a commander was a great honor for any Israeli youth. Now, with the exception of the radical Orthodox of the settler movement, a good share of Israelis hope to carry out their service in desk jobs far from the horrors of the territories.

      10: In the face of international condemnation, Israel has become ever more reliant on American political and economic support. The resources of the American Jewish community are increasingly devoted to defending Israel, at the expense of other causes such as social justice and religious equality. We are losing ground in these areas. In addition, the narrow focus on Israel is alienating a good portion of American Jews, who are chosing a path of assimilation over participation in Jewish affairs.


    15. 2050 Says:

      Thanks for that Tom.
      The whole dual state thing, one for Palestinians and one for jews, is what some do seem to think is needed. Even some jews think that. I’m not so sure.
      I’m sure so-called radical Muslims only want Palestine and want the jews ran off, after all the jews came there a while back and stole it from them.
      I think the dual state thing might happen one day, though it won’t come like the Palestinians want it. Only by excepting all of the trappings of modern Democracy ™, will it be allowed. Of course that means the same sort of moral decay, sexual deviancy, porn, MTV, etc. that we have in the West. Of course they’ll have to outlaw anti-semitism.
      Once they give up their principles, they’ll be fine. They’ll have ‘freedom.’

    16. 2050 Says:

      ^^^ I hope I’m not being naive here or ‘hopeful’ for the Palestinans to not be slated for extinction at the hands of jews and their shabbos goys.
      Maybe Israel/jews just hate them so much that they want them to suffer until the world finally lets them go ahead and kill them.